And We Begin!



Good Morning, Afternoon, evening and night to all of y’all! Actually why would you be reading this before you go to sleep??? Why read this when you just wake up? Maybe you wanted to see what I wrote before you rest your little head Or maybe you are spying on me or actually you find what I write to be entertaining! Wait, Why am I questioning you and I haven’t even introduced myself….what is going on?



Welcome to my blog!


If you didn’t read the title at the top….it’s not called shine on lol. This is called MC’s Introvert Tales! Let me introduce myself before we get into the logistics of this blog.





WHO AM I!!!! PETEY PABLO MUTHA AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Begins to rap “Raise up”*




Seriously Who are you?


My name is Matt with two T’s. You wouldn’t believe the people who get this wrong. It’s such a simple name. If you can spell mattress you can spell Matt. My Last name is optional like pants and other things. Now I’m not going to tell you my life story because 
1. You have not taken me to dinner. Who do you think I am some cheap floozie? 
2. I don’t even know y’all that well to share intimate details even though we all strangers. 
3. I’m being selective..
4. this explanation is going too long


5. What I am trying to say is, let’s get some of my general likes and information out of the way. The dislikes will be a new post all on it’s own!

I’m twenty-four years old going on twenty-five this year. I graduated from UNO with a bachelor’s in Psychology during the summer of 2012. I am currently working security at the Superdome and the *sigh* Smoothie King Center. I also advocate for CASA…check them out!

I am a proud Scorpio and video gamer. Music is my best friend..and your best friend; I better not hear you say that about music though! If we can vibe on music, we are going to be great friends for a long time! Music is the life. I am also a low key comedian. I also love to learn, because who doesn’t love to learn! As the blog’s title says, these are the introvert tales which means something everyone!!! I’m an introvert…well most of the time! Sometimes I let “host Matt” go out and experience things, but I am an introvert. You don’t know what an introvert is? Seriously? What I want you to do is take that word, paste It into google and come back to me! You will understand what I meant from before lol.


I’m easy to get along with, but complex to understand sometimes because well I just am. I feel like I am one of the strange ones, no seriously, I’m strange. I’m not saying that the way everyone else says they are weird because they listen to Odd future or if they claim to do something because everyone else doesn’t do it….sigh that subject alone is for another post.





Well enough about me let’s talk about the content of this blog. The life around here lol. On this blog I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on popular culture, music, podcasts, books, videos games, anime, and ideas for things. You know things? You have things, I have things, we all have things.

I am a huge fan of storytelling so I will be sharing some of my short stories and narratives I come up with!!! I have to give a shoutout to Shannon Cason for that (yes Shannon you did inspire me to keep writing stories a bit!) Y’all should check out his podcast “Homemade Stories”! Was that a cheap plug? No no no. I don’t think it was…well was it? CHECK HIS STUFF OUT IT’S REALLY GOOD!





Let’s get to some cautions and warning and stuff real quick. You know a PSA here and a PSA there because…why not?


PSA Number 1!
I promised myself to not let this be a venting zone on people who piss me off or people I personally know. That’s what twitter is for!! 🙂 Twitter is my personal vent zone about stuff that gets on my nerves however I don’t speak about people I personally know on there. So if I know you in real life don’t worry! I promise not to air you out 🙂


PSA Number 2!
I will touch on the language used on this blog. Now I know some family may read this and have sensitive eyes and ears to curse words. OH NO A WORD!!! WHY RESORT TO SUCH LANGUAGE??? Wahh wahh wahh!

Here’s the deal, if I feel like some salt and pepper needs to be in the story or blog or whatever, it is going to be in it. Don’t make a scene or be a loser about it. We are adults. I would be concerned if I was 7 with a blog using filthy language. Plus I don’t speak blue all the time, but sometimes I do. I am human people! Yes, I know this is hard to swallow, but you will be fine I’m sure of it!!! To wrap up this PSA, some posts will be friendly to the eyes and others will have be a bit explicit. It is as simple as that! Happy?!





The frequency of new post on this blog will be on my time. I will update this bad boy from time to time let’s say that. It’s not going to be a monthly thing or a weekly thing. It’s more of a Matt thing hahaha. I am not just going to put something up here just to update the blog. If I take too long, I will provide an update and that’s that.



The end!


Well I won’t keep your eyes on this page too long because I have said everything I planned on saying and I’m sure you have a life and stuff. Let’s get this roller coaster started! I hope you enjoy it and welcome to MC’s Introvert Tales! I hope you enjoy!

Bye Bye!!! 🙂







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