Hey…Let’s Not Meet your friend. (Ideas too!)

Hey everyone!

So I am thinking I am thinking of a weekly series besides stories and other things.  I thought of most of these at work or just bouncing ideas off the wall. So bear with me.

The first idea will be a weekly blog I would do every Friday called “Topical Fridays”. It would be a weekly wrap up of news, entertainment, music, sports and my thoughts on them of course. Pretty much we let the days go by and let stuff happen! I think it could be a pretty good series and it would keep me busy and stuff.

The second idea will be called “Saturday Night Rants” Or “The Rant Squad”. Pretty much you (yes you the reader) will get a small taste of that tonight because the spirit guided me to it today. Why question that you know? I mean if it’s in your heart you should let it out right? RIGHT? YEAH RIGHT!

The third one is going to be is going to be something story based because who doesn’t love Literature? Oh….I know who…. the ignorance do not.

The fourth may be a album review of some sort!

The fifth may be purely stupid. A interview thing called….no I’m not gonna tell yall.

OK now that we got that out the way, let’s get to this little rant?











BECAUSE let me telling you something, I don’t care to meet these new people. It’s not a diss to them because they can be great people, but BISH if I don’t want to meet a person THEN ME, MYSELF, I AND DE LA SOUL DO NOT HAVE TO MEET THESE PEOPLE.

It’s not a mean thing to be honest. It’s a personal preference. Just because you friends with them don’t mean I got to be friends with them or even know them! BRANDY wanted to be down, but MATT does not need to be down! Plus I don’t sing or have the money she has to be down in the first place.

I cannot stand when people say something along the lines of “OH YOU GOTTA BE FRIENDS WITH BLANK BECAUSE I’M FRIENDS WITH BLANK AND YOU WOULD GET ALONG SO WELL” OR “Hey this is my significant other and YOU MUST BE FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON because I need everything to MESH”

AND ANOTHER THING, I don’t have to approve who you going to get your puss puss or dick diddly from. Why does it matter what I think of the person? You are going to do you! DO YOU! CAUSE! YALL KNOW THE REST! Shoot, That is what you got to put up with for however long NOT I. PLUS this is not a “Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Ain’t Getting None” situation. This ain’t 93 Snoop. TF you think this is!?

Friends don’t need to be cool with the bae…F the bae! I don’t care bout bae. Bae ain’t paying my bills or buying me water bottles or raking up my phone plan. Bae does that for you lol.  To be honest isn’t a little boring when everyone gets along?

Ok I’m coming off a bit harsh lol. Let me bring it down a bit…What I am basically saying is this: I will chose if I want to meet said person you are friends with, dating, cool with, or whatever.

I have met many of cool people, because I was asked directly “Hey I would like you to meet this person”. It wasn’t just forced on me like I have no choice in the matter. If you know how I am, having options is a wonderful thing to me. I do not like to be forced to do anything I do not want to especially if it involves people!!!

JUST DON’T TAKE OFFENSE TO IT because you emotionally involved with em and I don’t want to meet them. Hell we don’t even need to speak! I don’t think that’s completely rude. I just go by a rule that simply goes: “If I don’t know you, I don’t speak”. Thanks B.O.B! And that’s that!

*Sigh* I feel a bit better now. This just was on my mind and I had to kick it lol. Well people I hope you had some fun reading that and relating if you could. Thanks for reading and all that!

I’m going to go play with sounds, maybe make something and listen to the outcome!




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