Ms. K: A Troll Well Done.

Hey everyone! This is a quick story about awesome teachers! I’m sure we have all had a awesome teachers who have left a great impact on us during our school career. This is a shoutout to all of those cool teachers whose classes we couldn’t get enough of. Now I don’t think they are going to be as awesome as the fictional Ms. K, but I do think you will get my point. Awesome teachers are awesome teachers and they make learning amazing. I could think of plenty during my student career! This is for them and all those amazing teachers out there. I hope yall enjoy!

                                                                                     Ms. K: Troll Well Done.

Welcome to Flairborough Eagle High in Long Beach, California. My school is a performance arts hybrid school! It’s just like any other high school except the teachers here are all character and can get anyone to learn through their methods. With that being said, my school the number one school in rank. No one can touch us when it comes to learning! We are just that damn good. I’m a bit sad however, because this is my senior year and I’m reflecting on all the good times I had here before I head off into the college sunset.

Ms. Kristine or Ms. K might be the coolest teacher of all time in this school. Hell Ms. K may be the coolest teacher in the world. Nope I’m calling it she is because no other teacher could pull off what she pulled off in the final weeks of school. Every time I go to her class, it’s always an eventful day. It’s never “turn your page here” or “everyone get out your homework” nothing generic is in this class. I swear it has been the best part of my schedule for these four years. I’m not trying to rag on my other classes, but once you leave Ms. K’s class you will be dread all the others. I mean dread in a good way because the teachers aren’t awful. They just can’t get on Ms. K’s level and they know it! How do you beat a teacher who wins teacher of the year 95% of the time? It’s tough to top Ms. K!

Ms. K is what I like to call a Jack of all trades teacher. She knows a little bit of each subject at this school and I bet should make them even more entertaining than those who specialize in those subjects. Ms. K’s specialty is in English and Math. She is a beast when it comes to making these subjects fun. When I tell you I have never been so happy to do some homework man. It’s ridiculous. I think she shines in these subjects because of her process.

You know how most classes start right? The bell rings, you take your seat, open your textbook and notebook for notes if needed and you sit attentively. Unless you are one of those troublemaker, douchebag kids who shouldn’t be in school because you don’t know how to learn. In Ms. K’s class, the bell rings, you take your seat and insanity begins. If it’s an English class we talk like we are equals for a good 15 minutes and then Ms. K goes into a monologue leading to what we are going to learn. It’s like we are watching a stand up or we are on a late night TV. If it’s math, everyone goes to a computer and we chat in this group sharing memes and stuff leading to Ms. K posing a question none of us can answer. The question is usually what we are going to learn how to answer for that day. It’s crazy I tell you.

I have noticed one thing…though…Ms. K may be a troll and Ms. K is cool asshole.

Let me explain. It’s the last two weeks for the seniors and we are getting a tad bit emotional that  1. We aren’t going to be able to see each anymore
2.  We are going to be leaving this class for good
3. We are going to miss Ms. K
and 4. Senoritis.

So on that Monday of the last two weeks, Ms. K introduces a new thing for English and Math called the Speed round. The speed round is by far one of the most challenging and most exciting things I have ever done in my High School Career. It basically tests everything we have learned this year…and any other years we have had Ms. K as a teacher. It’s a real test of memory. We get to the end of class and Ms. K makes an announcement with a jovial tone
“You guys have a project to complete in both English and Math. It is for a final grade. By the way each day I’m going to reveal what exactly this project is! See yall tomorrow”

Each day it was something new.
Tuesday: a Manilla folder,
Wednesday: A piece of paper with the words “Don’t read this”.
Thursday: A Stack of papers with instructions
Friday: The Questions to be answered. There were like at least two hundred questions on these sheets of paper.

At the end of class on Friday, Ms. K said in a serious tone
“I expect this to be done on Wednesday! I’m collecting on Wednesday!
Ms. K changed her tone to a bubblier one when she said
“If you all do this, project we are going to have a big celebration to conclude our four years together!”

The looks on all of our faces was that of shock, disbelief and “this bitch can’t be serious”. This was a whole packet of work with damn near two hundred questions each. What is this? I don’t even! Senior skip day is Monday and Tuesday is a short day for a final assessment of all of our work. FYI, Final assessment day is like a parent teacher conference except with a college you may be going to and praise by the principal for your good work, if you did good work that is.


The bell rings, we are all glaring at Ms. K like she was a got damn terrorist, and we simple walked out except for our valedictorian who looks at Ms. K and begins to laugh his ass off. We are all a bit confused by this, but that confusion begins to diminish as multiple students begin to laugh at something. I guess laughter lightens the mood right? I begin to laugh too even though I’m not catching it and neither did they. I think the only person who got it was the valedictorian.

Wednesday rolls by and everyone is in class laughing their ass off. I guess hysteria set in because none of us did all that damn work or I still wasn’t catching what was going on. I looked over at the valedictorian and he is crying laughing. I don’t get it. I looked at the packet on Tuesday and did some of the work. I rather have some of it done than none of it because no one likes a Zero. Four A’s to get rid of one Zero forget that you can forget that Cee-lo.

Ms. K walks in the class room and she smiling from ear to ear. Instead of beginning to chat with us, she slams her hand on the desk and says “PAPERS! NOW!” This is completely unlike Ms. K. Even on bad days Ms. K never did act like this. For us who weren’t getting the joke this was very scary.

The valedictorian is still laughing and sniffing while turns his paper in first and looks like he is about to tell the class till Ms. K cuts him off.

“Who out of the 24 in this class didn’t do this work?”

20 other students raise their hands


“Who did the work?”

I raise my hand along with 2 others knowing the thing isn’t finished, but I am not getting a Zero not like this!

“Good!” Ms. K said

We are about to pass our papers up till Ms. K says

“Who figured me out?”

We are all confused beside 3 people. The valedictorian and 2 others!

Ms. K begins to lecture us

“Students I would like you to look at the last page of this packet….I’m sure most of you didn’t even bother which is a pretty sad. I’ll warn you, not all teachers are me so you shouldn’t ever do that. In college, teachers won’t care how much they give you, just have it done. This experiment has been fun…FUNNY” Ms. K begins to laugh really hard.

Ms. K pulls out the last piece of paper and begins to point a certain section on the English portion.

It was some sort of message…..It looked like it was in reverse or something. Ms. K said “I know it looks like a bunch of gibberish, but I’m going to put this on the projector for you all to read it”.
I swore if Ms. K was about to pull the ultimate troll to us on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…I would be impressed and mad I did any of this.

Ms. K began to read the text out loud

The text said.

“Did you all think I was really that cruel?!! This experiment went well! You all didn’t like me getting all serious and springing this impossible project on yall huh? Well I did have some help…your valedictorian played a part in this. That’s why he was laughing the entire time. I made it clear on each page. All you had to do was decode it. The math was all binary, but I doubted anyone knew how to code that except the math majors’ hahaha. As for the English portion, I hid this message on every page. EACH word was in CAPS you just had to put it in the right order. The general message was DON’T DO THIS and IT’S A WASTE. This message was also in really small text on the last page. If you did do the work and actually solved the problem, I commend you because I wouldn’t have done a damn thing. Good Job! You can get things done in a pinch even when it’s short noticed. You are definitely ready for college now! If you didn’t do it…it’s ok in here, but don’t pull that mess in college! Anyways! Good job being lazy, hard-working, panicked seniors. I hope I gave you a little scare! Oh Btw the speed round was your final and everyone passed!!! Thanks for a wonderful four years and I wish you all great success in the future. If you need to stop by, I’ll be here! Love Ms. K”

As she read the message the class was roaring with laughter, but by the end we were all in tears because we had to say goodbye. It was an emotional party for the last time! We practically grew into the people we are there! We laughed, we cried, we conquered, but two things remain true.

Truth Number One: Ms. K is a troll for going to that length to scare us and trick us into learning a lesson and making me do some damn work I didn’t want to. She is an asshole for that hahaha.

Truth number two: Ms. K is an awesome teacher and we love her to death!

                                                                                Thanks for everything Ms. K.


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