Here is the second part of the three part series “Somewhere Only We Know”. Since I finish the story today, I’m going to post the third part as well after this!  Enjoy!


We both were wearing this casual-battle armor just in case something happened because you never know what’s going to happen. I brought along the dagger and shield from the first day we met to surprise her. I figured she would get a kick out of seeing that, but the timing had to be right. When we sat down on the bench, she simply looked at me and looked around this grand area. Years of history were at our eyes. Despite those clouds we both decided to catch up in a more in depth fashion since we weren’t in a public area anymore.

I tried to keep the conversation light, but not jumping directly too serious. You just don’t ruin a great time by throwing serious stuff at your friends. I was enjoying my time with Lils, but something was more pressing at hand. We both had to say something…so I talked about the place.

Armen: This place hasn’t changed one bit…it’s just how we left it.
Lily: Uh-huh
Armen: Why are you doing an impression of sad me?
Lily: (chuckles) I am doing no such thing. That’s how you were when you were 17.
Armen: (glares at Lily) not true.
Lily: (glares back) do you want me to pull up the footage? Did you forget that you did this on camera? It is saved on my o-Communicator.
Armen: Nevermind nevermind.
Lily: I thought so loser.
Armen: Whatever jerk! This place is still as awesome as it was from before
Lily: Of course! I keep this place clean and keep renovating the area as we got older.
Armen: Oh really what did you change now?
Lily: The fortress is a little bigger. It’s more of a meeting room now to design plans and go over tactics. All the entertainment stuff in there has been updated so everything runs great. I also re-designed that horrid training ground.
Armen:  NO WAY? I built all that!
Lily: I didn’t change much. I just cleaned it up a bit. Armie, you know you can leave a place a mess right? You don’t really clean up after yourself well Arms (laughs)
Armen: (frowns) that’s not funny! I want to see it. I will be the judge if you did this place justice!
Lily: (acts insulted) Oh I couldn’t do it justice?? You know I did!
Armen: (smirks) I’ll be the judge of that.

It seemed like our energies were finally on the same page, but I think we both had a sinking feeling that was going to change. We got up from the bench and began to walk towards my training ground. It was a little ways away from the big boulder and Hyperion tree. I don’t remember the training grounds being so far away from the boulder. Lily could have moved it so it wouldn’t be so close to that fortress or the boulder or maybe I never noticed how far away it was since I was a kid back then. A walk was a walk no matter how long it was. The training ground was now near this flower garden Lily had to put there. I find it weird to have a place where things can get destroyed or worst right next to a place of tranquility and peace.  We arrived at the training grounds and our conversation continued.

Armen: (confused) what! A flower garden!? Why is this next to the training ground??
I walked over to it and picked up one of the flowers
Armen: What is this?
Lily: (sighs) it’s a new flower I have been working on called the Chrysanlialic. I got bored Arms.
Armen: this smell really good…so congratulations for that. I think the world would love these!
Lily: I’m not too sure about that…they have to get cleared first
Armen: Cleared first?
Lily: Yeah… (Points to the training ground) take a look at that!
I looked up to see the training ground as intact as I left it. There was one thing different though; there were new dummies, a target practicing area, and this big rack of weapons. Lily even put a section in to train skills with shields. She is always improving.
Armen: (surprised) wowwwwwwwwwwwww you did this justice for real!
Lily: (smile) I knew you would like it.
Armen: You continue to surprise me each year! This is crazy.
Lily: I know isn’t life crazy Armen?
Armen: Very!

We laughed some more. Lily points to the middle of the field where there were two chairs. We took a seat there. I thought everything was going fine, but that lingering feeling came back around. Some more clouds appeared in the sky, but I didn’t notice it until Lily asked me a strange question.

Lily: I have to ask you this Arms, were you really that busy during your mission?
Armen: Wait….wait…Huh?
I began to feel a bit strange…it’s like I couldn’t think straight and I was saying whatever popped into my head as she asked a question.
Lily: Why didn’t you try to attempt to contact me and let me know you were ok?
Armen: I did…I did…
Lily: Are you sure? You can’t be that busy with your missions that you can’t respond to my O-communicator?
Armen: but….
Lily: ANSWER ME THIS! Where were you yesterday?
Armen: At this party with my girlfriend….
Lily: Oh really the person we spoke of the last year? This person wasn’t just your Friend at the time was she?
Armen: (trying to restrain) Y-Y-Yeah
Lily: (looks down) I knew I was right.

And then I snapped out of this strange feeling. I felt like I was in a trance. It felt like I couldn’t control my thoughts. I feel like I just revealed something unnaturally to Lily. I was going to tell the truth I swear I was because I knew this was going to eventually come up.

Armen: (Concerned and confused) what just happened? WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME DO?
Lily: (looking down) It wasn’t what I made you do…It’s what the flower made you do. Tell the truth.
Armen: You simply used magic to make me tell you the truth?
Lily: (still looking down) No I used Science…
Armen: Why did you do that? I was going to talk to you about this! Why did you just force something out of me?
Lily: (still looking down now with a little bit of anger) because my assumptions were correct and I know you. You were going to try to soften the blow with your charming ways and everything
Armen: (nervously laughs) come on Lily I’m not that charming! We talked about this before…last year we talked about this!

Lily looks up and she was holding back tears. Her purple eyes were getting puffy and watery with each word she spoke. She yelled at me.
Armen: But back then-
Armen: Lily….It’s not like that.

Why was she so mad? Why? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Granted I was dating my current girlfriend when we had that deep conversation about our feelings and I should have been more upfront about it instead of making it seem like I was going to pursue when I already did. It was dirty of me, but I didn’t see it that way. Last year, at this very place Lily confessed that she had feelings for me and this time I saw her at her most vulnerable level. Lily really cared about me and wanted me to be hers at the time. I told her I would consider…which was me lying right to her face. I felt awful about it because I knew made my decision. It racked my current relationship at the time turning into a “we are cool with each other one day” and a “we are at each other’s throats the next day”. It was bad times. Currently, everything between me and my girl has been going pretty good. I kept communications with her during the mission and even went to a party with her a couple of days ago. I’m not going to act like either of us is right or wrong. It’s not like she waited for me and I waited for her. We both dated other people throughout our friendship. We both watched relationships fail during the school years and exacted revenge on those who hurt us. We just never acknowledge we had feelings for each other. We just didn’t want to screw up the friendship. I soon learned around this time she was telling me she had feelings for me that one of us had to take a risk to make this a reality. She took one…and I didn’t because I was somewhere else. I can’t answer the question if I would have took the risk or not still because I found a great one…and I wasn’t going to let her go just to please Lily. That’s simply fucked up and what I did knowing what I know was fucked up too. Honesty is the best policy.

I stayed quiet…for good minute looking down when the clouds grew closer and closer together….I was about to say something until Lily looked up. Lily dropped a single tear and the rain began to fall. Lily put her head back down. Lightning cracked in the sky and Thunder slowly followed it. I walked over to Lily to calm her down until I saw a sight that I haven’t seen since we were kids. Lily looked up. Lily’s eyes…were changing colors again. Those majestic natural purple eyes were slowly morphing into a dark red…just like the first we met. As I spoke Lily remained quiet clinching her fists.

Armen: Lily….I know you are in there….please clam down. I know you are mad at me and I should have just been more honest with you. I didn’t…I fucked up. I’m sorry…I’m genuinely sorry I made you feel this hurt. I have been there before. You helped me through that time and taught me a couple of lessons on how this should be. For that I could never repay. That’s some true love shit…right there. I should have called you when the mission was over….I should have talked to you first, but you know me! I like face to face interaction! I like to see what the person is feeling as well. I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I really was busy, but I did have enough time to speak to you. I just chose not to. I know how you are and sometimes you could be in a real foul mood and giving you space seems to help that. Lily….I know you picked up one of those flowers so can you answer me this….Why are you so mad about me being in this relationship unlike all the other ones I’ve been in?

Lily’s eyes shifted back to a more natural purple as she looked away from me. The rain slowed up a bit….Lily unclenched her fists and pointed her finger at me

Lily: (She tries to resist the power of the flower) It’s…It’s….It’s…NO! (She shakes her head and points at Armen) It’s you Armen. I’m mad because I was right. I’m mad because you lied to me to cover up the bullshit you were doing. (tears up) Don’t You Understand it’s hard to be around you now!? Don’t you get it??? My heart aches a ton Armie….I….I….I… I’m mad at myself for continuing to play this charade with you. I’m mad for not acting on my intuitions and just saying what I felt…But you know what I’m mostly mad about? I’m mad because the person you chose over me is a wonderful person and I know they wouldn’t fuck that up the relationship. I’m mad she was able to tame you and make you settle down. I’m mad because I’m going to lose the one person I fell hard for and genuinely cared about to this person. I’m mad You don’t understand how you make me feel Armie. I don’t think you don’t get it. You make me so mad and so happy at the same time. I think you understand this vibe, but you don’t…I’m so….GOSH ARMIE!!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU?! You do realize that every other guy I dated was cool up in till a point. They were either trying to get close to my family or brag about how they are with the King’s daughter or claim they love me just to get some or they wanted to learn my magic & battle tactics. They never dated me for me! All of those boys saw me as someone who had a high prestige and was important to the world while you didn’t see me that way. You saw me as a normal girl. You saw me as a normal girl who just happened to have the king and queen as parents. You saw me for who I truly was. And I thought….I thought I finally found someone I could love the way you loved me. I’m mad my “Lily Army” as cheesy as it sounds is possibly never going to happen…I’m scared. (She laughs) And you know what Armie? I’m going to really have to give you up this time….I’m going to lose you Armie- I lost Armie…..I’m gonna lose you…..
Armen: You’ll never lose me…I’ll always be there—
Lily: No Armie…you don’t get it. I’m going to lose you.
Armen: Lily? What do you mean??

I took a step back from Lily and took a good look at her. One of her eyes shifted back to a dark red…while the other was fighting it.


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