Maya Angelou Tribute X Reaction

This is the first thing I learned this morning….I am in shock. However, I’m at peace knowing that Doctor Angelou is at peace now. I just want to say a couple of words on Maya Angelou.

At the moment, I’m speechless, but I can express how I feel…through this keyboard. Talk about an having an Impact on the world. Maya Angelou was a beautiful soul. It’s really hard to accept that she is gone. I knew she was sick and I knew this was a possibility, but I didn’t want it to happen. We all didn’t want it to happen.

When I got the news,  I was eating breakfast and the header flashed across the screen.

Maya Angelou 1928- 2014

My Jaw & fork dropped.

It is really hard to believe this beacon of positivity, creativity and hope is gone. What A Life.

I will never forget the time I saw you at UNO speaking about your story. It was one of those moments that just sticks with you. If you weren’t completely familiar with her works like I was and kind of still to this day…just watch her live. She would make you feel everything she wrote. Her stories…her stories are powerful. All it takes is Doctor Angelou telling a story and you will be moved by it.

I won’t forget hearing you speak on Common’s album and making me jump for joy. I also remember what you said to common on using the N word too many times on the album too. You were shocked and disappointed over it, but you still forgave him despite the album making you feel that way.

I won’t forget the excitement I had when I heard your voice on Kendrick’s album. You were the sage on that album as well benefiting the characters in the story. You told those character about Jesus and they didn’t try to fight your words, they knew you were right. Art truly imitates life because you were always our guiding sage when we didn’t know the way. 

I won’t forget your beautiful words. I know “Why The Cage Bird Sings”, “The Lesson”, “The Detached”, “Men”, “STILL I RISE”?! C’mon man! Her poetry was the bomb! She made you feel how love is on “Men”. How it’s gentle in the beginning and then it begins to hurt till you can’t take it anymore. It’s heartbreak in a few words. “The Detached” showed me how love is on the inside…everything is on the inside. “STILL I RISE” is simple…you can knock me down, talk bad about me, hate me, drag me through hell, it doesn’t matter because I will rise and I will stand up again!  “A Plagued Journey” oh my Lord that one right there! Her beautiful story is “I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings”. It has inspired many to tell their story! Simply beautiful.

I won’t forget.

We definitely lost a beautiful solider for civil rights, poetry, love and God. Maya always taught us to never forget about God. God gave us this amazing soul for so many years and now he needed his poet to come on back home. Thank you for sharing her with us God. Thank you Doctor Angelou for everything. Thank you for the shared inspiration you gave me. Thank you & I love you. The world loved you Doctor Angelou, May You Rest In Power and Peace.



Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014.



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