The Blue Scarf

Hello everyone! Today has been a wonderful day! The gloomy weather, the reminiscing, utter relaxation! I was in a very thoughtful mood today and remembered an old story from two years ago. This short story was called “The Blue Scarf”. It was set in Japan and the characters really didn’t have any names. I kept it vague for a reason. The reason being laziness lol. The entire story came from a very disturbing, emotional and moving dream. It really touched me.  Only a few people have seen this story. This changes today!  I have decided to share the story. At first, I was going to share it completely unedited, but that was a no go. It was awful and full of errors lol. So I edited so it flows more like a story and not just some guy recapping a dream. The idea and ending is the same. I think it still holds up a bit despite being a bit old. I hope you all enjoy!!!

In August 2009, I was sent to Kyoto, Japan and stay stationed there for a couple of years. I am a business man sent here from this big company in the USA. I was young and I was still single. I met a girl out there who always had this beautiful blue scarf with light blue hair to compliment it. We talked and became friends. She was a very nice girl who I wouldn’t mind dating. We had this bond like we have always known each other despite the fact we lived on two different continents. She helped me with my Japanese and I helped her with her English (which was already good by the way just needed some correcting). Our friendship became something special as time went on.

1 year goes by and I was about to make a huge leap of faith. I was going to I ask her out during one of our hangout dates. She surprised because I was expecting to get shot down. She simply said “Hai!” (Yes) and smiled with the biggest smile I have ever seen. She ran up to me and kissed me. We shared a very long embrace laughing about how we are a thing now.

The next 7 months were completely amazing. We are madly in love and I decided, I wouldn’t be going back to America any time soon…but we would definitely visit. I had to show her off to my family and friend you know!! On one of these visits we were at a  Christmas party and I figured it is time to pop the question! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, I just didn’t know the proper time to pop it. I mean we both love Christmas and parties so why not do it there? I clank my glass to get everyone’s attention, get on one knee and she lights up like the Christmas tree at the party. Before I could even say, “Will you marry me?” she begins to cry and immediately says “yes! Yes!”. We embrace and kiss like the first time I asked her out.. Her smile was one of the biggest smiles I ever had seen and I loved it. We would have a small argument on whether to have the Wedding in America or Japan. Let’s just say she won the argument hahaha. We were bound to get married in Kyoto, Japan in 5 months.

5 months later, wedding time! Both sides of my family all made it to Japan which was quite surprising. I had a feeling my company played a role in this. A couple of people like my one of my best friends and a couple of people I was close with couldn’t make it. It made me a bit sad, but despite that we all had a good time. I was in a tux and she was in a stunning white dress looking like a princess! We say our vows, the I do’s and Kiss and now married life 🙂

It felt great to be married…with someone who you call your best friend. You definitely want to marry your everything or best friend because that’s just the way to do it. Why marry a maybe when you can marry a guarantee?  It’s amazing how she went from my only friend out here to my friend who helps me with Japanese to my best friend I can pal around with my new buddies to my lover to my wife….just awesome.

Marriages are awesome when they get to last long…

3 years later, We are doing our normal routine which is walking through this small park to our house. She still has the blue scarf that she’s had since day one. I  said “You never are gonna get rid of that huh? I love it and you though”. She smiled and punched me in the shoulder.  She says “Awwww! No it’s…my good luck charm I love you and it!” We laugh and smile. The laughter wouldn’t last that long. People started running pass us out of the park. We were almost home…almost home. I could hear someone shouting about a drunk driver. I turned around to see exactly what everyone was running from. It was indeed a drunk driver. He drove a truck carrying big tanks of smoke or gas I don’t know what it was. I took her hand and we began to run. We ran in the direction of our house I could see we were almost near our house. Our house was 7 houses down pass this shrine. She says to me “Baby, I’m scared…but I know where we can go!” She sees a small little white building that was near our house. This building lead to an alley and I guess we were going to run in there to avoid the truck. We ran towards the house near the alley and my beloved looked like she dropped something during the run.

We almost were home free…almost home free. For some reason, she said to me “I love you baby” and pushed me with all her might away from the building and alley which causes me to lose balance and fall. I looked up and I wish I never saw the image before me. The truck…the truck crashed into the alley and my beloved was no where to be found. There was smoke everywhere and a blue scarf on the ground. I began to slowly walk over to see if she miraculously made it in the alley before the truck crashed. I began to tremble at what I saw….I saw her… I saw her with a shard of glass in her stomach. She made into the alley, but the glass caught her. I ran over to her grabbing the blue scarf in the process. She was bloodied bad and bleeding out. I began to scream silently…then tears fell….and I screamed louder, piercing the air. People started to surround us. I cried for help and just yelled because I couldn’t contain myself.  I stared crying holding her hand in hysterics saying “Baby please…I’ll get you out of this I promise I promise…why did you push me baby? BABY? Please don’t leave me” She looked at me once last time, smiled at me, and pointed at the scarf. I closed my eyes kept screaming “No no no no” I clutched her hand and she clutched mine before it went cold. She was gone…I got real hysterical at that point and just began to yell “WE DIDN’T GET TO SAY GOODBYE WE….DIDN’T….GET…TO SAY….” I put my head in my lap and cried. I looked up and there was a child in the place of where she was laying with dark hair, blues eyes, red scarf and jet black clothing for a split second. The child said something I couldn’t make out. I broke down and cried till the paramedics came…No one could comfort me. Nothing could comfort me. God why did you do this to me? I couldn’t find a reason why. Her funeral was one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience. Was this God playing a sick joke or was it simply her time?

The saying “All Good Things Come To An End” never held such truth.

2 years later after the incident, Her Mom would check on me from time to time to make sure I’m ok. She was an awesome person…Strange things began to happen though. TVs would turn on by themselves, items went missing around my house, and sometimes I would hear a very strange voice in various rooms around the house. I was a bit creeped out, however I was ok with it. Maybe this was my beloved telling me she was ok and trying to give me closure. The oddest thing happened a couple of weeks after these incidents started to die down. One day I got a text from an unknown number saying “I’m worried about you…” with a heart next to it. Who was it from? I had no idea. I texted it back and got no answer. I called the number hoping someone would pick up. Instead I got a message saying this number is not in service. I took her blue scarf and just sat there in silence, crying. I was speechless. My beloved is worried about me? I sat in silence till it was time to work. I often wondered what that child with the red scarf represented. I thought I would see the child in my dreams, but I never saw the child again. I was officially scared.

Time could possibly mend this broken heart right?

2 more years passed, the blue scarf and I went everywhere with me. I would not forget my love. I eventually went back on the dating scene, but each relationship wouldn’t last any longer than 4 or 5 months. These relationships were basically fake. I was still grieving. For the three relationships I was in at the time, I would just do what they say and go with the flow or try to care….this didn’t work. When I look back on it in retrospect, it was basically fake emotions and access to sex if I wanted some. I assume her mom (who became something like my mom) wanted me to get back out there and not sit and dwell, but none of these girls were like my love. These girls just didn’t have what my baby had. I seemed complete unresponsive to all of them. Some of these women were great picks and choices for me. For example, One was a business woman and we ended because of never having time for each other, another was a high class fitness instructor. She was well known throughout the area. We ended because of her saying I wasn’t aggressive enough…I used to be. The third was a popular singer/actress. We ended because of her fame…it was more important than me. Actually we ended, because I didn’t care enough…the fame is what made her feel better. She was always busy and just seemed a bit detached of how the real world works. It’s funny because every time a relationship would end, they would comment on me and the scarf. I would just sit there and hold my blue scarf sometimes. Other times, I would give them a verbal lashing that would shatter them to the core. I couldn’t stand who I was becoming. I wasn’t my lively self any more. 

I had become something I never thought I could become.

A Broken Man.

The one person that I loved with all my heart was taken from me. Some

6 years later, Her mom has passed on which felt like a knife through the heart. It was last my link to my beloved had passed on. Her youngest daughter was the only one left that looked like my beloved and mom sort of. This really hurt. I went to the funeral and the youngest daughter told me everything will be fine. She reassured me I didn’t need to stay to tend towards the assets. The estate was in her hands and she could handle all of it. I really wanted to stay close to them, but my work in Japan was coming to an end. It was time for me to go back to America. I made a promise to myself to stay in contact with the youngest daughter and never forget. How could I forget. Everything I loved was taken from me. I think my time was up here. I had to go back.  I packed my things after a couple more weeks of chilling with the little family and friends I had out here. After those weeks ran out, It was time for me to depart. I headed to the airport with the blue scarf around my neck. Once I got on the plane and it took off, I fell asleep.

Once the plane arrived at the airport in America, I woke up and began to gather my things. At the front desk, I notice something…the scarf isn’t around my neck anymore and I begin to panic shouting to people around me, “DID YOU TAKE IT! Where is my good luck charm? Where is it?” I fell to the ground and began to cry because I lost the only piece of my beloved. I was completely careless! How could I be so stupid when I protected it for so many years!? I couldn’t believe myself. Did I leave it on the plane? Was it too late to go back and claim it? I cried and hit the ground because maybe this was the universe saying “it’s time to let go”. I cried harder until a soft hand touched my shoulder. I froze. This felt very familiar. This felt like my beloved. She said “ano…ummm Are you looking for this…it must be your good luck charm!” I froze again. I have heard those words before. This sounded like my beloved…It couldn’t be…I was seriously afraid to turn around and see. I turned around to see a very attractive mixed japanese woman. I didn’t get a good look at her because of the tears. I could tell she had a green scarf around her neck. She was holding my blue scarf in her hands and she put her hand on my shoulder. I started wiped my tears away to see a smile that mimicked my beloved’s the day I proposed to her. Was God playing a joke on me? She had a face that looked eerily similar to my beloved’s faced those years ago. I was in shock…all I could do was stare at her. The lady looked at me and said “You look like you seen a ghost!” I chuckled through the tears. I thanked her so much for finding this blue scarf. She said to me  “hmmmm…your scarf must be close to you like my green scarf is close to me.” I nodded and she smiled big just like my beloved did when I proposed to her in the past.
She said to me “you know what? Let’s go have lunch! You seem stressed. I’m just coming back from work in Kyoto. Let’s wind down together shall we?”  In my mind, I was a bit hesitant at first, but I felt something…after all these years I felt something great. I felt emotion and I felt calm, safe and warm again just like I did when I met my beloved.

I told her yes and smiled.

We left the airport together for lunch. 




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