Small update & Rant: There is A Time And A Place.

Hey readers! I didn’t come up with a name for you all yet so…the go to “Readers” will do for now. I know it’s late (depending on when you are reading this because it’s late around my parts!), but I wanted to provide a small update and small rant that shouldn’t take up too much of your time!  So let’s get to these 3 updates!

1. I am going to start doing top ten “blank” lists! I’ve always wanted to do a top ten of something because they are so much fun? Aren’t countdowns so much fun? Now on topic I don’t know at the time. Most likely, it will be on something that interests me. I may even do collaborations with people and come up with lists as well. They don’t have to be bloggers, they can just be people I know! I can tell you this: The first one is going to be either a top five or ten “Favorite Musicians I Stan for”. If you didn’t know (even though you should stop living under a rock and get with the times), Stanning is being a huge fanatic of a person’s work. It’s that simple.

2. Poetry will soon come to this blog. I know I may have said something about poetry on the first post on here, but I am really considering posting some of my stuff up here. Poetry has always been a fun thing to do since high school. Poetry is one of my many loves, lovealoveloves.

3. I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking…do you want to write a story with me? Do you want to collaborate on one of your stories? If so you can contact the public email I’m using for this site at! I’m always willing to help someone out with their writing and I’m feeling social at night. Free 99 is the price unless something big happens. As long as you give me credit, I’ll be fine! I don’t have the pull to make people who read a FREE BLOG pay me to help them out! It ain’t nothing to help you out dawg hahaha. If you are wondering, I said that last thing in the tune of that K-Camp song. 

This wraps up this session of updates! Now enjoy this small little rant called “There’s A Time And A Place”. Bye now!


This is going to be short and sweet so let me get straight to the point.

There is a time and a place for everything!

I think when it comes to certain matters time is very important especially if it involves people you care about.  You just can’t go gung-ho about it! I feel like a person should consider what the other side is going through before throwing their assumptions, claims, idea, thoughts or whatever on to that party. Now I’m not saying just let everything slide and never say a word! NO NO NO!  YOU TALK! YOU SPEAK UP! I’m just saying don’t be that person who cannot be considerate of how your words make may someone feel.


No, you shouldn’t do that either…that’s rude lol.

If you don’t like the person, you should try to handle it like adults or big kids. Set a day, have a sit down and discuss what is bothering you. If that doesn’t work, try a different approach like…I don’t know go confront them if you know where they are. Wait, no don’t do that…you may catch a case and you may be come a stalker. If that doesn’t work either, well shucks you may just have to put up the dukes! Sometimes that’s the only way people know how to solve things is through a fight…and of course there is a time and a place for that as well. Another way to settle this involves quills and 18th century attire. You got both of those things? Wonderful! Ok! If you still know how to write with a quill, how about you letters to the party in question? Sure the suspense will be high with the waiting, but isn’t that a better way to settle something instead of fistcuffs? Jolly good yes? Jolly good.

Or you can just write a angry letter and store it somewhere.

I feel like I lost track of what this rant was supposed to be…. Oh yeah! There is a time and a place!

If you have to go gung-hoe at there faces, I have three examples of when to do go ham at them.
1. If they are avoiding/ignoring you
2. If they are acting strangely around you or strangely in a group
3. If you needed a third reason.

Pretty much, There is a time and a place to do certain things. Timing is key in life. I’m not going to say do everything at the perfect time because that’s unrealistic! What is the perfect time? Is there an equation? How do I find it? LOOK! Don’t worry about it! The perfect timing will come to you and it will just feel right. The time and place to say it with your chest or get it off your chest will come in due time! So don’t stress!

You know what everyone…I think I just wanted to write something on the site. I don’t think I was even ranting at a certain point….

Screw it, it counts!


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