6.7.14 – A Night I will not forget.

First things first, It was Prince’s Birthday!!!! So Happy Birthday To His Royal Badness!!!

This Saturday was just one of those Saturdays where everything goes right. You know it’s like everything just fell into place that night.

Life and Karma and all the mysterious stuff was all on the same track!

I finally got to see a musician I wanted to see since I heard his voice for the first time! If you can’t tell by the title of this post, that man is Bruno Mars.

I’ve been following Bruno since the “It’s Better If You Don’t Understand” days. The first song I heard from him was “The Other Side” and to me that song is bloody amazing. If you didn’t hear it, I recommend you check it out. Ever since that day, I’ve been a hooligan. You know when you just can tell someone is going to be a big star? I could tell Bruno was and the world would soon know his name.

When “Doo-wops and Hooligans” came out, I played it till I got sick of it. It was something special to me. I said after hearing that album for the first time, “I am going to see this man perform live. I simply must”. I eagerly waited…and waited….and hello disappointment. His first tour didn’t stop here in Louisiana. It was shared with Janelle Monae (Another person I am a huge fan of) and I think I would have quite frankly lost my mind if I saw both of them on the same night.

This wasn’t the end of the world though! I mean he’s going to do another album and maybe he’ll come back this time. I doubted Bruno Mars would have a solo career like Patrick Stump. If you didn’t hear Soul Punk, Shame on you. Soul Punk is one of my favorite albums of all time…damn shame he didn’t record a second album. Anyways that’s a for another story. I just knew new music had to be coming soon…

I can’t exactly remember where I was when I first heard “Locked Out Of Heaven”, but when I did I knew the time would be coming!

New music came and I knew the album had to be on it’s way!

December 7th, 2012 – Unorthodox Jukebox drops and I throw my money at iTunes.


This album proved Bruno can do just about any genre and he’s not just pop crooner here to make your heart hurt with those sad songs. Granted, this album has one of the saddest songs I have ever heard in my life “When I Was Your Man”. My first break up is going to be that song because it describes how I would be lol. Point is, he isn’t just a sad crooner! He can make you dance, emote, and it proved he is extremely talented. I may do a full review of that album one day.

When it was time to announce who would be the musical guest for the Superbowl, I thought it was going to be a classic rock group or something. I was surprised.

It was Bruno Mars.

I couldn’t contain my excitement because he deserved a huge stage like this to prove to everyone what I already knew. Bruno was a talented star.

As the superbowl grew closer, an announcement was made for the Moonshine Jungle tour!

Bruno and the Gang were finally coming to New Orleans!!

The tickets went on sale right the day after the Superbowl…which by the way was awful because it was a beating and not a game.

Once morning broke, I had my ticket purchased and secured. I was going to live up to the promise I made that day.

I eagerly waited and this time I knew I was going to see greatness.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the concert was Prince’s Birthday. My first concert was Prince at the age of 14 so I knew something special was in the air.

Yesterday was one of my favorite concerts of this year.

The Moonshine Jungle tour!

The first act was Aloe Blacc. I must say something about Aloe Blacc. He is heavily slept on. I don’t know what is wrong with people. I mean I am glad people got their heads out of their asses to here “The Man” and understand why he is so good! His album “Good Things” is awesome! It contains my favorite song of his called “You Make Me Smile”. When he did this song live I lost my mind! He hit this falestto, I wasn’t expecting and I lost it in my head. Aloe Blacc is a solid performer live. I think if people were more familiar with who he is everyone would have been on board. We all did dance though because he brought the funk!!! I guarantee when Aloe Blacc drops his fourth album, He is going to be a bigger star than he is now. People will know his name full time not just because of one song.

Before I get to Bruno’s performance I have to point out something. There were these two Bro-types behind me who would not shut up throughout the concert. I understand some people just have those personalities where they can just talk to anyone they are sitting next to, but when they are trying to get these college girls next to them to go out to a bar while telling this mom about a baseball game I could care less about when I just want to hear Aloe sing pisses me off. I understand talking between songs, but damn it there is no excuse to ruin other people’s experiences when you are just trying to enjoy the concert. They didn’t talk much through Bruno’s set, but they had to say something about the end being “Just The Way You Are”. I knew that was the last song before the encore because I have seen live footage of Bruno’s shows. I just don’t need some Bro trying to impress some girl who is probably not let you bang or 50% will let you bang because you knew this stupid fact. So what you do music and you met people, just be quiet during the concert….that’s the nice way of me ranting without dropping bombs.


Gosh Damn.

THIS IS A BAD BAD MAN!!! His live shows….are something you just have to experience! IF HE IS IN YOUR TOWN, YOU NEED TO GO SEE HIM!
This was his first live show in New Orleans which meant this was going to be a special night.
HE tore the house down. I’m not gonna write tit for tat on how his shows go. I don’t write for the newspaper, I write a blog! If you want every detail, even though you aren’t going to get every detail, Go to the entertainment section and read what the writer said about it. YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!! IT was something I experienced and something you should experience too if you get the chance. I will say this, He played a little bit of Purple Rain during a song. He also did this melody that you gotta see live. It was just awesome. His Band is awesome and I wish more musicians had a band like his! Bruno exceeded all of my expectations. BRUNO IS A BAD MOFO!

I said I would not be in my feelings, but I knew I was lying to myself.
He did put me in my feelings when he did “When I Was Your Man” because he broke down during it. It is exactly what he said that song is the hardest song for him to sing and one of the hardest songs he has have ever written. I would imagine it is. “Grenade” was just mannnnnnn….look go see this man live! The guitar solos in that was heavy and just in your face. I mean you could hear the anger in those guitar solos at the fact I’d catch this Grenade for you, but yo ass won’t do the same for me. Simply amazing.

Bruno even blessed us all around the finale with a drum solo leading into “Locked Out Of Heaven”. It was like watching the Superbowl performance. This was followed by “Gorilla” which was shortened a bit, but it was just like the VMA performance yet it was a bit more intimate.

From “Moonshine” to “Runaway Baby” To “Gorilla” it was one hell of a night!!!! I seriously recommend you see Bruno Mars live! When he hopefully comes back to New Orleans, I will be at that concert too! His concert made me feel like I was 14 again seeing Prince at Essence Fest. BTW It’s our anniversary with that because I will be seeing Prince again this year at Essence fest. 14 again and I don’t mind! I guarantee Bruno Mars’ third album is going to be a monster! I believe Bruno Mars is going to become greater and greater as time goes on. As long as he keeps his head on the right path and doesn’t do anything insane effecting his life. Bruno Mars will become greater as time goes on.

Just like a fine wine…even though I don’t drink. I heard that’s how it works though.


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