The Cage.

HELLO BLOG READERS!!!! It’s been a week! SO something has to go up here right?! Well I did say something about poetry and I will not go back on that promise. Instead of writing something new or having a writing session, I have decided to share the poem that started it all and sparked the idea that I may have a talent at this whole writing thing. This is the poem that won me 1st place in High school poetry contest. It is called “The Cage”. To be honest, I still don’t know what was going through my mind when I wrote this back then. I kinda of have an idea of what it’s about now, yet it’s still open to different interpretations. It’s weird how it still resonates with me when I read it. I hope you enjoy!!!! – MC




I’m trapped in this cage
because America said I lost my rights
And my struggle to live here is a fight
All I wanted was a piece of The Life

Trapped here in this cage

This cage represents our hurt and sorrow
While I sit and wait for the undying tomorrow
I ponder this world, that world, and the next
I wonder if the future really is going to be the best

Maybe not…………

if we are trapped here in this cage

Man I wish I could turn this page in my life
But as time talks me down, I realize that’s not right
I would like to change to reach the requirements
But this world lacks the common sense to understand me

All I wanted was freedom and opportunity

Yet I see that this country is through with Me

I’m still trapped here in this cage

This country isn’t as Free as it seems
All I wanted to do is live out my dreams.
Provide for my family and make everything correct
But knowing I’m stuck in here means that’ll have to accept



The fact……

that I’m trapped here in this cage.


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