Money In The Bank 2014 Predictions


There is one thing I am very proud of and that is I AM A PRO WRESTLING FAN. Oh you don’t know what Pro Wrestling is? Just use Google.  

I’ve been a huge fan since a child around 3 or 4 years old. The first match I ever saw (that I can remember) was “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin squashing some guy. Btw that gimmick was absolute shit and this is when the WWE was the WWF till the panda nation attacked. Back then I would watch all three brands when there was three! flip back and forth on a Monday night to see Nitro and Raw, stay up late on Wednesday nights? I think to watch ECW which was amazing! I even sat through crappy Thunder Thursdays. Yeah I’ve been doing this shit so I know what I’m talking about from a fan’s point of few and a small bit on the business side.

My top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time in no particular order are: The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, The Great Muta, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Ultimate Warrior, Raven, Mick Foley and Ric Flair.

So I noticed I haven’t posted anything about wrestling on here. Shame on me! Better now then never right? As most of you fans know, today is WWE’s Money In The Bank. To those who had no idea, welcome. I figure instead of doing a top 10 list or a long long post about why I love pro wrestling, I should just give my predictions for who is going to come out on top of MITB (Money In The Bank…once again unfamiliars you are welcome).

So let’s jump right into it and give some predictions along with some analysis!

Ummm Cue The Money In The Bank Instrumental by Lil’ Scrappy throughout this entire reading.

  1. Daniel Bryan – The Pre Show.

    This should be interesting and it can be potentially very boring. The crowd hasn’t really been reacting to the fact the former WWE world heavyweight champion is appearing on the show. I mean from business side it can’t hurt because that is plus points for the show! People will turn into the pre-show (even when most ignore it unless they are covering the show). I’m a huge Bryan Danielson fan and I’m a bit eager and bummed out. It’s just he went from high note to pre-show and that’s like awful. He isn’t getting buried or anything so stop that lol. I feel like this is just going to be fan service for the people who want to do the Yes chant and the people who truly care about Danielson well being. The only question I want answered is how is healing process going. It shall be interesting I’ll say. 

  2. Big E vs. Rusev 

    Rusev! RUSSIAN STUFF! RUSEV! MORE RUSSIAN STUFF! hahahahaha! Rusev has been on a winning streak since he debuted squashing all the black talent, the mid card latino talent Sin Cara and the two white guys Zack Ryder (of course!) & Heath Slater (once I believe). I only bring this up because Rusev and Lana are Clippers fans and this rise to dominant squashing was going on during the whole Donald Sterling fiasco. Anyways, E vs Rusev was teased back when E saved Ryder from another squash so we knew it was eventually going to happen. This match occurred at Payback and Rusev came out on top. So It’s not a black vs brown thing! It’s an America vs Russia thing….again! Big E losing bothered me a bit because Roman Reigns is being groomed to be the next top guy and so was Big E. I feel like maybe creative changed their minds and want to give the ball to Rusev possibly. Yall remember the reaction when it was just Rusev and Reigns in the ring during that battle royal? Everyone was losing their minds! If he can get that sort of reaction and heel heat, (which is a bit cheap because it’s just foreigner heat) creative might want to make him the number 2 guy. I don’t like that. Big E is great and if the WWE would just let him shine a bit more, they will see why was selected E to be the second big face of the company in the first place. As for this match I think WWE is going to channel some Rocky IV tonight and have Rusev get his first lost.


  3. Ryback and Curtis Axel (Rybaxel) vs. Stardust and Goldust (The Dust Brothers)

    I’m not the history channel or your official pro wrestling storyteller. I’ll just give you a brief run-down of what is going on between these four. Rybaxel continued to defeat the Brotherhood (Goldust & Cody Rhodes) after PPV after PPV, match after match. Cody Rhodes opts out the tag team and wants to find his brother a better tag team partner than himself. After unsuccessful weeks of losing to Rybaxel with a new partner, Cody promises he found the best partner to be revealed on a Monday Night Raw.
    ENTER STARDUST (this is Cody Rhodes for the slow pokes out there). Stardust and Goldust beat Rybaxel. Rybaxel issue a challenge on Superstars to The Dust Brothers (that’s another show). Dust brothers accept. Now the match is going to happen. That is that. STARDUST WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.

    Winners: The Dust Brothers (Obviously)

    Special Referee: Fandango 

  4. Layla vs. Summer Rae 

    This is a simple love triangle. Summer Rae used to be Fandango’s beau or valet or whatever the piss she was. They break up on Twitter (social media ladies and gentlemen!), Fandango gets a new beauvaletgirlfriendwhatever in Layla, Summer Rae goes to shoot the Marine 3 or something, Summer Rae returns attacking Layla, Cat Litter, Milk, Laya catches Fandango “cheating” I guess, score needs to be settled and match is happening. To be honest, I think a win will benefit Summer Rae because she is considered a “new” diva (ugh I hate that) on the main roster still. Layla is seasoned and I don’t think her winning would prove much because Layla has done so much. Layla is a favorite of mine and I rather her face Paige of the Diva’s championship instead of this stupid love triangle crap. As for Fan-Dan-GOOOOOOOOOOOO, continue to make that gimmick work because we all know it sucks. Thankfully you are making it work.

    Winner: Summer Rae

    WWE Divas Title Match 

  5. Naomi vs. Paige 

    Jealous teammate be jealous teammate bro. This feud started this month at a press conference thing on the WWE Network apparently. Cameron wants a shot at the belt. Paige is like “cool sis you got that”. Paige beats Cameron. Paige beats Cameron again. Paige beats Cameron. Paige faces Naomi in a non-title match and boom Paige is hit in the face with the all dat aaaaaaaaaa move and loses to Naomi. Paige respects Naomi. Paige beats Cameron again on smackdown, tensions run high leading to a brawl, naomi breaks it up, jealous teammate makes it seem like Naomi pushed Paige…blah blah blah. This match is another obvious one. Paige is coming out on top and the funkadactyls are breaking up. This is best for business because Naomi can shine bright solo while Cameron can just be cute or a manager or a Rosa Mendes. It just bothers me that Paige is getting a new challenger every month like a new player two joining your fight. I don’t think these hurt Paige, I just think we need AJ back so the great big feud can start. The divas division is hurting a bit (Alicia Fox is the shit lol) and we need the savior of it to return! If not we are going to get Paige vs Emma on the main stage…hopefully it will be as great as their NXT match.

    Winner: Paige

    WWE Tag Team Title Match 

  6. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs. The Usos 

    I love the WYATT FAMILY. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FACTION. It’s genius to me! So this may be a bit biased. These two have been feuding with each other since the last Cena Vs Bray Wyatt feud. I really like the Usos’ work. They are very likeable and they are awesome talent! I just can’t really put my finger on this one though. I feel like the Usos are going to retain because their aren’t many tag teams in the division in the first place. Face it WWE’s Tag division sucks right now and I think a babyface team should still hold the belts to bring in some money (that was really hard to type). Plus the build up to this match has been a bit odd.  I really want the Wyatt’s to take everything tonight, but I don’t see them switching the belts at MITB. It would be a great thing to see though! So surprise me WWE!  

    Winners: The Usos (B4B yet Wyatts should win) 

    Money In the Bank Ladder Match 

  7. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler 

    I’m going to be completely honest, I have no idea who is winning this. Too many of my favorites are in this one! Rollins, Ambrose, Ziggler, Barrett, RVD! Mannnn this is tough. Out of those five I feel like one of them is going to win. Well that’s narrowing it down. So let’s talk about those five. The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is pointing to Rollins taking the briefcase, but I call bullshit. Rollins will be fine if he loses because he is SETH ROLLINS. If he loses, He still has to deal with Ambrose.

    Speaking of Ambrose, I think this would be the perfect choice to win the briefcase! I mean it would always keep Ambrose relevant and it would make Jon Moxley come out of him more and more. He would become the psycho I have known and loved to see. Could you imagine him just playing mind games with the WWE World Heavyweight Champ? Just lingering around every corner….stalking them, but never cashing in until he wants to. I feel like he could hold on to that briefcase doing false cash ins all the way to Wrestlemania if he wanted. He is just that damn good in the ring and on the microphone! Brain Pillman would be proud.

    The darkhorse of this match is Dolph Ziggler. He has been successful at MITB once before delivering us fans one of the greatest cash ins of all time. His championship reign would have been longer, but it was cut short due to a concussion (Thanks a lot Swagger). I really want Dolph to be a WWE World Heavyweight Champ because I feel like he never got the chance to be a major long term WWE champ. Damn Swagger ended those dreams. I wouldn’t be pissed if he won because like the IWC I believe in Ziggler and I know he could be THE GUY!

    RVD! I don’t know if he is going to be around for a long time since he gets a 3 month break in his new contract. If he won it would be interesting with him leaving for 3 months, returning and just picking a perfect moment to cash in. It would be nice, but I don’t see it happening.

    I’M AFRAID I GOT SOME BAD NEWS! I don’t know if Bad New Barrett is even going to be in this damn match! Thanks to Swagger (THANKS SWAGGER just THANKS!) Wade got injured on the last smackdown leading up to this PPV! I had Barrett to take the briefcase and just do wonders with it, but now I’m questioning if he can even perform healthy. The last thing I need is Barrett to get seriously injured because of this match. If he can go, I would love to see BNB take the briefcase!

    As for Swagger and Kofi, I feel like Swagger has a feud with Rusev coming very very soon. I mean you are on Zeb’s deportation list and you are the Real American so let that happen! Kofi is in mid carder hell. He is probably going to have some awesome stunt done at this years MITB, but I don’t see him winning. It would be a tad bit confusing to see him win when there are four better options than him. His gimmick is also stale and very generic sort of. If Kofi wins, it would be nice to see him get a chance, but I just cannot see that happening.


    Ladder Match for the Vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title 

  8. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane 

    Did you see the Summer Slam Photo? Were you a bit disgusted? I was. I was hoping we were going to do something different and not something we saw at Extreme Rules 2 years ago. “But wait Matt, I don’t think that means Cena is going to win”. Oh really? Who else does the WWE trust to be the face of the company? Who else draws like Cena? Robot Orton? Get the F outta here! It simply makes sense on a business end to see Cena win the belts tonight. I know you are like are you freaking serious, but hear me out. 

    Cesaro would be wonderful as the champ, but I feel like they is a Lesnar feud down the line. I think we all know Lesnar is facing whoever wins this for the belt at Summerslam. He would be perfect, but I think the business wants someone who is going to draw like Cena. If he was in the briefcase match, I would have Cesaro taking it for sure. As a fan I would mark out extremely hard to see Claudio…I mean Cesaro with the heavyweight championships (Seriously make it one belt already or give the World Heavyweight title back to Smackdown!) would be awesome for the fans, but potentially bad for “the business” since he is a top, but not “TOP” guy. He would be a great champ, but the timing is too soon.

    Roman Reigns would be great right? No. I feel it’s too soon for him as well. I believe in Roman Reigns, but I believe they want Roman Reigns to face HHH eventually at Summerslam. If he became the champ it would just be The Authority doing everything in their power to remove him as the champ…just like they did to Daniel Bryan. It would be a rehash storyline with a different  and the fans and I would catch it immediately. Roman Reigns is destined for a run with the belts, but not right now unfortunately. IT would be great if WWE shocks us for once and let Roman or Cesaro win the big one!

    Kane is going to shoot See No Evil 2…so he isn’t winning it. I don’t see that happening at all. I think they have been trying to write him off and since he was supposed to be in a buried alive match or a stretcher match or whatever damn match it was with Bryan he was destined to lose. You gotta write off the Monster so we can get Jacob Goodnight Reloaded!


    Del Rio winning it would be great for WWE. If they wanted to reach out to the Latino audience more, this would be the ideal move. Del Rio can draw more Latino viewers if he was the champion and this would make destiny reality again! I don’t see this happening since Del Rio is ready to retire and most likely isn’t going to re sign with WWE when the time comes. If he wins, I think one last run with the belts would be nice to see and a fitting way to send Del Rio off. 

    Orton winning would make sense to win it for the Authority’s stance, but I don’t see them giving him the belts again. Unless they actually give him the belts because “this is what we want fuck yall ‘fans’!”. I don’t think I could sit through another Orton title run to be honest. I feel like Orton needs to tap into some of that greatness that was the End of Legend Killer/Hello Legacy Orton days. He was a badass then and now he is just a lap dog. When he does that, I’ll be for an Orton run.

    Bray Wyatt…let me say that again BRAY WYATT! I would seriously lose all of my shit if Bray Wyatt won the belts. It would be perfect. His boys win the tag belts and he wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The Authority/ The machine holds none of the power here. The Wyatt Family does. Bray Is a genius and I can’t imagine what type of run he would have because he is unpredictable. This could lead to another Cena feud or something, but if Bray wins tonight it would be shocking and so awesome for the fans. He would really have the whole world in his hands…he’s got the whole world…in his hands…he’s got the whole world in his hands…he’s got the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

    Now on to the obvious choice WWE may make tonight, John Cena. Here is how I picture it. Cena wins tonight becoming a 15 time (I almost vomited typing this) WWE Heavyweight champion. NO ONE SHOULD PASS FLAIR PERIOD. Anyways, Cena wins and feuds with I don’t know out of this list most likely it’s going to be Bray or Orton again at Battleground. Or It will be Cena vs Cesaro at Battleground for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship where Cena defeats Cesaro, Brock Lesnar returns the following Raw where Heyman drops Cesaro, Lesnar Challenges Cena, Cena Accepts, Cena Vs Lesnar is set at Summerslam. Lesnar Beats Cena at Summerslam which leads to a Cesaro vs Lesnar feud at Night Of Champions. See it all makes sense and it becomes awesome when it ends, but Cena becoming a 15 time WWE heavyweight champion leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t want to see that. I feel like this is the most logical way to book Lesnar for Summerslam. It sucks at first, but it makes sense at the end. Like I said above Cena may end up winning this and with this scenario in mind, this may be true. I could be completely wrong about all of this and I’m fine with that.

    Winner: John Cena (I’m pulling for Bray)

    And there are my predictions!!!! This PPV is going to be awesome so make sure you tune in tonight!!!

    I’m going to leave you with this photo of Stardust…may he haunt your dreams..





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