MC’s Weekly Wrap Up Thingy: 7/11/14 (Work In Progress)

Hey blog!!! I decided to start something new…a weekly wrap up. The idea hit me while I was driving around today and I figured why not!? I mean besides stories I can talk about some stuff in the process. There are more stories and other stuff coming in the future. I’m not slacking I’m just a bit lazy lol. I have plenty ideas! I’m still open to collab with people and all that!!! I am debating whether to do these every two weeks….wait then it wouldn’t be weekly. I’ll see if I can stick with it. Anyways here is a W.W.U.T. for this week. I hope you enjoy!

As I’m writing this I’m listening to Sing About Me/Dying Of Thirst reflecting on the week. I know it’s technically not the end of the week, but you get my drift. I’m reflecting on this week and some of my thoughts. I’ve been alone with my thoughts and at work and I wanted to gather some of them in a post. I also wanted to talk about some of the things that was going on in my life. I don’t plan to be extremely specific about that because it’s personal! I just want to touch on somethings in the news, music and in my life in general!!!

This week overall has been a boring one!


This was a work day and it was pretty awesome! I enjoyed working Essence fest which will get it’s own entry instead of a mini wrap up. I am still recovering from seeing Prince on the 4th lol. It was amazing and that’s all I’ll say. A more in-depth story about Essence Fest coming soon even though I think the window for that has closed.

Monday & Tuesday.

Monday was a fun filled day with my Day 1 everything who will remain nameless. She know who she is lol. Good times as usual. Tuesday was spent with Terror and we talked about doing a podcast. One of the names maybe “The Wolf Of Westbank” hahahaha. I don’t know if we would go with that. It sounds funny, but too area specific for me. Lots of laughs on those days.

Wednesday was skip worthy…I did absolutely nothing!


I started watching Steins Gate and let me tell you….this is a must watch. This is one of the best Animes I’ve seen in a while. I’m 8 episodes in and I’m kicking myself for taking this long to watch this show. I am very curious to see where this show is going to head in the next couple of days. I’ll try to finish that to write a review about that. I’m sure it will inspire me to do that. Steins Gate….ooo ooo oo!

Friday (Today)

Well I’m writing this and basically got my paycheck! I also got to see my Grandma and uncle for a good minute. I viewed old pictures of myself….I am so old. I want to know what happened to me… The aging…is so scary! You know it’s always weird seeing old pictures of yourself. Right? It’s just strange to see even if it’s been a week old. I think I’m just being my own critic…well aren’t we our worst critics anyways? I swear we mess up and it is the end of the world for us or World War III in our minds. I know I’m not the only one lol. I better not be.

OH! I learned I’ve been doing my Afro wrong for years today! I get the you need to moisturize it part, but I have been going about the entire process wrong. I would just pick it out and call it a day smh. I can hear my day 1 nagging me about the dry hair. She has did it before so I’m sure she would nag me again. I mean I wouldn’t even comb it out first before picking it. IT WAS PICK AWAY UNTIL YOU SEE THE ROUNDNESS!!! I shake my head at myself. This started the minute I walked in the house. My Grandmother noticed my hair was dry which resulted in me getting some moisturizer in my hair. I proceed to tell my Grandma and Uncle how I broke my pick (sorta of). I mean I didn’t break it, but one of the metal pick things flew out today….My hair is Skrong. My uncle put me on game and told me “You are supposed to comb out the naps and then you pick your hair nephew. AND MOISTURIZE BEFORE YOU COMB SO YOU DON’T BREAK THE COMB”. I felt completely stupid after hearing this. Well better late than never if I’m going to keep this thing right? Noted and lesson learned.

Today also marks the day Lebron went back home to Cleveland! It’s the top story of today so why not talk about it? If you don’t know who Lebron James is, I assume you have been living under a rock or you simply don’t have the internet. USE GOOGLE. He is awesome, however, the team he was playing for was not. I couldn’t stand the Heat…I never really liked them. He made the decision to go there…this also gained my hate and respect of the greatness of Lebron. So when the news flashed that The DECISION II was finalized…I laughed and clapped very hard. It was great he was going back home and it was great to see the reaction of the fake fans.

Miami fans either did one or two things: become bandwagon fans of the cavs or act like little ungrateful children burning jerseys of player who could care less. HE brought you rings and trophies, but when he does the same thing he did to Cleveland you get sad! I mean how didn’t you see it coming! Anyways, this is a business and he is still making money! While some of y’all are making jokes and throwing piss parties about this, Lebron is still making money. That’s a cold hard fact! I wonder if any of y’all can pull Lebron figures on your day job or the job you don’t have because you don’t know exactly how to work. Don’t worry I’ll wait for you to do that.

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTT….that’s none of my business though. *looks for Kermit* Hey! Where is my water for me to sip Kermit?!

Anyways, I won’t be able to do a WWE battleground prediction because I’ll be working the Jay-Z (in my mind there is still a hyphen. The hyphen never went away. THIS IS A PART OF YOUR NAME!) & Beyonce concert. I think we all know who is going to win what at that PPV so there is no need. Summerslam will be the next one when it comes to the predictions.

Also, I think I have a crush on a girl who has no idea who I am. She is really pretty and seemingly awesome. Why must I have these crushes? I mean she doesn’t even know me lol. It’s probably “The sucker For A Very Pretty Face syndrome” I’m going through. If anything I would like to be friends with this person and see where that goes, but I’ll be quiet about that!!! God has his timing to meet people and I’m not going to force myself down anyone’s throat….wait that didn’t sound right. Anyways if you happen to be reading this, you are awesome…now you know….congrats you made this crush last longer than a day and stop being so damn cute lol. Crushes tend to last a day or an hour with me. I don’t know why it is that way, but that’s the way it is. I get really bored with people very quickly so a crush lasting longer than a day is new for me (I just learned this about myself) lol. It’s the syndrome I’m sure of it. Update: The feeling went away. Disregard the writings about this person…it was only temporary.

There will be more poems coming soon and I will begin music reviews soon! I think the first review is going to be my favorite album of last year “Because The Internet” by Childish Gambino. Following that, I will review Sam Smith’s“In The Lonely Hour” because well it made me feel something very real. I need that to happen.

OK I just saw a guy get turned down on this show called The Almighty Johnsons…that pissed me off. Screw that lady for killing that dudes dreams and this show for tricking me to think it was new new new new looking for you you looking for you you. Enough writing and more Steins Gate!!! I need to go and get back into this! Yes I am addicted. I gotta go so peaccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeee!

– MC.



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