MC’S Weekly Wrap Up Thingy (Better name soon): 7/18/14-7/20/14


This is from last week…I decided to keep it unedited. I was going to post it on Friday, but I had work and when work calls you go! I’m tired! I changed the format of the wrap up deal. Instead of writing about what went on in each day (which is pretty boring), I’m going to focus on some thoughts I had that week. It’s more fun this way. The Ill Mind Series gets some credit for inspiring this direction of the weekly thing. It will be on time this week and I may have a poem or two because I have itch to write. Anyways Enjoy.

My thoughts are coming unfiltered and extremely raw. If you get offended, I don’t plan on apologizing. Piss off and have a nice day.

Well instead of doing a day by day recap I am just going to let my thoughts run free. I may touch on topics in my head currently or not. It’s really a free form fest.

So let’s get into it.

“Guys, I think we found a Transformer”

I saw transformers 4 and I must say that I am a bit impressed. Major improvement from transformers 3 which can burn in hell for society & critics tell me so. All I know is the third installment is something you should avoid at all cost and I did. Bad movies are something you should avoid in general unless you are the nostalgia critic or a movie reviewer in general. To sum up Age of Extinction, it was pretty good. I could have went for more fighting and less talking and more logic. These things would have made it great, but when you say that it would just be a testosterone slugfest with explosions and that’s just a disaster. More logic would have been great though. Anyways it’s worth a watch, just turn your brain off for 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES….yeah. Time waster pro. Great movie to hide away from the cops if this was GTA. I still want my time back. 5 stars be gone!!!

“I love boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs I do adore hahahaha”

Twin peaks….well that was a new experience. Nice bodies, BOOBS ,nice butts & beautiful faces all available for your viewing pleasure. It was strange because I felt weird being there. I felt like a creep supreme. I had to question myself “why do I feel bad about this???” I came up with a couple of answers.

1. I would end up being just like all these other horn ball dudes ogling over hot girls.
2. I was objectifying women by contributing to this company.
3. I didn’t want to seem like one of those creep dudes who goes to spot like this because women wouldn’t talk to you and says something like “OMG BOOBS IRL BRO!!!”
4. For fake affection for women who are trying to get tips.
5. I don’t know. It was different.

Those conclusions are all I could come up with still do not know why I felt that way. I’m not against a woman working there if she chose it. She knows what she is getting to. Get your money baby I’m not mad at cha. Not one bit.

Anyways our waitress was a bombshell with a pretty smile. She made me smirk. However I knew it wasn’t real or genuine, this was a job. This was customer service. Even if I did attempt to speak to her I knew this would not be real.

How so you say??? Well if a dude drunk on his ass can pull one of the girls over and hold a conversation about his fish collection he has on his phone for false praise for tips. My best friend Josh told me a man with his wife was brave because he apparently grabbed one of the waitress’ ass in front of his wife and the waitress just smiled about it. I know she had to feel violated or just said “fxck it…work is work.” It just was fake and I knew it.

Realness is an important feature in all conversations and I can sniff if a conversation is faked, forced or planned.

The menu wasn’t extravagant or anything. It was lackluster sorta. I was not expecting something over the top or high class, but there could have been more on the menu. They didn’t have these nachos I heard about that are supposed to put you in a coma which was a let down. I ha the hangover burger and it was pretty good. This lead to discovery. Fried egg. I have to experiment with fried egg on a burger now because I know I can do it better! I know I can!

To sum it up, people don’t come for the food at twin peaks…it’s the TNA. Oh by the way bikini week and bike day is starting soon so….there is that and……if you see me there I’m being a guy lol. Most likely I won’t be there for my psyche tells me so.

The Trust Complex…Are you high for this? Can you trust anyone?

On the ride home, Josh said this in regard to a comment I made about the girls and why do we really come here.

Josh: “Don’t feel bad they do it to men too. These bitches don’t want a nigha with brains they want a nigga with money and dick”.

In a way he is right and in a way he is dead wrong.

Some women really just want good sex and money to follow. So to obtain this they will go by any means necessary to achieve. Even if that means using deception, test driving multiple partners, getting multiple people involved romantically to find what you like and also just being a straight up horrible person. If this achieves the objective so be it.

Some women genuinely want something real. And when I say real I mean genuine realness not that fake shit the media tries to portray as real. To get this a lady will be patient, careful and smart. You know a decent human being. She isn’t just giving up the box to everybody. She wants A partner. A companion. Someone they can be best friends and lovers with. Someone who can make the sunshine in their deepest depths of darkness. A person who can be defined as “everything”.

Women aren’t the only gender who does this because men do it too. Both of the options.

So why is it hard to figure out? It just is. You get burned one good time everything can be a lie and nothing can be true until proven. I get why the Wheelman feels like that. I feel like that too sometimes. Trust complexes simply suck.

I swear I’m losing faith in all this love shit. It just seems like a manipulation game at a point. Maybe that’s over-analyzation. I enjoy writing stories and poems about love even though its been eluding me for years. God’s timing right? Whatever…I’m tired of longing for something that never wanted me in the first place. Well that’s a drastic way of saying it because you know I’m dramatic. I’m just saying…. whatever you know what I mean.

Maybe this “Me time” In other words “single life” is necessary to learn more about myself and people. Right Universe? Or maybe one day I’ll be singing The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” or the Janelle Monáe cover to love, but till then I’ll take a rain check.

See you next week.



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