Old Flame

“Old Flame”

Hey friend…
I didn’t appreciate you when I was younger.
time with you was fun,
a bunch of laughs, wild moments,
that prototype could be one
until it all came crashing down
all the smiles turned to frowns.
grimace became my natural expression
if I heard your name, it would be instant stressing
I’m glad I’m not crazy enough to grab a weapon
and wreck lives and ravage….

Man this is such a drag
you became my blast from the past
cliche and all, I’m now older and I understand
truly this was all apart of God’s plan.
mission statement was experience
trust me I got a plateful of it
angry words were said, crying myself to bed
and just regretting it all…point being
it left me pissed, but I definitely learned something
and I thank you because of this

I miss you more and more as days go by
I really do & don’t know why
I wish you would’ve held on to my hand
till the end
instead of this
our time together cut short

Still I’m grateful for this beautiful ride
and getting a chance to play this unique sport called love.

Old Flame.

– MC


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