MC’s Thought Wrap up 7-26-14

What’s up readers!!!! Did you like the poems? I hope you did! There will be more in the future! I had fun writing them and *sigh* editing them. I don’t know exactly when the next set of poems will go up, but it won’t be long!!!

This week’s thoughts wrap up or whatever I decide to call it after I come up with a name (I have one in mind) is going to be very short. I mean it’s not going to be a thing where it’s a week’s full of thoughts for one post! That is just stupid and very boring! Would you really read someone’s insane thoughts from Monday to whenever they post? I think not! I wanted this weekly thing to be a thought that is currently on my mind or something I was dwelling about over the week. Sometimes it will be a thought that came from days to the actual post or something like this thought which came up a today. No one should be offended, but you never know.

SO let the mantra be stated:

My thoughts are coming in unfiltered and raw. If you get offended, there will be no apology. Piss off and have a nice day!

After a long day of yard work, my brother & I decide to go to Cane’s.
During the ride to cane’s I kept saying I was going to use a fake name like “Tommy” or “Ron”. When I get to the register and place my order, the cashier asks me for my name. My question/thought is simple…


I mean I had a fake name picked out and everything and still I said my real name? What is up with that? Seriously, what is up with that? Why do we do that? It’s not like it was going to make a difference or anything! I just wanted to have a little fun and freaking give the lady a fake name.

Which brings me to this question….Why do I need to use a fake name in the first place? I’m not a criminal or being followed by the government or anything. Is really just a little fun or is it the idea I want to be mysterious and no one knows my real name? I would like to think it’s a combo of both leaning more towards the little fun angle.

It just trips me out how one minute we are telling ourselves we are going to do “A” in our minds, but end up going with “B” instead. We plot out the scenario, no matter if it is big (well less likely with big decisions unless you are a daredevil like me) or small and we still deviate from what we said we’re going to do in the first place!! It makes no sense!!! I think I’m just over thinking as usual or I can be on to something!

The world may never know!!!

Anyways, This wraps up this weeks thought thingy. Oh I forgot to tell you all, I started doing music again and I’m going to try to do that regularly so if anything comes late it will be because of the music. I may or may not post them up here because the world doesn’t need to hear everything you make. DO you see Prince dropping a song every day (You know Prince has a vault full of demos and unreleased material! Don’t act like he doesn’t!)? NO! Somethings just need to stay with you and a selected group gets to hear those things if you want them to.

I’m going to go play Guacamelee, listen to You Made It Weird & possibly finish this little short beat.

Till I write y’all next time!



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