Small Update!

Hello everyone! It’s Me, MC! I know I didn’t post a weekly thought thing last week or this week, but I have a reason behind it. 







That’s right! STUFF! Two projects really! One I will hopefully have up tomorrow (with surprises) & the other one is a music project dedicated to one of my favorite shows! I’ve been working on that and living life!

Be on the look out tomorrow for something! If it’s not the first project, I have a back up plan! Also I left out the third project….A New Story. I want to write an on going story that will constantly update here at this site. I would like to have art for it kinda like a comic. I may just write the thing alone, but then again it would be nice to collab for either the on going story or a small short story…

Check back tomorrow!!! 

OH ALSO the name of the site may change! It may just become a dot com. I’m considering it so there is that too!

Bye Now



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