“A Note”

“A Note”

I’m pretty sure I don’t even like you now
So why are you still here?

No better question, why am I choosing to stay?
Why keep fighting the wind when the flame was supposed to diminish
Why do I say nice things halfway
Why do I choose my words wisely?
We are comfortable around each other right?
I should let it fly
Why do I want more when it’s not right?
Urges are a mother that I wish I could emancipate myself from
Hell I’ll do it with this gun
Why? Why? Why? Why?
I don’t know
Like a wise man once said
I didn’t plan to…

However You may feel the same way
So I’ll go back to my second question
Why are you still here?
Why do you want to keep this train moving when the destination is unknown
Why do you hide things?
Are you protecting something?
We are comfortable around each other so you should let it fly
Why do you deep down want more, but scared to make that step
Hell that step leads to burned bridges, broken hearts, crying family and friends
Or does it?
Is this what you always wanted?
Pick up that gun, cock it and aim it
At that temple of fun, if they find you you’ll be famous and continuously wonder why? Why? Why? Why?

That’s what you want right?

Put down that gun….
A wise man once said
We don’t have the answers and that’s fine.
So we both don’t have to respond.
Maybe another day
We’ll let it fly
Unmoved by the consequences, cries and uncertainties
Till then
You and I
We can just stay


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