A short update

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I posted anything and I have good reason.





Besides work, I’ve been creating for my beat tape and it’s halfway done if I make it just ten tracks! I plan to have that done by November. The title is still unknown, but I have a couple of names for it. I have also been living life and gathering my thoughts to post something that wasn’t just filter or lame crap I would just end up deleting

I have been putting together a new story. The genre is not up my alley and it’s proving to be a challenge, but I’m up for it. I don’t know whether to break down into parts or make it a collaborative effort. The new story will be on it’s way so keep watch for that. I am also going back and forth on continuing “Somewhere Only We Know” because I really like the characters and want to see what happens after the big fight.

However today you are in for treat.


I’ll be posting three poems today (Maybe a bonus too?) and hopefully you like them! Those will go up right after this!!! Isn’t that great!? The way I come up with these are so strange. I can’t give out my secret, but the way the poems appear is very unorthodox. Well to me it is. Enjoy those!!

There will be a Night of Champions Prediction thing coming very soon too.

As for me, I have been doing ok. I am growing as a person each and every day and learning some thing new about myself in the process….life has been life.

Well that’s enough of that. I have updated you enough and it’s time to post those poems! So write you next time!



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