Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

TODAY is November 8th and guess what that means!!??!?! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is going to be a special day I tell you! I was going to do a whole reflection piece (which I may or may not do), but I have a couple of surprise…well gifts to my blog and my followers! 3 Of em to be exact! So let me explain really fast!

Gift Number 1

My music project Monster drops today for streaming on my soundcloud and available to download through mediafire! I will explain the project in depth when I make the post about it! I hope you enjoy!

Gift Number 2

I will drop some poems today! I don’t know which ones exactly, but hopefully you will like them!!

Gift Number 3

I have a horror story written up and ready to go, but I have to edit it so it will flow better. Just know that may get posted today or the reflection piece in it’s place or I may post something very old I wrote. It’s going to be so embarrassing I just know it, if I do that lol. I don’t know if scaring y’all on my birthday is appropriate, but who knows!!

Well…I don’t want to write too much…I have some things to do and enjoy, people to talk to and thank, and possibly have a lot of fun today! So I’ll leave it at that. Be on the look out for the posts!!! Till next time!!



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