The Park

Happy Late Surprises!!!! Here is something that was suppose to be posted around my birthday. I can explain why this story did not get posted on time and that’s because of a little thing called sickness. Oh and work. Sickness and work! This story was originally going to be posted on Halloween to be in the spirit, but I postponed it in order to write a good story. Then I was going to post it on my birthday, but I needed to edit it so it made sense to you the reader and myself. Work started to happen and then boom sick for two weeks! Today I got the time to finally post even though I am still a bit under the weather!!! I don’t usually dabble with horror, but I decided to challenge myself and give it a shot. SO I hope you enjoy this creepy little story I wrote called the park. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HORROR!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

The Park

It is a Saturday night, 3am, lightly raining outside…no I should say the weather is that of light mist. There is fresh dew forming on the grass and the fog has set in. The park has been newly renovated from my memory. A grand reopening of my second home. Older sets were replaced with newer ones while my favorite swings got new seats and chains for optimism fun. The street lights in the park still suffer from the flickering issues yesteryear. I guess it wouldn’t be home now if there weren’t some older issues from the past right? I rubbed my temples, played with my hair and said “Welcome back to Liongrove Park.”. I made plenty of memories here. Hell I spent a good chunk of my life here. Before you jump to any assumptions, no I’m not homeless or a drug dealer. You just need to understand that Liongrove Park has been a major landmark in my life. My parents told me they met here at a party and ironically it’s where I also met my best friend, Crystal. This park is special you see. Liongrove is special….It will always be a special place. I made my way over to the new benches. I noticed the night shift guard was asleep… this is what happens when you drink a bunch caffeine and then proceed to do nothing, but look around for activity. Hell its better if the guy didn’t see me because who knows what would happen. I sat on the bench near the swings and began to reminiscence about my life. 23 years. I have been here for 23 years. I have seen so much, felt so much, loved so much…lost so much. I’m restless. I need to calm down so I popped one OxyContin to drown out this mental stress. this is not just some regular OxyContin either, this is my parents special homemade dosage of OxyContin. I was going to use it when the time was right…and I couldn’t think of a better time. Also when you don’t sleep for a day you need something to relax. Anyway it’s easier to reflect without getting too emotional…

*sigh* the story begins with my parents. Doesn’t everyone’s story start with their parents? I was 18 when the incident happened. I know most people don’t have a great relationship with their parents, but I was lucky to have these great people be my caretakers. They were my superheroes. To the world, they were unsung heroes in the field of medicine. My parents were top notch geniuses in medicine. My family always had access to exclusive medicine in our household including their own homemade stuff. My parents were close to find a cure to a huge problem, cancer. They had so much more to do…till it happened. *sighs…takes a deep breath* my mother and father took a plane to a conference to reveal their findings on cancer, but….the plane crashed….and they didn’t make it. My world crashed. How could God take away two people who did so much for me and the world, how could God be so cruel and expect me to live this life without them by my side, How could that stupid thing up there be so inconsiderate!!!? I didn’t want to hear that “it was there time” because it wasn’t God damn you it wasn’t there time *cries*

*sniffs* well at least they left me these drugs to cope *pops another Oxy* however there was one more person who was just as important as my parents. Someone who helped me throughout this entire tragedy and at least got me back to thinking I could possibly live this life honoring my parents and possibly one day continue the work they left behind and that person was…my best friend, my true love I never got to confess to, Crystal.

Crystal and I met in this very park when we were little kids. Her parents and my parents were great friends which led to many playdates together. You can say it was destiny for us to meet. I remember our first day meeting like it was yesterday. We may have been kids, but knew we would always be together no matter what the moment we locked eyes. It’s like we have known each other for a lifetime. This was one of those bonds you cannot fake with people, it was just natural. By the end of our first play date We made a promise by those swings over there that we would never leave each other side and we have been friends ever since. When my parents passed, Crystal’s family was the first to take me in and help me through this tragedy. Crystal and I grew even closer throughout this entire time. Her family was nice enough to let me stay by them and keep an eye on me till I was well enough to be on my own again. Of course during this time, I acted out and Crystal would reel me back into reality. I must say it was surprising that her parents never quit on me or kicked me out for causing so much trouble…well it wasn’t that much…just a couple of incidents. Our final year of high school came and went. We graduated together…hell I wish my parents could have saw me walk across that stage. College began soon after this. It wasn’t easy to let Crystal go…even though we both had to part ways to different schools. It financially worked in my favor if I stayed. Trust me I wanted to go with Crys. I stayed in town for school while Crystal went out of state for college. We promised to keep in touch and reunite every break. That is until our promise was interrupted by you know who…life.
I was 22. It was fall break and Crystal was coming home…she was coming home….she…she…was called home. On her way back, she was driving home till her car got smashed by a drunk driver. She died instantly. And I….hate the day I got this news at 5:30 PM. Why is everything I love being taken away from me? I hope God doesn’t think I’m Job because I don’t appreciate a test like this. I always thought that story was cruel and God should have gotten slapped for putting someone who trusted him through a sick joke like that. I am not Job. I’m tired of it. I would never wish this on anyone.
*tears up* my parents always said “be open minded”, “There is a higher power”, “The supernatural is real” and “there is an afterlife”. I am starting to think there is no higher power. Just a sick world. Crystal didn’t deserve that, my parents didn’t deserve that and I don’t deserve this. This is hell. There is no fire, no Devil, we are born into hell and the important people in our lives plus our accomplishments make this place a heaven. All my important people are gone….I don’t care about my future accomplishments…I don’t have any fight left in me. *cries*

I look at my phone, it is 4:00 am and I go for another Oxy out of the bottle when a gust of wind knocks it out my hand. “Son of a bitch” I cry. The wind and mist become more aggressive as water and sand from the sandbox hit me in the eyes. I could make out the old light flickering on and off. “Now is not the time for this” I said as I continue to look for my bottle. I could hear it rolling, but I couldn’t see where. I follow the sound as it leads me to the swings…..I hear the bottle stop somewhere on the ground as I begin to crawl for it. “This is irritating” I say as I wipe water and sand from my eyes. Once cleaned, I began to feeling around for the bottle on the ground. For some odd reason though the wind suddenly stopped….the air became dead. I couldn’t understand what was going on for the life of me. The fog grew heavier while the light continued to flicker on and off teasing me about where the bottle could be. “This is strange…odd weather” I said to myself as I began to cough. I saw my Oxy bottle near one of the swings thanks to one helpful flicker of the light. I reached out to grab my bottle and when I did my hand also the wind grew ice cold. The light stopped flickering and I was surrounded by fog shivering and coughing. I quickly took one more pill to soothe my pain from all that reflecting. I don’t think I should have done that.  “W-w-w-what’s happening here??” I said. The light was brighter than usual. I could see out the corner of my eyes I was still surrounded by fog, but I could see clearly in front of me. I knew exactly where I was. Exactly in front of the swings. One of the swings were moving back and forth like someone was on them. I was afraid to look up because. “What the hell is going on?” I said. It’s 4:30 am I should be the only one in this park. I have never been this afraid to look up. The swing stopped and I saw a girl on the swings with tears in her eyes staring at me. My eyes began to water because this wasn’t any girl….this was….Crystal….

“C-C-C-Crystal??” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This couldn’t have been a ghost no no no I’m being irrational I’m hallucinating. That’s right it’s the drugs there is no way this is real. I HAD TO DO TOO MANY FREAKING DRUGS TO MAKE A GIRL WHO RESSEMBLES CRYSTAL APPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR RIGHT? Ghost can’t talk unless it’s like those echoic whispers that you see in games in movies right??! However…something in my gut told my logic to shut off. “Crys is that you?!” I asked. She looked at me and said clearly “yes Trent it’s me…I am Crystal and finally I made it to you”. I exclaimed “holy shit! Crys it’s you!!! Wait what do you mean finally Crystal?” She said “I have been trying to find you ever since I….” I cut her off “don’t say it. Crys I am sorry….” I reached out to touch her hand and instead of going through it like the movies…our hands touched. I held it and said “promise me, you’ll never leave me again”. She nodded, but quickly looked away. “I don’t know if I could fulfill that promise Trent. I just don’t know if that’s possible. This could be a one shot deal”. I began to question her “Why Crys…why?” She explained “I don’t know how much time I have left here Tre that’s why…why I can’t-” I interrupted her with a question “Am I hallucinating or did you go to heaven or—?” She looked puzzled and cut me off “I don’t know where I went tre. I don’t know where I’ve been for the past year. I want to apologize to you for not fulfilling our childhood promise. I’m sorry I really don’t know, but I do know I am here for now”. I started crying and Crystal hugged me. “You know Crys I have to tell you something I never got the chance to tell you. I love you”. She began to tear up and said “I figured that Tre I knew you were going to tell me if I would have made it home. I love you too.” As I held her hand the pain came back and I looked at my pill bottle on the ground. I said “Crys I’m about to do something…something in which we can be together forever.”  I took my last three Oxy and began to explain. “Crystal if this is a hallucination or real I want you to know I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t continue to live without my parents or you around me. This life is unfair and I am going to fix it. I’m going to join you wherever you are and keep our promise.” I stood up on top of the swing and checked my watch it was 5:30 am. Crystal said “Tre what are you doing? You don’t have to…do this I can figure this whole thing out and be with you through—” “No Crystal” I interrupted “you have to understand something I do not want to be here anymore. It is 5:30 in the morning the negative of when I got the news you passed away. I have always hated that time ever since because the news plays in my mind each time. We can finally be together even if that means we wander this world forever, but we get to be here together”. Crystal stood up on her swing and kissed me…”I understand and I want what’s best for you…and if this will bring you tranquility and serenity…Trent do it. I’ll be waiting for you.” Crystal got off the swing and stood with me on my holding me. I wrapped the chain around my neck tight. I could barely feel it…It didn’t matter I was going to feel great in a few minutes. The light began to flicker again. I smiled and………..

“And he jumped off of the swing. Snapping his neck instantly, hanging. If I knew he was going to do that, I would have asked him to leave the park”. I told the officer when they asked me about what I saw that night.  My name is Rob and I work the security night shifts here at the park. I have never seen something like that in my life. It was terrifying. I can recall the entire night. I was dozing off in my cruiser when I saw him enter. He looked like he was just enjoying the scenery or he was homeless about to sleep. I paid it no mind and fell asleep. I was awaken around 5:15 by a huge rock cracking my window.  A huge gust of wind came out of nowhere causing that to happen. I thought it was pranksters at first till I got out the car. It was very windy and foggy outside to the point I couldn’t see. I picked up my flashlight and my gun as I began to make my rounds around the park. I checked the gym first to see if anyone was in there causing a seen and then the guy who walked in earlier crossed my mind. He was the last person I saw before I dozed off. I wish I wasn’t too tired that day because I could have prevented this from happening. The search was now for him. There was talking and crying near the swings “that man has to be there now” I said. I flashed my light in the direction of the swings and noticed someone standing on top of the seat for the swing. He was talking to himself and began to wrap the chain around his neck. I ran over shouting and screaming at him to come down, when another big gust of wind hit me knocking the light out of my hand. I kept running to the flickering old light and that’s when I saw IT. I could make out what seemed to be the man smiling and a figure behind him holding his waist with its head in cradled on his back. Someone was with him. I heard a snap, picked up my flashlight, shined it on him to find he hung himself. The figure I saw was missing. I ran in the direction it may have run to, but it was gone. Ever since that night this park has never been the same. Rumors have been running rampant amongst the park goers.

The rumor is if you are in Liongrove park near the swings around 5:30 PM or 5:30 AM, two unoccupied swing seats will begin to swing back and forth mimicking the hanging man I saw that night…


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