Rant: Common Sense & Direction

Well….we haven’t ranted in a while…I don’t have an explanation for that. However…I got a rant for you now and it’s on the thing most people lack Common Sense. I also touched on somethings adults do that pisses me off because…they just don’t do it. Let’s get into it.

I’ve known this for a few years now, but what is the deal with the lack of common sense and following directions???

Seriously, are people allergic to it or something??? What the hell man?

Yesterday….really tested me.

I mean really tested me because I am amazed at how people aren’t able to catch on to simple routines in front of them.

For example, if you are going to a basketball game or a football game, you should know your bags will be checked for size and other objects. You are going to be checked by the metal detector or handwanded (that’s a metal detector that you hold in your hand) for the major items that the sign in front of you clearly lists in nice bold print for you to read. Weapons, backpacks, outside foods, you know the forbidden items. Plus you should empty your pockets of anything. THIS MEANS ANYTHING! KEYS AND WALLETS ARE THINGS SO YOU SHOULD REMOVE THEM! Also remove your hat because you are approaching a METAL DETECTOR not only that people are sneaky and like to sneak stuff in. IF SOMETHING IS FOUND YOU ARENT PASSING THE METAL DETECTOR. SO empty your pockets and take off the hat so the security’s job is a breeze and you can go enjoy yourself. Let’s also add there is a worker with a bullhorn repeating the same information on that is listed on the sign and extra info that’s not listed on the sign. Instead you know what most people do? Ignore it. I mean I thought adults had common sense to do such things because it only takes a second to read a sign.

Nooooo I forgot you don’t read signs or like warnings. You like people to hold your hand through simple processes like this because for a moment you transform from adult to toddler with an attitude problem because you get told some simple directions. “The nerve of that worker to tell me my bag is too big”, “The nerve of that worker telling me I can’t bring in my drink, pocket knife, backpack, tazer, pepper spray, mase, and noise maker! Don’t they know I just came from Guam and I want to watch some basketball or football”!  Oh the nerve right? Hey if you get mad enough you can piss and moan until some guy in a suit breaks the very rule set in place to let you in and have the nerve to tell the worker to smile more to a rude customer or be more cheery! The guy or gal in the suit doesn’t have to put up with that rude nonsense every day they come to clock in. Sure there is probably some stupid business politics they have to put up with, but they don’t have to put up with rude adult children. I say the workers at any event should be treating adults as adults.

You didn’t make it to twenty-seven to be treated or talked to like you are five years old. You are an adult, I would expect you know how to follow simple directions, and I’m going to treat you like an adult with respect and kindness as long as you do the same for. Sigh….I expect….I expect….too much from you. YOU don’t even do that. Instead you feel entitled to be rude or ignorant because you spent a couple of your hard earned dollars to show out and show your ass. Honestly it’s not cute, it is childish. Grow up! I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have to any of that to have a good time. All you have to do is follow the directions to enjoy the event you paid for!!! I don’t understand why you would spent your money to have a bad experience! It is simply not logical. Common sense says it is not logical.

So I must present this question to you reader, is common Sense too much to ask? Is following rules and directions too much to ask? Are people really allergic to both of these? Does that cause a chemical imbalance in their system? You know what…I’m just going to say yes to all of those. Common sense, following directions & logic are rarities in this world…if you know people who have them, be great friends with them.

Now excuse me, while I prepare for the same stupidity tomorrow.

It really is....
It really is….

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