The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Kindly Stubborn

Welcome to the 12 Honest Days of Procons! I went about many ways of writing these articles. I went from writing them as a play to a conversation between conscious and self to two separate posts to other odd means. Instead I went with my gut and wrote whatever came to mind on each both subjects of that day. I figured out that would be the best way.

Oh if I didn’t make it clear let me reiterate why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this so you can learn a little more about me while I investigate my good and bad qualities. I think it’s healthy to check your pros and cons so you can really know who you are. These pieces aren’t going to be some pat my ego on the back and lightly insult myself in the process. That would not be honest now would it??? Also I’m not just doing this these for attention. Finally, if you don’t believe in quality titles or titles at all this is not for you to read.

Today is day one or night one depending on when you are reading this. I should stop typing so you can read what I wrote. I hope you enjoy this piece called Kindly Stubborn.

Pro: Kindness (n.)
1.The state or quality of being kind.

I would like to think I’m a kind person. Ok scratch that, I know I’m a kind person. No matter how hard I try to mask it or hide it, I can’t stop being kind. It’s like my smile…that occurs without my knowledge of doing it. I just attempt to see the best in everyone even if I don’t like them. Plus my parents raised me to be kind to people. Treat people how you want to be treated you know??

I can recall being told once that I’m too kind to people by somebody. I do recognize that can be a con as well because people can take your kindness for weakness which has happened to me before. To those people who did that, well just know y’all the kind side of me.
I am trying to think of an example when I’m kind, but this is like an everyday passive thing. There are so many examples of me being kind to people whether it’s general or personal, I don’t know where to start. I guess I can say if we ever meet and strike up a conversation you will get a nice vibe or aura from me unless you are a twat who just wants me to be a complete jackass to you.
Seriously, you have to be a real piece of excrement if I’m not kind to you…that’s rare or you must have done me something you know or don’t know about.
Hell congrats to you because you made a very special list 🙂

Con: Stubbornness (adj.)

  1. Unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving
    2. Fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute

You ever heard the term stubborn as a donkey? Or saw the family guy skit with the donkey being the sentence above? Well unfortunately, I am the embodiment of that.

I don’t know if it’s a Scorpio deal, but once I get my mind on something it has to go the way I am thinking of it.

This includes just about every freaking thing. I’m dead serious. Hell from hanging out with friends to a job to a trip to love to anything you can think of. Once my mind gets fixed in a certain outcome, it will guide me to do just about anything to get that outcome.

Now maybe you’re saying “that just sounds like you’re highly motivated at getting what you want!” To that I say…no. If you know me well enough, I become difficult to be around or just overall pissy because wah wah the baby doesn’t have what he wants. The unconscious id, ego, and superego don’t have what they want which makes a very horrible individual appear before your very eyes.

For example, I remember when I really sick and I was hell bent on taking double the amount of pain killer so the pain would stop. I knew it was a bad idea and even the people I talked this over with including the doctor didn’t recommend it, but stubborn ass me said “we are going through with this”. So one night I popped two of the pain killers and boom I was out like a light….quicker than I should have went out! For a second there I thought I killed myself and this was dark purgatory. You know purgatory for the idiots who don’t listen and…Some black people not all just some. Great thing I learn fast, because I never did that crap again. Well I did 1 and a half of pill for a doctor’s visit for Stitches.  Stubborn right? Lol.
Another example comes from my Monster beat tape. There was a beat that was supposed to go on there, but didn’t make it because my frustration plus stubbornness. The song wasn’t sounding right to my standards and I fought with it for about a month till I decided to quit on it which is another side effect from the stubbornness…I quit on things when they go incorrectly lol.
I have to at least own up to this. I mean I could just say I’m stubborn and be through with it, but that’s not being real with yourself. It is what it is how most people say it.

Procon: Kindly Stubborn.

I guess to wrap it up, I’m kindly stubborn. I could potentially be your best friend or confidant if you like kind stuff. Just know….there will be times we will butt heads on some “stupid” ideas I have or I will want a certain thing because that’s what my mind wants and will not accept otherwise..just don’t be mad as hell at me because that’s going to make it worst.

I Hope you still love me throughout all that because I’m a “catch” (friendwise or your beau) or so I’m told.

Yeah…what a catch.

Till next time on day two of the twelve honest days of Procons!!!!

– MC


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