Updates: A MCZX Christmas Special??

Hey everyone…it’s MC here.

I have a small update for all of the subscribers and readers.

I’ve been thinking and….I think we need a Christmas Special.

You know….a twelve day deal!!

That’s right! I’m going to do what is probably the most personal piece on this blog.

I’m going to call it the 12 Honest Days of ProCons.

The way this is going to work is I’m going to post twelve good and bad things about myself…hence the title. This is no holds barred. So I’m going to be using very specific examples that only a few people would know about if it calls for it. I think it is healthy for the readers to know a bit more about the writer….plus this can be a healthy exercise for me. The pieces in general won’t be that long or short. They may be the length of this article or long like one of my stories. I am thinking of starting tomorrow so we end on the 27th! The topics will vary and I hope you can relate to where I’m coming from on some of these.

Another deal in the works to close out the year is a 2014 reflection piece, a couple of top tens and maybe another update for stuff coming in 2015.

Well be on the look out for that tomorrow some time!!!!

Thanks for reading

and thank you for following the blog!!!

Till next time!!!



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