The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Patient Irascibility


This one is fun….yet fun….for me! Roll the tape, I mean play the clip, I mean darn it let’s go and read!!!


Patient Irascibility

Pro: Patience (n.)

  1. The quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
  2. An ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay:
  3. Quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence

Patience is a virtue. I’ll say it one more time, patience is a virtue. A virtue I hold near and dear to me. I am an extremely patient person. I’ll wait till the end of time for a great prize and something that last long instead of a short shot of temporary happiness. It just doesn’t make sense to rush things that cannot be rushed or jump into things you aren’t ready for. Simply put, it pays off to be patient.

The things you are waiting for will come to you in due time!!!

Trust me I know….

For example, I didn’t get to drive until I was twenty one. Most kids get their license during the sophomore year of high school (16 ish right?) and trust me I was in the process of getting the license. I wanted to have my license at 18. I saw me graduating driving off in my mom’s car to a dinner or something back then. I wanted it at 18 because it made sense to at least have that accomplishment out the way by then. That’s what I WANTED to happen, that’s how I saw it in my mind, but it didn’t happen that way. Plus when you get really sick during college (another story I’m going to tell one day), you can’t go get that license. The thing is I had to wait 6 years till I had my own license to drive. If I wasn’t patient in getting what I wanted, I would have settled for something like a temporary or just do something crazy like get a fake license and probably end up in jail and join a drug ring where I become the crime boss and go out in a blaze of glory all because I wanted my license early. Whew I’m glad I skipped that! Point is be patient and you’ll get what you want. Hell I didn’t get my first job till I was in my twenties which is crazy and I like money, but I had to be patient!

And there are so many things I still want like a great companion (hey future babe if you reading this ‘sup girl….you know I love you lol. Are we still on for Saturday because you did say you had a surprise or two for me?), a better job, a better situation for myself, etc. None of those things will come true if I rush them or try to force them to happen. It will just be a bad companionship, bad situation that I’ll regret or some job I’m going to hate doing because I love money. Steadiness is more important than money and I don’t want to be miserable trying to make green backs. You have to be patient to gain awesomeness!

I bet multiverse me is impatient, but has a love hate girlfriend or something with an annoying job or situation…however his attitude is better than mine…well his temper is which leads me to…….


Con: Irascibility (adj.)

  1. Easily provoked to anger; very irritable
  2. Characterized or produced by anger

Irascibility…you have just learned a new word for a short temper. Congratulations!!! I taught you something hopefully! I have been irascible since I was a little boy. It must have been really bad too because I gained the nickname “Fuse” from one of my uncles. I rarely get called this, but every time P sees me he definitely calls me Fuse. He hit the nail on the head too because he was right. Now please understand I don’t get violent, I just get very freaking mad at the smallest things. I mean you can say something to me like “Hey how you doing?!” and I may process it the wrong way and just be silently pissed that you just talked to me. I snapped at some people for checking on me like wtf they concerned about me and I’m pissed at the way they said whatever they said! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! I remember when I got my lodging chair I got mad at the chair for being too big…like the chair would know it’s too big. IT HAS NO CONCIOUS OR THOUGHTS MATT, SO WHY WOULD YOU THINK IT CARES! I don’t know.

This is minor offenses too! This is nothing big, however tonight I noticed my fuse click on in a matter of seconds…so peep this.

I went to a Christmas party tonight and immediately got fuming mad at the lack of parking…which is normal because if you build a big space, there should be a bunch of parking spots. Sad thing is there were a bunch of parking spots, but people can’t park…and that reduces the number of parking spots. I had to park in the wet freaking grass while it rained outside tonight. My patience for find a spot ran out when I’m parking right on your grass. So whatever…I try my best to enjoy the party (I’m not a big party person…sorry), and I do! I leave with a better attitude and decide to go to Best Buy to check for a replacement for my external sound card which is on its last legs. So I arrive to Best Buy and politely ask the person at the door “where would the external sound cards be?” and the lady points towards the video games. I walk there. There is no sound cards at all. So my patience is like “maybe we missed it, ask another worker” so I do and he points me to the place where all the apple products are. Now logically it makes sense to have the computer stuff by computer stuff, but in this world logic makes no sense and is useless. So I walk over there and clearly there is no sound cards. I can feel it in my gut that anger is rising up because of the misinformation so patience says again “ok 2 for 2 wrong…let’s try one more time…calm down”. I do. I ask “GEEK SQUAD” which should be renamed “Guys who know some stuff about computers, but can’t look in a system for an item or tell you where stuff is”. So I ask the ladies near geek squad and they tell me to find a geek….oh you mean the fella in the Reservoir Dogs esque Oxford shirt? Yeah him! I mean you could have just looked up what I was searching for, but again common sense. So I ask him and he says it’s behind the external hard drives. Guys I was hoping that made sense because external stuff is with each other. Instead I see a bunch of speakers…computer speakers. NO. SOUND. CARD. NOWHERE. Patience then takes a seat and says “Fuse is at the front door and we are going to go before you get mad double mad”. Instead of leaving I go to the game section again and see video cards, BUT NO SOUND CARDS AT ALL! This is when I leave cursing under my breath, but smiling to the nice girl who offered to help. It took two mis-informations and I was already madder than a hornet. It probably took just 2 minutes too.

Do you see why this is a problem now?

I swear work on this every day to not be such an angry person, but it just comes naturally to me. It is like a switch I can turn on and off. It does have a few perks because I use it sometimes to write or make music and the result is amazing most of the time lol. I bet anger management couldn’t teach me nothing because I would think something is wrong with them trying to tell me something is wrong with me when I damn well know something is…I won’t give you the satisfaction of me admitting you are right anger management man! That’s one place I hope I never end up either because I can control myself very well! I just need to learn how to control my fuse…I’ll keep learning…one day at a time I suppose! I think I got a good set up though…just needs some tweaks!


ProCon:  Patient Irascibility!

You all just don’t know how fun and amusing this was to write. I am glad I don’t take myself that seriously because if I did I probably would never post this or break my laptop. I guess what I want you all to know is I can put up with a lot of stuff…trust me a lot of stuff! I mean if you are important to me or if something is important to me I will put up with a bunch of crap to get the vision in my mind.  I have to tell you though do not go out of your way to piss me off. It doesn’t take much you know? One minute we can be talking and the next minute we can be at each other’s throats because you said something wrong. Oh come on we all know this is your fault in the first place!! J I’m just messing, but seriously don’t make me mad on purpose or indirectly (Matt how can they know if….it’s indirect comment or….you know what never mind…I get you and that’s all that matters) because you’ll meet fuse and trust me he is not pretty.


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