The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Sympathetically Apathetic

WELCOME TO THE 12 HONEST DAYS OF PROCONS!!! This is one is bit shorter than the others. So it shouldn’t take you no time to read this one. I know you are a fast reader! If you aren’t…take your time buddy! No rush! Well I’m rushing you to get to it….so let’s get to it!

Sympathetically Apathetic

Pro: Sympathetic (adj.)

  1. Characterized by, proceeding from, exhibiting, or feeling sympathy; sympathizing; compassionate:
  2. Acting or affected by, of the nature of, or pertaining to a special affinity or mutual relationship; congenial
  3. Looking upon with favor (often followed by to or toward)

So you have made it to day 6!

Congrats….I have a feeling you may think I am a bit unstable.

As much as you want to believe that, I am not. Calm down. Go get some water and relax. I am not crazy. I now previously we talked about the con numbness and how I just feel like nothing affects me in my world. I already told you I am smart, but I have come to a realization I can be selectively numb at times to. A defense mechanism or repression…I still haven’t decided, but yeah that’s something I am wondering about. I maybe numb at times towards things, but that doesn’t mean I am not sympathetic.

I am very sympathetic.

I feel for people in really horrible situations. I just wish sometimes people didn’t have to go through what they sometimes need to go through to learn a lesson. Life can be cruel is hell some times. I mean you know life don’t care if there is a lot on your plate. Life will just be like “well I got you some more tough cards to play because you looked like at you need more cards…by the way your best friend drew a draw four and handed it to you. I wouldn’t trust them or the world. Didn’t you know? I am a mean old thing that loves you”.

Don’t you hate just seeing people you love suffer and you can’t do nothing about it, but be support for them?

I surely do.

I’ll be in your corner if we are really close. You can count on me to be the supporting character till you are better. I mean recently it hasn’t been that because good and bad days. I feel like a bad friend sometimes, but I can’t help that I don’t get to communicate with my circle as much because I am feeling like a cannon that can’t talk to them. Point is I’ll be there if my mind state is correct and you will have support. I hope they do the same for me and understand.

Now the only way I won’t be in your corner is because you suck and did something or I am just being numb to your BS problems lol. Stupid idiot!

I am not conveniently sympathetic either. If I am feeling bad when you are feeling bad, please know it’s genuine. I don’t fake it just for you to believe it. That’s not cool. Either I am going to show sympathy towards your problem or I am not it’s as simple as that.

You know what this leads me perfectly into our con of the day.

 Con: Apathetic (adj.)

  1. Having or showing little or no feeling or emotion: spiritless
  2. Having little or no interest or concern

But you know what, sometimes I really could care less what you’re going through because bro I am in Matt’s world. It just doesn’t matter to me sometimes. I hope that does not come off rude even if it kind of sounds rude. I just don’t care. It’s like pessimism, but it is an add-ons or a free DLC I didn’t ask for that life just decided to give me for free. You combine those two and you just don’t care about one gosh darn thing that comes your way lol. I can laugh at it now because it is absurd when I think about it!

It is so stupid to be willing to show sympathy and then the next minute you are like “hey! I don’t care about this…shut up suck it up and stop talking. Let’s watch Netflix or Hulu Plus. This is killing my high”.

You know it sucks to be like that when you are having a good day and your friend isn’t. I mean you want to cheer them up, but I think sometimes the best way to cheer them up is to revel in their mood. Yes celebrate the crappy mood! It’s like letting them know “I understand exactly how it is…we are going to be this together”. See they have someone they can relate to in a friend like you!

However, everyone is different when it comes to cheering up. It’s not going to be easy for some. I know I am a hand basket of cats to cheer up. My apathetic mood is the worst thing period. I just get in my head. It’s like I’m on an awesome roller coaster I can’t even enjoy the ride or your ride lol. It likes takes an argument or some stupid thing to break the mood.

I know that’s stupid as hell too because why become apathetic to your problems and my problems and just be like a robot waiting for inputs or waiting for someone to go 0 to 100 really quick to make you snap out of it. Then you say you don’t care and boom argument till something funny happens or yall just stop being friends.

The worst thing is I am probably going to do this again sometime in the future and laugh about it.

So If I do this to you, I am already apologizing in advance. If you didn’t get the apology, you didn’t read the blog and I’m not sorry. Sorry not sorry lol.

Sigh, apathetic life sucks…thug life is so much better because it chooses you!


ProCon: Sympathetically Apathetic

It is the stupidest ProCon in the world and I think just about everyone understands where I am coming from…I hope. If not I am really losing my marbles and should see a therapist. I swear it has to be normal right?


Basically how I see this is a roll of the dice based on how the day is going and my mood. A freaking roll of the dice I tell you! If everything is going well, I am going to be perfectly sympathetic and your bad or crappy news is going affect me. If the day isn’t so sunny, I am going to be very hard to get through too plus I won’t care what’s going with your life because I’m trying to figure out my freaking malfunction that day. Please don’t take it personal, but most likely you will and I’ll have some explaining to do to Lucy. She is underground you know?

Till Day 7!!
– MC



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