The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Introverted

WELCOME AGAIN TO THE 12 Honest Days Of ProCons! I hope you like short reads because today is one of them!!! Enjoy!


PRO/CON: Introvert (noun)

  1. A shy person.
  2. Psychology. A person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings (opposed to extrovert).
  3. Zoology. A part that is or can be introverted.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am introvert. I think my blog is a dead giveaway. Do I need to make the font bigger or what? I mean if you didn’t notice any of this stuff from the beginning, you are really bad at catching on to clues. Hell I even wrote an intro giving some insight to who I am as a person. If you still don’t believe me, I understand. Maybe you have your doubts because I could be one extrovert posing as an introvert writing a bunch of stories to blend in with you all. MIND BLOWN? Well it shouldn’t be because I am kidding!

The truth is I am introvert. I love quiet, listening, talking (I can talk your head off if you let me), solving things making sure everyone is ok and I love being an introvert. I think I realized I was an introvert around middle school. I just didn’t fit in with the other kids and often had to entertain myself. I have learned over time that I enjoy being alone a lot more when I’m with people.

Please don’t think I don’t like people.

Please don’t think I don’t go out.

I just value the type of people I have in my life. I prefer quality people over a large quantity of replaceable people. I’ll go out in public with a ton of quality people and mess stuff up! We will tear the house down if you let us, and probably clean it up because my thoughts won’t allow me to let the place stay like that. Sorry about the mess.

I didn’t want to always want to be introverted. I thought to fit in you had to be a party seeker or have girlfriends galore. COMPLETELY WRONG. I don’t like being around plenty folks or have part time loves to have a sense of importance. You don’t want to be relying on parties and people to be happy. It just seems a bit sad to me. I’m sorry if that comes across rude or mean. I am just saying you don’t need that to be happy.

Nothing is wrong with going out every weekend to a party or event because that’s your cup of fun. Please don’t think I am saying “stay in your comfort zone, it is safe there!” No that’s not what I’m saying. I think it’s a bit health to be out of your comfort zone at times. I know I have done it before. I have stepped out of my comfort zone for people I love or loved, events I really wanted to go to, parties, graduations, hell even prom!

I didn’t want to go to prom not one bit because I would be surrounded by stimuli I didn’t need to be around. My prom is me plus my headphones and my library of music where I dance with myself to some hot sick…b-no no I will not say that. Where I dance in this world alone with a smile on.

Sometimes though I am jealous of the people who can do that. I feel like I am missing out on some things because I choose to be introverted.

If you didn’t catch on this is the con part of being introverted.

I don’t know they just make it look so much fun to drink, be merry and “live life”. I know the term “live life” is subjective to each’s own. I mean some people may say I’m not living because I don’t go to parties often or don’t partake in alcohol or drugs or whatever is popular in the society chain. I’ve been told these things and that’s why I type them. I know it’s crazy, but you know what they could be right. In their mind that would loosen this kid up and I’ll be having fun for real. That’s how I perceive their mindsets. After all people seem happier to do all these things mentioned, but it won’t work for me unless I choose to do it for me.

Maybe they really are happier, but deep down I know they aren’t or that’s just me.

I think sometimes extroverts are jealous how introverts are completely fine with themselves. Hold on…well this statement is wrong because I can very well say introverts are jealous of extroverts some times. Hell that is what I basically said that in the last paragraph above. So really everybody trying to be everybody? We are all jealous of each other! Everyone wants some qualities of both sides. I don’t think anyone is just team introvert or extrovert.

We are all really a combo of each aren’t we?

Till day 9!



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