Welcome to the 12 Days Of Honest Procons!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!! IT IS Day 10!!! You know what….let’s just read this time. Let’s just take our time….



Pro/Con: Emotional (adj.)
1. Pertaining to or involving emotion or the emotions.

  1. Subject to or easily affected by emotion
  2. Appealing to the emotions
  3. Showing or revealing very strong emotions
  4. Actuated, effected, or determined by emotion rather than reason
  5. Governed by emotion

Before I begin, I will explain the title with this clip.

Did you watch it?

Do you like loiter squad?

You do?!

Ok you are great in my book!

Also now you understand the title, E-MO-SHINNNOOOALLLLL!!! DARK, DARK, DARK HAHAHAHA!

I have noticed over time that the one thing that fuels everything I do is pure emotion. I just cannot see how I could be doing this blog off of no emotions. I would feel like it would have no care or love behind it. Each post would basically be “Yeah so today, stuff happened, I don’t like this also I like this and come back next week where blah yeah whatever no one reads this anyway”. You wouldn’t want to read that suckage now would you? It would seem very illogical to not write without emotions…I mean you can write something from a standpoint of feeling numb like I did in a previous article, but you have to know there was emotion behind that. I could have just said for just for that or all the entries “here are two words, I am both of these words, example, see you tomorrow, sign off”. That just wouldn’t sit well in my spirit. There is no care, personality or emotion if I ran the show like that.

Plato said “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

Therefore, emotion is important, knowledge is key and you must have a drive to do anything in this world. I translated what he said for you because I don’t know if you understood or I could just love you so….whatever sue me.

This also means emotion is key in our day to day behavior.

Finally, Emotion is what makes us human. Without emotion we would be soulless robots completing tasks day by day. We would be husks and probably look like Dom’s wife from Gears 2. Hideous! I bet we would get bunch of stuff done and never think about it…sigh so much progression yet no thoughts behind it.

So what about my emotions? How is it a pro and a con? Why is this a good and bad thing? What happens on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z?

Well I like your enthusiasm for wanting the answer, so I’ll give it to you (hehe give it to you).

Goku saves the day again, Krillin is still bald, and the rest of the Z fighters are shooting a reality show for season 10. I know it sucks.

Oh and me?

My emotions are a double edged sword.

On the pro side, being emotional helped me learn a lot about myself and other people. In the past, I wasn’t always like this. I don’t think I was not a thrill to be around back then because I got knocked down by the world and didn’t try to fight back. Thankfully one day I realized I deserve better than playing with the cards that was dealt to me. You got to fight sometimes for your sanity. Over time, I learned it is ok to be really happy, sad, melancholy, or ok at times. There is no set emotion for anyone in this world. I would seriously be worried about someone that was happy all the time. It makes me think they never release their sadness or anger. I bet they always have that creepy smile on just doing stuff all robotic like spewing the same thing over and over again until they eventually explode. I swear that sounds like torture.

Jessie J said “It’s ok not to be ok” on the song “Who You Are”. I took that to heart. Lupe Fiasco said “Some Days it ain’t sunny, but it ain’t so hard” on “He Say She Say”. I really take these two song lyrics to heart because it drove the point home that every day you aren’t going to be ok. And that is fine. Some days I am just not on at all while others I’m on a roll. I keep pushing through because this not going to be every day and it will get better in time. It makes no sense to figure out why am I not ok. Just face it and accept I am not ok sometimes conscious lol. End of story.

I learned I’m going to make some mistakes over time from my emotions, but I do know one thing. Those mistakes are going provide me with growth and insight on why I acted a certain way or why I went through with something I shouldn’t have. One of those prime mistakes I make with my emotions (insert the obvious here is the con part of the piece) was trying to make people how I feel. My odd overthinking passion was like “THEY DON’T GET IT! SO WE GOTTA SHOW EM! TURN DOWN TO TURN UP NINJAS!” stupid I know, but that was what I thought needed to be done. I felt at the time people would understand where I’m coming from if they felt just as bad as me which sounds stupid as hell when you read it and type on the computer. Seriously what is the point of bringing someone down to your sad broken ass level because you feel like crap that day? It just makes no sense and it is childish.




Not that hard actually lol.

All jokes aside, I stop myself from reacting off of emotion now and just decide to think much more. I had a talk with my uncle and he pointed out something that I found very fascinating. I am only accountable for my emotions, I cannot change anyone’s emotions to match mine and you must own up to your emotions. Do not judge or attack people emotionally because it is just wrong. You know the saying “don’t play with people’s emotions or money” well don’t attack them either because it never ends well. It’s so much better to be approachable instead of an iron fist who demands it to go one way or no way. You can talk about the most serious topics if you are approachable about them.

I went kind of long…

I didn’t even talk about what my emotions have allowed me to do.

My emotions have allowed me to create wonderful things like this blog, music, stories, songs, and so many other things that I can’t wait to share with everyone one day. My emotions allow me to continue to pump out content in all those areas and live a healthy life. A steady life. Sure my emotions can be all over the place, but that’s how they are. That’s what makes me human. That’s what makes you human. That’s what makes us human!!

My emotions is going to create an empire for me. I feel that in my spirit…all I have to do is put in the work.

Hard work to be great? No Problem for me and no problem for you either!!!

Till Day 11



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