Wrestling Wednesdays: NXT 1/14/15 Thoughts and Recap


Welcome to the first of hopefully many weekly pieces.




This is my NXT weekly recap that I shall call

THE FUTURE IS NOW: WRESTLING WEDNESDAYS!! or Just…. Wrestling Wednesdays!!!! (you know it doesn’t matter…just how about you make sure you write it every week)



Before we get into this little short piece, there is some business you need to get out of the way.

That business is the WWE Network.

You see if you don’t have the network or a means to watch NXT, everything I am about to share with you is going to be moot. Pointless. Waste of reading time. So I hope you spend that 9.99 (hahah I said it like Hunter) to watch these awesome shows because…well I would hate for you to be confused or just lost since this is going to be a weekly deal.

OK? Alright?


As you may know NXT moved to a new night today, Wednesday to the opposed Thursday nights. I assume this move was to counter TNA’s new night and network so people would watch NXT instead of impact. I don’t have Destination America to really have an opinion on impact so I can’t say if it’s good or bad. It’s whatever I guess. It is good to have competition you know? I’m just saying I know it may have been done as a smart business move to battle the competition. I was originally going to write about NXT every Thursday, but this move changed that. AND it was perfect timing because it was new year, new start and new day (no not that…group….shame on you creative) so why not write about NXT weekly!!!!

Perfect timing I say!

Before I get into the matches, I gotta say whenever Renee Young is on commentary I get a pretty happy on the inside! I just love hearing her commentate! It’s fresh, she is awesome and I don’t know about you all, but I think she is ready for the big league. 2015 is going to be a huge year for Renee Young. I guarantee it. Also, NXT’s commentary team makes RAW’s commentary team look like a joke. RAW commentary squad may have more experience, but NXT’s sounds like a freaking team each time they rotate. NXT’s squad rotates each week and it’s never the same as far I can tell. Raw’s sounds like monotonous every single time. It’s sickening that is the standard for commentary. It really takes away from the performance the wrestlers put on when I have to hear a stupid outdated joke each time instead of calling the match like they should.  NXT’s commentary makes their jokes, refer to storylines, but most importantly they freaking call the match!! That’s all I want when I’m watching! NXT’s commentary team is highly favored in my book.

Today’s show was pretty stacked I must say. Go big or go home on a new night! Give people a reason to watch and tonight, I hope NXT proved that for it’s new viewers.

Finn Balor Vs Tyson Kidd was quite frankly one of the best matches I have seen in a while. The chemistry those two have is amazing. I didn’t hear anyone calling spots or seeing any major botches. Well one kind of counts and that was the finish. It seemed like Kidd got up too soon and it looked like a diving kick to a guy just getting up instead of a foot stomp. Besides that, the match was great back and forth match that I recommend any wrestling fan to watch. I hope Balor vs Kidd becomes a major feud because I can see the Cats vs the paint main eventing a NXT PPV or a PPV in the future. One thing I do have to point out is Finn’s entrance. I know the paint is applied for every match because quite frankly that would be annoying, but his entrance seems a bit odd without it. It’s just a guy looking mysterious when we all know it’s more effective when the paint is on. That’s just me though. His entrance with or without the paint is awesome!

Bull Dempsy Vs Baron Corbin was a strike fest to say the least. It was just two guys who were undefeated fighting and eventually going for finishers. One succeeded and the other failed. I won’t tell you who! Go watch the show or read the results. The pay off was ehh because the feud was thrown together quickly, but it was good none the less. I doubt that’s the end of this feud…..I almost wrote end of days. Shameful.

Charlotte and Natayla vs Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch aka Team Bae was great. I found the finish very interesting and I didn’t see it coming, but I get it. You gotta keep the feud going sort of.  Team Bae forever…well mostly Sasha, but whatever judge me lol.

I have to say divas division take notes from the damn NXT women’s division. Seriously, every match they put on is ten times better than a divas match. It’s not the girls fault really because the divas aren’t given enough time to put on a great matches like NXT’s women’s division. Overall. NXT women’s division seems like priority matches compared to the bath room break matches on raw and smackdown. The creative knows it, the fans know it, and it’s unacceptable and insulting. It shouldn’t just be one show having these great matches, it should be all three.

And to close the show Sami Zayn Vs Adrian Neville in a NXT Championship rematch. You know what…It was amazing from the classic introduction, ROH hand shake, chemistry in the match, the storytelling to the finish was freaking amazing. JUST GO WATCH IT AND THE MATCH THOSE TWO HAD PRIOR TO THE REMATCH. OF COURSE, there was a Kevin Owens Sighting and I am excited to see where this feud is going to go? Triple Threat match? Neville vs Owens for number one contendership? ZAYN VS OWENS RIGHT NOW!? Hey maybe we gotta wait for it!!

Or maybe HHH will make it so because…bow down to the king of kings.

It seems too soon now, but hey NXT isn’t predictable

Unless you read the results and take all the fun out of it…








– MC



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