Backwards And Forwards.

Spark of creativity. Today I came up with another poem…enjoy!

 Backwards and Forwards

So you don’t look back
Hey do you know my name?
You look forward
stop being negative try again
Waiting till the strings get repaired
The motor gets replace with new security systems
The locks change
you get a new a guard
A little less naive
A Stronger brain
No one gets past here
Because a great defense will always win the game.
This fortress will better than it was back then.
Overall what i am saying is you want this to mend
With that comes acceptance of things you feared back then. Accept that you caused this on your own.
Take your sword out of your back
Take a seat, sit alone
Eat your despair and
Wash it down 54Oz of pride
Make sure you swallow it well alright
Your feelings aren’t wrong either
They just aren’t considered half the time
Half alright.
Half ok.
Half doing fine.
It’s pointless to ask how are you when you don’t know who you are half the time
So reply with an empty ok.
Do we tell all the truth or half the lies?
What’s real and what’s fake?
Does this really matter?

I sing a Scott thing.

Whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever

Let out a big cry and begin to tell yourself
You not a bad person.
Instead you are like
A big cold boulder of supposed happiness bringing with you a storm of anger as a motivator to remove this bitter taste and return the optimistic flavor.
You are one sick creator.
You are rolling towards the cities of hope, dreams and the future. The bright future.
Obtaining your SAG card not in weight, but with a little faith soon slowly accomplishing goals.
Look at you look at you
You aren’t a bad person
Certainly you are no saint either
You will get better because you want to
Lessons from bleachers
However it’s going to take time.
A lot of time.
And time may not love you, but you know I do.

So one day
I hope you can look back
with a positive temperament again
while focused forward
hey you know yourself you know my name.
And Smile.




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