Somebody’s Somebody

HEY everyone! How are you all doing? did you eat? are you okay?? I hope…I think I am…I just hope you all are 100% doing great. In honor of Aaliyah’s birthday passing, I wrote a poem. I think I came up the idea for this when Aaliyah’s birthday was coming up…Are you that somebody was stuck in my head and I wanted to figure out if I could write something around it. I finally finished it today and felt like sharing. This felt more like a song instead of poem because I have a melody in my head for it. ITS A POEM THOUGH. have fun reading!

Somebody’s Somebody.

I found u shattered
in trash
you should’ve saw yourself
it was quite amazing.
You were raw you didn’t care
hurting anyone who came too close
to see sometimes you broke me down to my knees
I found u, I didn’t care
I held you tight sometimes
and told you to just breathe
You can cry right there
on my shoulder
I’ll take up all the pain for you

Unselfish, but selfish
it just goes to show
a great support system and base
is a blessing those most can’t take

Unless you let them know…
please please don’t let your mind be weak

Because feelings came by coerced
made matters much worst
and we became a walking oddity

Soon you became too tough to hold
you broke out, jumped ship
fighting you was tiring
and support became a roller coaster
up and down back and forth

This love won’t break
Or is it already broken?

What’s next for us I guess
I should just wish for the best
Or only future success
It doesn’t matter cause

If I let you go

I win
I lose

If u let me go

You win

You lose

Do we need to let go?

I’m stuck


What do you know, what do I know?

Can anyone save me?

My heart & mind are racing

Can’t say yes or no


You’re my


Or someone’s somebody



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