Wrestling Wednesdays: NXT 1/21/15 Thoughts and Recap

Welcome to week 2 of NXT’s Wrestling Wednesdays!!!

I hope you got the WWE Network by now because you do know it’s….

(why am I going to do this joke…this tired tired joke)


(sigh…at myself).

Finally after a failed launch, the network launched in the UK recently. So if I have any UK readers…you now have the chance to get the Network for 9.99 as well!

Let’s just jump right into it shall we?

This week was pretty meh….I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. Quite frankly you could have skipped it and would be fine. However the matches were solid overall…I have issue with one, but I’ll get to that later. I know I know “NXT is better than RAW” not this week. Raw was amazing and if you missed go look for it on the nets. I don’t think the network updates RAW weekly.  You can’t have home runs every time your up at bat. Sometimes you are going to hit some grounders, mid field shots and almost home runs. This week was pretty mid field.

The show kicked off with a big announcement of the NXT N X T event or PPV (See what I did there…the three letters spell next without the e….sigh please forgive the lameness) on February 11th. I didn’t mark out, but I was excited because we know when the next awesome show is going to happen! It’s probably going to be called takeover or something like uprising or whatever. Point is mark your calendar for February 11th and clear two hours on that day.

Why? Well the rest of the show just….look

Sami Zayn was supposed to Squash Ty Dillinger, but instead (spoiler alert) he just assaults him and demands “KO” Kevin Owens in match. Regal grants it for the 11th, but the catch is it is non title…..


I get this feud is going to be prolonged and proper build up is needed for a NXT Title match, but don’t they already have the build up needed?

What’s wrong with Owens jumping the pecking order?

Well one its illogical, you have one match with “Moonchild” CJ Parker, get your nose broken, turn on your friend, beat the former champ in a match and get a title shot like the flash picking up a pizza. You have two of the best indie guys in NXT why jump to the title match so soon? If I was booking maybe I would blindly make the belt the grand prize on day one, but when I clearly think about this feud is going to be awesome and time is going to make it that much better. Waiting for these two have a title match is going to be like Pavlov’s dog waiting for the bell. Oh my dear puppies you will get your food in time. I’m not going to starve you, but you’ll have to wait for the main course. A grudge match is fine for now even though this would be an even greater match if the belt was on the line. I personally can’t wait for what Sami and Kevin put on in and out of the ring for the next couple months. This is going to be awesome.

It’s NON TITLE, but that match will be just a taste of what’s to come in the future.

Right after this announcement, Regal declares there will be a tournament for number one contendership towards the NXT Title.

Exactly after this wonderful announcement, my excitement began to go flat.

It fizzled out because of the two matches they announced for that night.

Finn Balor Vs Curtis Axel
Hideo Itami Vs Tyler Breeze

Without seeing the matches, I already knew who was going to win those.

I was right.

Balor and Axel’s match was a solid match. Balor can make anyone look good as far as I’m concerned. I’m a bit concerned about Curtis Axel being in NXT because I thought this was going to be a great thing. Not just him losing every match he gets there. I hope in the future he runs a stable with Jason Jordan, That Olympic guy…Gable I think and Tye Dillinger. I don’t know why those three. Just make sense in my head right now.

Before I get to Itami and Breeze, let’s touch on the events that occurred after this match…quickly.

Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy took on the Vaudevillians….and *SPOILER ALERT* won. I saw something in Blake and Murphy or BaM when they took on the Dragons last year. I said to myself “Maybe sometime next year those two will be the new tag champs when Kailsto is called up to the main roster”. I am happy for them. I just don’t understand why win once and then have the right to challenge the Tag Team Champions to a match next week. I don’t know if this was a number one contendership match, but if it was BaM shouldn’t be that eager to face them. Eh Storylines be Storylines. The Vaudevillians are probably going to interfere next week leading to a three way tag team championship match at the next takeover.

Charlotte and Sasha fought again…and then Becky broke it up which lead to Bayley saving the day which lead to Bayley not exactly heel turning, but delivering a Belly to Belly to Charlotte which lead to announcement of a Fatal Four Way at takeover. This is next takeover match maybe Charlotte’s last match with NXT because I feel like she is needed on the main roster badly!

Now on to Itami vs Breeze. This won match of the night for me. Great match, but such a weak finish. I hate the fact that Itami is not allowed to use something he created! The GTS is his…so why the hell can’t he use it? Afraid of a CM Punk chant? Oh wah wah wah guess what that’s done. IF fans still chant CM PUNK, I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you. Mr. Phil is a UFC guy now with a very low chance of returning to the ring. Just let it go. The creator needs his move again. Of course *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED THE SPOILERS I ALREADY SPOIL ALERT* Itami won with a dropkick to the face. It just left a salty, tart taste in my mouth. “Here’s how to end a great match use drop kick and while we are at it next time use the suplay…oops Sorry SUPLEX as the finish. The fans will be so thrilled”. NO we are not. There was a GTS chant right before the kick and I thought maybe we would get that. I assume just like the Zayn X Owens feud, Itami doing the GTS will have to be something you see at a takeover instead of a regular show.  I expecting to see Marcus cost Breeze the match. Marcus’ bald head was somewhere during Tyler’s entrance…it’s very stalker ish like the Sam Shaw storyline minus the woman. SAM SHAW 2: This time it’s about revenge and my NAME IS MARCUS. Any who, Itami winning clean is better than a wonky win.

The end of the show.

Till next time everyone






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