Generation Now

Hey there….poems for you now??!  🙂

Generation Now

Generation Now is Limbo
Dance along or forever watch
Generation Now lives fast
celebrates dying young
never meeting peek potential
cause peek potential means growing up
Forget growing up
forget growing up
Live fast die young…
live fast die young…
Despair may come, but G now numb
YOLO equals motto
Club hop, one nights,
pop off, worldstar, group fights,
Generation now isn’t empty or hollow
move weight, fight songs trap is an alma mater,
real is fake, real is wrong, truth is weak and lies are strong
Generation now is in the clouds like mallow
something went down?
cameras on, hands up, better retweet or follow, activism is in tweets
Oops oh my real protesting in the streets?
Nah yo nah yo nah yo nah son nah
G Now is down for the cause although
none of that gonna matter tomorrow
So we back at it
turn up maestro
Rap hard as fiction, sing like sparrows, stroke game on point and suck like vacuums
Generation now hot and sexy with the action no time for the yapping, just swallow great,
bad relationships, divorce, lost faith and heartbreak,
Generation now says celebrate
get drunk, smoke loud, pop pills, freestyle, and twerking with the models,
living every night like we all hit the lotto
never turning down
G Now the self-proclaimed kings and queens
their critiques on them don’t mean a thing
‘cause in their mind they already ruling
so bow down to ‘em or you’re losing
taking those candid shots
captured in polaroids, selfies, and photos
ALSO they bout that green like arrow
knock all if you want to
because G now says they good
“Don’t worry ‘bout us, just worry ‘bout you
That’s motto number two
oh We that too…
Stay in your lane and focus on you”
Positivity is weak
Negativity is cool

Nothing wrong with that model.


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