RE: The Mistake

AND THIS IS the thing I almost giveaway. As I finished  the draft for The Mistake, I immediately turned into another person writing this poem. I finished this one first before actually writing the mistake. Writers are strange aren’t they? This is a response to The Mistake. It freaked me out a bit, but It made me smile too! I hope you enjoy!


RE: The Mistake

It sucks I know
I was there before
But seeing you like this hurts
you are a raging storm
an erupting volcano
an f-5 tornado where I am around the eye
yet you can still do damage

Listen decisions were made
I chose option two.
I’m sorry if I discomforted you
It made sense at the time
Now I see this poem
And I had to rewind

Why you have to be so basic
Why you have to throw me under the bus like we weren’t friends
Why you playing tough like you don’t care
I know you
You know you
You know I know you
The person is still in there
Why fear?
You think I don’t understand why you’re mad?
It doesn’t bother me, but deep down it makes me sad

I unknowingly created a monster
I get that
you calmed down and fought back
Accepted y’all were one, hugged out and came back different.
Of course things are different,
things always change
evolutionary chain
but now what was once tight feels broken
a loose one sided game
Spilling everywhere
I rush to pick up those piece of you
But no amount of tape, glue, or hope could fix you up.

Could this be for the better
I don’t know, but that’s life
That’s how it goes
Most importantly I want you to know
That I understand
I understand
I understand
I’ll say over thousand times my friend
I understand

It wasn’t just me and it wasn’t it all you
Our timing may have been off
What could I do?
I know one thing I knew
This isn’t my fault
it’s not my fault for your reaction
or any of your childish actions
your poking, prodding or aggressive passive
I understand…now chill out with all the acting.

We both are at fault in the end
We should have been more honest
We should have took off those locks
We shouldn’t have hidden secrets
Or hidden thoughts
We should have been clear from day one

See I changed for the best
I hope you did too
both of us came undone
to recover
Please get better
I’m missing you
The you from way back
The you right now
I wish that monster inside would turn around
walk away and Give me my friend back.
Give me my friend back!
Got damn it why is it like that!?

so confused!
I don’t want this story to end
But if it does
I understand
And if you want to go
I understand
I bet the maker has something awesome at hand
Waiting for you
Like you waited all this time for me
I’m truly sorry
I hope you understand one day
I love you….



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