The Mistake

It’s funny how you can come up with a poem just from freestyling to Art Of Noise. It just came to me. Of course it wasn’t as nice. Pretty mean stuff in the rough draft lol. It didn’t make sense for…oh I’ll end up giving something away. So there. You got backstory and a poem!! Enjoy!!!

The Mistake

This was a mistake
What was my collective thinking?
To ever play this game of chess
with hearts and minds
catching feelings was a bad sign
of the experiences to come
oh lord
Back in May, I thought there was a chance to checkmate
advancing to the next stage
my world was going to be despicably me and you
but apparently you had other plans
other plans, kicking me like cans

ahh that’s just my luck.
It is always been this way.
Failed attempt after failed attempt
Wish my heart would listen but
Good people come around
and heart says “let’s try again I swear this time it feels different”
just know that mind is right and that won’t be mine like
I just be mime like quiet and just while heart weeps and goes missing

No I ain’t tripping
Calm down?
I just thought this time you would listen
Just listen
I know about you
do you really know about me?
How I’m really feeling?
Yeah we both know our history
Just listen
Just listen
Player one because I know you like control
Player two says you turned those bright skies
to dark souls
Now isn’t that the definition of hard?
oooo you died again and again

What do I know?
I’ll tell you what I know
Life taught me people love to have their cake and eat it
Best of two worlds
Lap of Luxury
Emotionally and physically too
those carbs look glum on you
Why would anyone give up that?
Because it’s going to hurt.
And everyone loves to be low-key selfish
when it comes to matters of the heart.

Nothing is worse than losing
the love you had for something you truly loved
with all your heart and your very soul
They are a part of your puzzle and without them
you are incomplete always no matter how many newbies
try to fit inside
face it
you need ‘em around
leaving is pointless
loving in that way too.

I miss the you from way back
I miss the you from used to
I miss the you I could count on
I miss the you that was sunshine
I don’t like change, but every day we change
So I can’t fault you in that rhyme
Do I really miss you or do I miss my time
It feels wasted on this climb for love

Genuinely do it for the love
don’t fall just replace something there
fake feelings are the worst
do it for the love
I have to
So I’m going to repel down
Revive, regroup
Rest love
Be cool
I’ll need you when the time is right
till then it is I & I and we must bid you
See you soon.



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