Broken Record


Broken Record 

The feeling is dead
The bond is gone gone
We can’t leave the things that hurt us alone
Sweet history
Remember you and me?
Back in calmer waters
I tell you, you did a number on me
One performance that’s hard to follow
One performance that’s hard to follow
I bet I can recover like a superhero
I bet I can find someone better,
Someone who treats me like the coolest treasure
Look at me
I’m glad you gone
Then I saw my phone
Oh great it’s my long time villain
Why you trying to intrude and listen
What’s the point of catching up?
You made your stance way when?
I’ll never forget that hurt back then?
You messed me up
Now I gotta shut you up
I gotta teach you a lesson
You think I’m still who I was?
I evolved
I answer
to pander to you and your idiocy
You live in the past
I’m forward thinking
Here to forgive what you did to me?
I swear you crazy.
The times have changed ain’t it?
You mad you’re there
I made it here without you
Pleasant lands, be friends?
Doubt you even cared then, now
No…No this reunion is acting
I feel fantastic
I’m glowing
You bleak
You terrible
holding on to my past sweater
Guess I don’t know no better
You can leave again
I advance
Now you see I’m the coolest ever
I guess I taught you a lesson
life taught you a lesson
this will repeat like a broken record
Repeat like a broken record
Repeat like a brok
Repeat like a
Repeat like


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