Wrestling Weekly: Royal Rumble Fallout, NXT, TNA & Lucha Underground

Greetings everyone.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first.


I’ll tel you what happened. A little thing called work happened. I didn’t have the time to watch NXT on Wednesday which is the reason wrestling Wednesdays did not happen. It is unfortunate, but I do have a solution for this. A new weekly series if wrestling Wednesdays does not get posted on schedule.

This series, if you cannot tell, is going to be called Wrestling Weekly which is a recap of everything I saw in Wrestling that week. It is mostly going to contain NXT stuff because I actually enjoy watching NXT. However, wrestling weekly will cover RAW or Smackdown if I saw it. The point is I have to watch the show to share thoughts on it. This is why I never speak about Lucha Underground or TNA because I do not have the station that carries both of those shows. I know ways to watch the shows online, but I won’t have the time due to my schedule. Wrestling Weekly will return again next week for sure because I won’t have time to write a NXT Wrestling Wednesday because of work

Now that I got that issue out of the way, let’s talk about the Royal Rumble. It was a controversial PPV to say the least. I really thought WWE was willing to learn from their mistakes, but apparently they did not learn a thing. If you read my predictions piece then you will know I went 5 out of 6 on predicting the PPV. This is great and all, but I’m not really happy about it. The PPV really was a bummer for me and now I do not want to write anymore prediction pieces. I feel like I wasted potential storylines that may have happened. The Royal Rumble was the last prediction piece for a while, but that doesn’t mean I am done writing about wrestling. This one really drained me.

Let’s get to it.

The New Day losing was a bit shocking even though I don’t care about that gimmick or the fact they lost the match. It didn’t matter to me because the gimmick is going to continue to suck. Those three lads shouldn’t have to be stuck with such a weak gimmick. I would have taken them more seriously if they were superheroes or something. I mean it makes perfect sense you have speed, strength and brains plus it would have went over big time for the kids. I bet it would have made the hurricane proud, but as Sandow said “everyone has a role to fill”. I am a fan of all three of the guys in this group. I think they are awesome solo, but this gimmick sucks major and I’m done talking about. please meet with me in person to talk about it.

The Ascension going over was obvious. If they would have lost to the Outlaws that night, it would pretty much negate their claims at being better than the old tag teams of the past. They had to win after that skit they were in the week of the PPV because they looked like chumps.

The Usos beating Miz and Mizdow made sense since the Ascension will eventually have a feud with the Usos. You also have to take in consideration that Mizdow has to break away from The Miz. It’s going to happen soon…I’m just going to be patient. Maybe that will be a Wrestlemania Moment.

The Bella Twins X Paige & Natalya match was stupid. I still don’t understand why Paige never got get in any offense in the match. I don’t understand why this match even existed. I lie. I do understand thanks Total Divas. I wish that show didn’t have such an effect on the women’s division of the main rosters. It seems like instead of being a wrestler the next big step is to be a reality star. I don’t get it. The title just doesn’t matter and neither does the division. I really hope something changes sometime soon.

BRRRRRRRRRROCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK LESNAR retained his title against John Cena & Seth Rollins in one of the best matches I have seen in my life. It was the match of the night hands down. This match made the PPV before the Royal Rumble happened. Seth Rollin’s performance in this match proved why you must respect Seth Rollins. This was a star defining match in his career in my opinion. This proved that Seth has what it takes to be a “top guy” in the WWE. He is definitely going to be the future of the company. If you didn’t like Seth for being a weasel or just in general, darn it you are going to respect him. PHOENIX EFFIN SPLASH YALL! The only thing I wasn’t too fond of  in this match was the finisher going back and forth. I mean it made sense because it was a triple threat match and someone can always break up the pinfall, but I just didn’t like it. I am going to touch on that when I talk about the Royal Rumble.

Disappointment isn’t the word that can best describe how much I was in the Royal Rumble this year. Last year was awful, but this year followed the same suit. At first the rumble was exciting and fun! I was into it. Bray Wyatt was dominating in the rumble. For a second I thought, Bray was going to be in the final four or win the rumble by his performance. Enter Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes wild and the excitement is off the charts. None of the favorite have been eliminated yet. Exit Daniel Bryan. The crowd turns on the entire rumble. Ambrose, Bray & Ziggler getting tossed out like garbage didn’t help either. I think Randy Orton returning, a surprise NXT guy debuting in the rumble or even Sting coming out could save the rumble. THE ROCK COULDN’T EVEN FIX THE REACTION AND HE KNEW IT TOO. Hell the fans knew what was coming, I knew what was coming and I was hoping for once I could be wrong.

Roman Reigns won the rumble.

I repeat, Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble and I’m still not happy about it. I don’t think Reigns is ready to main event Wrestlemania in such a short time. I don’t understand that. Roman Reigns paid enough due or done enough in the company to get such an honor so early. I don’t get it. Just because you were one of the most dominant groups in the WWE, set a Royal Rumble record last year, beat the intercontinental champion in a non title match, and just be the pretty boy doesn’t mean you get a main event shot. Roman didn’t even hold a secondary title to get to this stage which pisses me off. John Cena at least did that. Remember the US championship match he had with the Big Show at Wrestlemania 20? He paid his dues before becoming the guy. The next year he was main eventing against JBL for the WWE Championshp and no one had a problem because he earned it.

If Roman Reigns is going to be the new John Cena, why not model Roman’s rise after Cena’s? Why couldn’t Reigns chase after Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental title or even better face Rusev at Wrestlemania 31 for the US Title? It sure in the hell makes more sense than John Cena vs Rusev. By the way that match seems like a big FU to Ryback because he was supposed to be the guy to beat Rusev for the first time. Rusev Vs Reigns would have put butts in seats. Reigns beating the unstoppable Rusev would have been a great moment in his career.

Reigns Vs Lesnar makes people cancel the WWE Network because it makes no sense.  WWE expects the consumer to believe that this guy can beat Lesnar single-handedly? After Lesnar took four attitude adjustments, a curb stomp, going through a table, getting hit in the face with steel steps & a briefcase. A mere spear is going to put that man down? Get the hell out of here. It’s going to take much more than that to end Brock. The match may be an ok match. To me it reeks of Goldberg Vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20.

The storytelling may not be that great either. The only way to make that interesting is to have Heyman turn on Brock and side with Reigns right making Reigns the heel (bad guy) and Lesnar the babyface (good guy) by ‘Mania time right? WRONG. NO that’s not compelling. You know what that is? LAZY AND ILLOGICAL. Why would Heyman turn on Brock to join Reigns? So Reigns can have better mic skills by the end of the year? SO The **** WHAT. It still would make no sense. Heyman turning on his best advocate on the chance that Reigns will beat Lesnar is ridiculous. IF WWE creative goes through with this lame story line, it makes Brock’s accomplishments and all of Heyman’s past promos moot. I wouldn’t be happy with this and I’m sure many fans wouldn’t be either. I hope WWE has a bigger plan underneath their sleeves because right now Wrestlemania 31’s main event looks like its going to be utter crap.

There was a hashtag on twitter after the rumble wrapped up that said #RoyalRumbleInFiveWords

I figured I can do that.

Here is the Royal Rumble in 5 words.


If you didn’t get the reference please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb1lU-iRPT0.

Enough about the Royal Rumble, let’s talk about NXT for a little bit.

I must say I was surprised that Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy defeated the Lucha Dragons for the NXT Tag Team Titles. I said last week it was too soon for them to challenge the champions. The announcers for the week said the same thing as well, but I guess we were all wrong. I am curious to see where this is going to go in the future. One aspect I would like to change about Murphy and Blake is that horrible entrance music. please please make that go away. It sounds like a dubstep orgy. Yuck just make that stop.

Corbin and Neville won their matches nothing surprising there. I do have to point out one thing though. The little disruption in the Neville match. I THINK SOLOMON CROWE IS COMING AND I HOPE HE IS DOING A HYBRID OF HIS HACKER GIMMICK AND HIMSELF! I HOPE HE ARRIVES AT NXT RIVAL OR WHATEVER IT IS CALLED.

Bayley and Charlotte brawled over a misunderstanding….I was hoping Becky and Sasha would begin to fight each other too. Maybe that’s for next week. You can’t give them too much. The ladies fatal four match will be great for women’s wrestling. I hope that match will make WWE recognize that the women’s division can be serious too. NXT does it right.

And to top it off, Zayn and Owens had a traditional contract signing with one big twist. The title is now on the line at the NXT Special. I tried to understand why they were going to have a non title match back when it was announced, but I could not. It just didn’t make sense when eventually they would be battling for the belt. Now if Zayn loses to Owens at the event, Owens next feud is going to be with the number one contender instead of Zayn. I have a feeling that Owens will beat Zayn and possibly “injure” him in the process putting Sami Zayn on the shelf for a while. Who knows? NXT is not that predictable like RAW or Smackdown. It is only predictable if you read the spoilers which makes no sense because you don’t like the art of professional wrestling.

I am excited for next week’s NXT because that show will be Finn Vs Hideo….I am ready… I am ready for a future classic.

I should also research NJPW World’s streaming service too. I heard it is a lot like the WWE Network. I could binge watch so much….

Till next week everyone

Peace out!



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