Wrestling Weekly: NXT RIVAL and future spoilers.

Hey everyone.

I am going to be very frank with this week’s edition of Wrestling Weekly. I am beat from work last night. I am so tired I can barely think. I promise next week will be so much better. Why? I am off for a week so I can watch everything closely.

Let’s talk spoilers.

I would prefer if all of NXT’s surprises are kept secret. NXT, Smackdown, and iMPACT are taped shows so the results for each will be up by the end of the week. This can be seen as a disadvantage to some. I understand why it’s done, but I digress.

If you didn’t hear the news, RHINO and Brian Kendrick returned to WWE for NXT while Alex Riley returned to in ring action. I just don’t understand why this needs to be known to the whole IWC. NXT is so well done, why do we need to spoil it? To be the overseer of wrestling knowledge? Maybe so. Some people may enjoy knowing what will come next, but to me it just takes most of the fun out of it. The genuine surprise is stolen from those who do read it or see a picturghe on facebook of something or someone coming to a future NXT event. Personally, I wish that would stop. I know it is not happening anytime soon. I am interested on how all three of those guys are written into NXT’s story. I’ll be very excited and watching.

Now let’s briefly talk about NXT Takeover: RIVAL.

I will review it in thirteen words.














Seriously, NXT RIVAL was everything a wrestling fan could dream of! RIVAL was freaking awesome. NXT outdoes itself every time they do a takeover. I wish the RAW, Smackdown and the PPVs could take notes from NXT. I get different formats are tougher to work around, but something needs to be done. The major brands should not look like the kiddy leagues while NXT looks like the place everyone wants to be. The place where most of my demographic wants to watch. The place wrestling matters and fans are not insulted by stupid storylines with awful payoffs, potty humor, bland commentary and mediocre matches. Wrestling fans know NXT is the place to be on Wednesdays.

Every match on RIVAL’s card was done supremely well. The women’s fatal four way title match, the number one contender match, the freaking main event, everything on that card was done supremely well.

Itami vs Brezze was amazing. I just wish NXT would figure out what the hell Itami’s finisher is supposed to be. Seriously those little drop kicks and kicks are just not working for me. The GTS tease is real and every time it does not happen I get salty. WATCH IT. Corbin Vs Bull was a slugfest. WATCH IT. Blake and Murphy vs The Lucha Dragons was solid…please have Blake and Murphy feud with someone else! WATCH IT! SOLOMON IS COMING GUYS! WATCH THAT WHEN IT HAPPENS! The number one contender match, The women’s fatal four way and the main event left me marking out and speechless. Simply amazing everyone. GO WATCH IT! WATCH THE TAKEOVER. Before NXT’s next episode on Wednesday, I hope you got the message to WATCH NXT TAKEOVER: RIVAL

You will not be disappointed.

– M.C.


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