Updates: Story Time, New Series, and Collaborations?!


Hey everyone it’s Zero here or MC. Whatever names don’t really matter right? I have no idea if we ever talked about which name to call me. If you really need one, you can call me MC, Matt, Zero, ZX, it doesn’t matter to me as long you calling me. Sigh that was Drake…so Drake.

This is just a quick update regarding the story for this month and possibly a new series just for this blog.

As you can tell February is coming to an end and the story for this month is still not up. Well here is what I can tell you, the story is going to be coming up this week. What type of story will it be? Hmmm since Valentine’s passed a few weeks ago I was thinking of writing a stupid love story. I am not a huge fan of love at the moment, but I had this idea since last year. Hell I wrote something about these two characters way back in 2008 or 2010 on my Facebook I think. I am going to reintroduce those two characters and basically tell the story of how they met. I hope you enjoy that once it goes up.

I recently reached out to my facebook friends to see who would want to write a story with me. I have three takers so far and we are going to collaborate on something. The story will go up on this site with an interview with them as well. I figure why not interview them and let you get to know who they are and how they know me? Eh maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. I have to go over that with them. Collaborations are going to start once I write this next story. So after February, collaborating stuff begins! SEE IT’S HAPPENING! VERY soon! May we write some awesome stuff together in the future.

I have been thinking of a new series for my blog…I’ve been thinking of this since last year. I wanted to have story broken down into parts that would post once every month. I want to write something great. I just don’t want to write some boring story, I want something gripping that I can tease people with. Somewhere Only We Know could have been that series, but I wrote that for another undisclosed reason. I thought of bringing it back because I did want to see what happened when Armen went back to Lily, but I think it’s best to leave it be. I could continue Case Dread since one of my friends didn’t like the ending. You felt cheated…I felt imagination lol. Nope. I want this series to be a big piece with a bunch of collaborators or I can just do it alone. I’m good at either. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking and something great should come in due time.

Speaking of new series there will be one for my rants called “I Got An Issue”. In this series, I will be ranting as usual except more often. I would like this to be a once or twice a week deal. I’ll see how this goes once I figure out how my life is set up.

One other update I should have mentioned in the beginning is the website’s URL will be changing in March. The look of the site may or may not change too. I am going to drop the .wordpress and just make it a .com. I feel like that would look a bit better and be easier to remember than this long title.

Anime reviews for two shows should be coming next week as well. I don’t know which day, but they are coming.

I hope that clears some things up.

Till next time!



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