Wrestling Weekly: Get it over with, NXT, and Mania.

Hello! Welcome to W squared, AKA the Wrestling Weekly.

The road to Wrestlemania is almost over and I must say thank God! This week was….ok I don’t know how else to put it, forgetful. Can we just get on with Wrestlemania already? I have to say I was thoroughly bored watching both RAW and Smackdown this week. I know last week I proclaimed that the next article was going to be much better, but I am afraid we are going to have more of the same.

I can barely tell you anything about Smackdown. Recently, I watched the top ten moments from Smackdown on the WWE’s youtube page. I don’t remember any of it; it is all a blur. I do remember the Rollins Vs Ziggler match was pretty good, but left me mad because all the interference. I heard there is going to be a six man tag between the authority and Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback. I figured that. Bray’s Promo was ok….I guess this Taker thing is really going to happen. If it does…Taker has to lose again. Besides that, that is Smackdown for me.

I just watched the top ten Raw moments on the same page and my memory has returned. I did watch RAW, but I wasn’t impressed by much of it. I think the three hour show is really doing a number on me. Maybe my age is catching up to me. I just miss when the show was 2 hours.

Anyways I present to you my unfiltered highlights of Raw that I can remember in no particular order.

Two Bray Wyatt promos in one night is a blessing. I feel like we are going to see a transformation in Wyatt come Mania season. Once it’s revealed that “him” is The Undertaker, the promos and mind games should go next level. I sure hope so.
There is no more Cody Rhodes…only StARdUst! Stardust turned on his brother Goldust this week. This was obvious and I guess their mania match has been demoted to Fast Lane. I hope this is not a one shot deal and they get to have a Mania match. After all, Goldust is retiring soon. The Prime Time Players reunited sorta of? I guess they are the next to feud with the 90’s band The Ascension. Great to see Darren Young back in action and actually wrestling. I need Mizdow to leave Miz Now. I need this match to happen at Mania or the Raw after Mania. I don’t care as long as we get Damien Sandow back.

As much as I like Bad News Barrett & Dean Ambrose, I really don’t care about the storyline. I am more interested in seeing the match. The Rusev/Cena deal…just makes my skin crawl, however, I understand it. I do want Rusev to lose to a young guy like Ryback or something instead of someone established like Cena. I’m sure I have expressed that in the past. If this is about prestige, I feel like Cena with the United States Title would bring more than Rusev has already brought.  The United States Championship will really mean something again if you can beat a monster or one of the top guys of the business. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan brawled at the end…yeah that’s it.

I feel like things are going to rev up next Monday. You can’t be lackluster during the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania.


I saw NXT on Wednesday, I didn’t necessarily watch it till today. I was busy while it was going on in the background, so I didn’t get to really process what was going on in the show. Now that the re-watch happened, I have a much clearer head on everything that’s going on.

Despite knowing about Rhyno returning, it gave me goosebumps to see it happen. It was simply awesome. I think we will be seeing a Rhyno vs Finn match somewhere in the future. You know that happens whenever someone interrupts someone else’s interview backstage. It’s a wrestling rule.

It appears the next NXT tag title storyline will involve Big Cass & Enzo Vs Murphy and Blake. I have to point out that Enzo did the shmoney dance while we will continue to boo Carmela because she may break up our boys. I laughed at the little “heel” diss by Murphy and Blake. I thought that was playful. By the way, when will Enzo Amore ever get offense in a match? Every single time I see him wrestle he is getting his ass kicked just for Cass to save him. Is this going to change sometime? I don’t know…I guess we have to keep watching.

Blue Pants returned to fall to the boss Sasha Banks. I love how over Blue Pants was in the match. People really like her and I hope in the future she gets to grow into her own and maybe get a name other than Blue Pants.  Please bow down to the boss because…she is the Bo$$ x babe lol.

Whenever you see CJ Parker, just know something bad is going to happen to him. Ever since the first time I saw him live at Wrestlemania Axxes, he has been on a losing streak. I never see him win much. So when I saw him come out to the ring, I smelled a Crowe. I was right! It was awesome to see him debut and quite frankly I can’t wait to see how he fits into NXT.

Adrian Neville Vs Kevin Owens was freaking amazing. At one point in the match I said, “Neville why aren’t you number one contender”? I think what I meant to say was “Can I have matches like this every single NXT”? This match completely excelled their previous match a couple months ago. It was Takeover worthy. I hope sometime in the future we get another match between the two because Neville had Owens’ number. Also can we please change Owens’ finisher? I am just not buying that pop up powerbomb when I know what he is capable of. It works for now, but I miss the package piledriver…damn it.

This ends wrestling weekly.

Tune in next Sunday or Saturday!



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