Lovestruck: Marcus And Delilah

Hello everyone! It is the end of Feb! February! Mercury’s retrograde is gone everybody! I finally finished up the story for this month. I know this is cutting it very close, but I had no choice. Life started up and time was limited so I had to improvise. I wanted to have a story up on Valentine’s day, but I was working a parade called Endymion. I must tell you that was a fun time, exhausting, but fun. I missed all of Mardi Gras because of it. Anyways I delivered another story for your reading pleasures.

Here is a little backstory on today’s story. I thought you may appreciate that.

I revisited some of my old notes on my facebook. Embarrassing as they may be to me, I came across a series I started on there back in 2008 I believe. It was back when I was doing a stupid sign off as a catchphrase. Bad times lol. I noticed I was writing about two character, Marcus & Delilah. It was the adventures of this couple in every day life. The series was going to explore a trip they took accidentally to France because of a mismatch in flights. I can tell you now they were going to figure out how to enjoy being stranded in France while trying to get back home. Setbacks, missteps and hijinks were going to occur. I thought it was funny at the time, but I never continued it.

I never forgot about the characters either. I never visited the day/night they became a couple. You see these characters and a couple of others are going to be in a book I write one day. I figured “once I get better at writing I should craft a book”. Marcus, Delilah and couple of others were going to be apart of that series called Lovestruck. I’m not going to tell you everything about Lovestruck because I don’t know what the future holds and I’m still figuring out what the book will be about. It is still in the works. Lovestruck is also one of the many major projects I have going on in my head. Also you don’t give away potential money making ideas for free. All I can tell you is Marcus and Delilah are one of the couples from the series.

I have to say it felt fitting to revisit these characters and flesh some of them out. The draft for this story was utter trash…just trash. I am beginning to hate all of my past writings for being awful. This story is written like a play with little stage directions instead of a traditional story. You fill those in till I revise this story some day. You can act it out with your friends and put your own twist to the characters!  Also here are the characters in this story. I feel like this should be there.


Marcus Cohen (17)

Delilah Ortega (18)

Geff Corbin (18)

Allison Paxton (17)

The Narrator

I hope your heartstrings don’t get tugged too hard or something! As much as I hate valentine’s day and currently not a fan of love, I couldn’t stop the hopeless romantic side to write a love story this month. It seemed fitting. I hope you enjoy this story. I enjoyed writing it even though I’m a numb stonewall. Blah don’t mind me. Enjoy. Peace.

March 16, 2018

Narrator: Hello… Who am I? Don’t mind me, I’m just here to bring you up to speed on what’s going on with two people you may or may not regret meeting. I am also here to tell their story of what happened on March 16 & 17th of 2018. Welcome to 2018. There will be no history lesson. Welcome to Vale Springs, California where our story takes place. Today is March 16th. The weather is nice, breezy, but nice overall. The moon isn’t fully out, but tomorrow it definitely will be. Tomorrow two people at Sparks View High School’s lives will change. For better? For worse? I don’t know I’m just telling you the tale. Enter Marcus Cohen. An average African American seventeen year old senior at Sparks View High School. Standing at 6’1”, Marcus has an average build. He is certainly not ugly, or a big attractive athletic fella. You can say Marcus is well liked, but he isn’t extremely popular. Marcus was probably labeled as one of the strange, but approachable kids. Of these kids, his best friend Geff Corbin, a 18 year old senior, is a complete recluse. Extremely smart, quick witted but very weird. You could call him the head honco of this group or as most call him “The weird nerd” or “don’t talk to him”. Marcus is in a crisis.
Enter Delilah Ortega. A mixed Hispanic & Caucasian eighteen year old senior at Sparks View High. She is known most popular girl at school, Prom Queen, and voted most likely to succeed. She is a total bombshell. No seriously. She is 5’ 5” with long brunette hair, a body models are jealous of, extremely attractive. I told you total bombshell. Delilah is also very charismatic…to the point where she can out act theater major or over-actor to shame. This her being normal. Delilah’s best friend is Allison Paxton. They are childhood friends and particularly inseparable from each other. Of course, this makes Allison popular by association and well in her own right captain of the volleyball team…let’s not get into that though. Delilah is also in a crisis. You see Marcus & Delilah have been close friends since freshman year. All over some joke they are going to touch on eventually. Of course, some popular people don’t understand their friendship, hell half the school do not get it. Delilah gets it. Marcus gets it. That’s all that matters right? Due to association, that little odd group of Marcus’ friends and some of Delilah’s friends are also friends. Friends by proxy everybody! They have had each other’s backs for four years now and something has come up….something they will tell you. That’s enough from me. Let’s go to both Marcus & Delilah about to call their best friends to TALK.

We cut to Marcus’ house. Marcus is in his room, laying on his bed and staring at his phone. He looks through the contacts through his phone to find Geff’s name. Before Marcus hits the number to call Geff, he looks at the time and says “9PM”.

Marcus: School is about to end soon…and I cannot let this elephant in the room continue to be in the room. I know what Geff is going to say. I have a feeling I know what he is going to say…Screw it. It’s better to hear confirmation from people you know right self? Yeah I’m right.

Marcus hits Geff’s number in his smart phone and the phone begins to ring.

We cut to Delilah’s house. Delilah is on the couch in the living room. Delilah is also staring at her phone on the couch with her hair down covering her face. She is looking through her contacts and immediately pulls up Allison’s name and number.

Delilah: The end is near…like a deer and I’m the overseer. I have to call my main Allison to discuss some stuff. My Allibear is going to fix all this up for me because I don’t like feeling this way, but I can’t deny that I feel this way. *Delilah bounces up and points at air like a Captain* I WILL CALL ALLIBEAR AND DEFEAT THE ELPHANT IN THE ROOM!

Delilah hits Allison’s number in her smart phone and the phone begins to ring.

We cut to Geff’s home, Geff is writing to some music when he sees his phone ring. He sees it’s Marcus, stops the music and picks up the phone We cut back to Marcus.

Marcus: Hello dearest Geff you there?
Geff: Well, yea I am Marcus since I clearly picked up the phone
Marcus: You are such a dick. You free to talk about something?
Geff: I prefer the term smart ass, you prefer the cousin of smartass, but yes I am free to talk. I stopped operations to pick up the phone so…what is it?
Marcus: Oh cousin dumbass…like you?
Geff: Yeah….that one…I mean you are that one…don’t stray away from whatever you called me for. You are good for doing that. *laughs*
M: stop reading me…I don’t do that a lot. Anyway back to the topic I called you about…
G: This topic is?
M: It has something to do with my freshie friend
G: Freshi—-*sigh* seriously that’s what you call people you met in freshman year? Delilah right?
M: WHAT is wrong with that?
G: Delilah right?
M: NO! it could be about my other freshman female friend
G: What other cubed friend from freshman year could you possibly be talking about?
There is some silence on the phone
G: Marcus…you are so predictable at times. Am I right?! I just want to hear confirmation I’m right.
M: (to himself) Come on life!? How did he know? I have other female friends….in freshman year…not as close as her though.
Marcus is silent.

We cut to Allison’s house. Allison is in the middle of a workout when she sees her phone ringing. She stops immediately, sits down on the couch, drinks some water and picks up the phone. We cut back to Delilah.

Allison: OOOH LAH LAH hey deaaaarrrrrr! What’s up?
Delilah: ALLIBEAR you know what’s up?
Allison: The sky?
Delilah: Yeah that and the school year is about to end??!
Allison: *frowns* I know! I am having so much fun I don’t want it to end!
D: Me either AlliBear. I don’t want to end on a bad note!
A: what do you mean a bad note?
D: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I want everything to go right. Just like that Gambino song.
A: You do know that song is about cheaters right?
D: Listen that is not the point, I want to make it go right! And my Allibear there is a problem!
A: What type of a problem? Boy problem? Ex problem? Shoot?
A: So in your language that’s feelings?
Delilah is quiet, but after a moment
D: Yeah I want to talk about those….
A: (snobbishly) and it’s about THAT boy *rolls her eyes*
D: (slightly annoyed) I felt like you did that eye roll and he has a name!
A: I DID NOT and protective aren’t we?
Delilah gets quiet again.

We cut back to Marcus pacing around his room, thinking of what to say next and Geff smirking.
G: Well are you going to talk or just be dead air?
M: I KNOW THAT! (returns to normal tone) I just have been thinking a lot lately about Delilah.
G: oooooooooooooo continue
M: And I think tomorrow I should…no
G: You should what? Tell her?
Marcus blushes a bit
M: Maybe that.
G: Tell her what? How college is going to be a defining moment for both of you and some other shit? Or are you going to man up and tell her how you feel. I mean you telling me this is pointless in a sense, but (mimics Delilah’s voice) I am here for you babe (laughs)
M: Fuck you man lol.
G: Nah I don’t swing like that bruh bruh lol
M: Piss off. Man…listen I think I really like her though.
G: I think that was obvious…to a lot of people.
M: No it is not. She was with Collen for two years…
G: Yes, Sophmore & Junior year. You were also with Clare. Also known as the dark years (laughs).
M: The dark ages…why do you remind me of that?
G: To spite you of course lol.
M: Shut up. Clare was ok. Tomorrow Delilah and I are going to hang out…
G: Really now?
M: Yeah…and I think I should tell her how I feel instead of holding it in. After all she was there for me when Clare decided to be a—
G: Stop
M: You are right…
G: I knew you always liked her, but I can tell yall really bonded after those break ups. Listen Marc, you gotta do what is right in your heart man. You can’t hold on to things like this and then be surprised when they are with someone else you know?
M: Exactly. I don’t want to mess up the friendship—
G: Listen, sometimes you gotta take a risk on things you love buddy. I am going to be in your same position when it is the right time.
M: Oh with—
G: Yeah yeah yeah her.
M: Stop cutting me off bro. As much of a cock you are, you are very wise and insightful. Thank you for confirming something I already knew Geff. I pray she responds positivity to your “confession” or whatever that may be.
G: Right. Be safe tomorrow and have fun. Don’t be an idiot. Be honest with your feelings and be mindful of how you react. Don’t think too hard. I get back to writing Marc.
M: Writing? Songs?
G: Yeah…as weird as I may be, I feel like I am going to make it in the music industry or I can be one bad ass poet!
M: Thanks Geff. Good luck! See you at school Monday.
G: Thanks bro! See you. Have fun! I expect results Monday when they come around.
M: You are insane man hahaha. Peace.
G: Peace.

Marcus hangs up the phone and stares at Delilah’s contact. Marcus smiles at the picture and lays back down.
We cut back to Allison relaxing and Delilah shaking her head and blushing
D: Allibear, he does have a name.
D: Allibear…come on that’s not cool.
A: Marcus. Yeah HIM.
D: You are still salty about what he told you last time we all hung out.
D: OK DRAKE! Get over it! He didn’t mean anything by it, he was just looking out for Geff.
A: Yeah I know…I know. Anyway girl what is the deal?
D: Well Marcus and I are going to hang out tomorrow, and I’m think of putting it all out there?
A: Putting what out there? I thought you were going to shut him down and go back with Collen?
D: HELL TO THE NO! I refuse to be treated like that anymore. I’m far more worth his lame ass.
A: Collen was so great though…Yall were so cute together.
D: Football captain & the reigning prom queen. Sure. You sound like everyone else at the school. They are just outsiders looking in. You should know that it wasn’t that great.
A: You are right…I’m just looking at it on paper
D: (annoyed) what the hell is that supposed to mean Allibear?
A: you know?
D: NO, I don’t know. Is there some sort of stupid hierarchy to dating?
A: No…I’m not saying—
D:  (yells) BECAUSE GUESS WHAT ALLIBEAR I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT I been there and done that!
A: You are right! I am sorry OOO LAH LAH!
D: Plus I can finally say that I really really like Marcus!

Delilah’s face grows pale, she drops the phone after she says that and borrows her head in the pillows!


Delilah takes a deep breath and picks up the phone

D: I…I……I said it. I really like Marcus…You shouldn’t overlook people because they aren’t as popular as us.
A: OOO LAH LAH I thought that was obvious after the break up with Collen…you two became very close.
D: Should I tell him all this tomorrow or?
A: I think you should follow your heart! THIS IS SO AWESOME! POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIP INCOMING PLUS NO CAT LADY 20 years down the line!
D: Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to mess this friendship up…we both went through breakups and helped each other through them, but I don’t want to lose the friendship if we are to start dating?
A: Didn’t we have a similar conversation with about Collen?
D: Yeah and it was like “Hey he’s hot” and you said “date him” and I said ok. This time is different. Collen and I weren’t really friends first.
A: True true. Am I hearing the great Del does not want to take a chance on love? OOO LAH LAH!
D: IS THAT A CHALLENGE? Because I am not scared…I am petrified. Shut down from him would suck so much!
A: well if you are going to be with him….be sure you want this.
D: I am…OMG ALLIBEAR tomorrow is going to be crazy. It can go either way and I’m so scared.
A: I think you don’t like being vulnerable since you are such a character.
D: Do not point out my flaws please hahaha. I don’t need a session.
A: If you want a confirmation, then I say go for it. Plus his friend Geff and I can tease you two if it happens.
A: Well the school is going to do the teasing for the greater good!
D: STAHP please.
A: What?
A: Ok I’ll try my best not to.
D: It is ok.
A: huh?
D: I don’t have anything to lose…all he can say is NO right and I will just have to accept that.
A: See…you surprise me sometimes when you get all serious. It’s going to be all ok. Plus he would be crazy to not want to be with you!
D: No he would have a good point not to. I know. I—
A: Shhh shhh shh do not beat yourself up. Just be honest tomorrow and hopefully you will be fine.
D: You are right ALLIBEAR!
A: I know…I am smarty pants. I gotta get back to this workout girl, call or text me about it after the day is over! I will see you Monday!
D: Of course I will Alli, I WILL WIN!
A: And there is the character again
D: Shut up I love you too! I’ll see you Monday…potentially off the market…power coupling it…you know.
A: Girl bye…I love you too silly!

Delilah hangs up the phone with a huge smile on her face. She looks at Marc’s contact and shoots him a text that simply said. “I’ll SEA U 2 Morrow”. Marcus’ replied with “I C WHAT YU DID DERE! See you tomorrow!” They both smile as they prepared for tomorrow.

March 17, 2018.

Narrator: Today is THAT day. The day I mentioned before the last time I spoke to you. Unbeknownst to our two protagonists, their feelings match each other’s! Now it only takes a dummy to mess that up? Am I foreshadowing that is what happened today? No. I am saying what I mean. Seriously it would only take an idiot to mess up telling someone how they feel. That is like knowing the person likes you, but then you talk about someone else and just kill the mood like how dumb are you? Sorry…I went on a tangent. I am not going to bore you with their day…I want to bring you to the moment where everything changed for a long time. If you must ask though, their day went like this. It was 4PM. Marcus got ready for the big day and so was Delilah. This was unlike any of their other hang outs though, this time it was different. Something was in the air. Delilah picked Marcus up around 4:45. Delilah came in the house spoke to Marcus’ siblings and parents and of course berated Marcus’ outfit. It’s a thing she does playfully. This lead to Marcus throwing out a challenge to Delilah on a video game. Followed by a challenge in a card game by Marcus’ younger brother. Delilah mocked Marcus and his brother and said “I, The D, do not back down from any challenges”. Marcus and his sibling burst out laughing at how serious she was. The games and jokes went on for about 3 hours. Finally the two left the house. It is 7PM. Delilah is driving while they both figure out what to eat. This leads to driving around the city debating on where to go eat because this is what they do. It was a playful type of debate yet extremely serious. “I’m in no mood for super salad bars or strictly salad crap. Let’s pig out not too much though! Super healthy stuff is out of the question” Delilah said. Marcus nodded his head in complete agreement. The unspoken rule was spoken. The eventually settled on Italian food followed by really bad Italian accents. They ate for about an hour and a half. They did indeed eat like pigs…so much consumption. The conversation they had during dinner was mostly light hearted. No really serious topics. This was about to change when they decided to get ice cream and go to the park. Here is where the big change happened…

It is 9PM. We cut to the park. Marcus and Delilah are taking a seat on a park bench. The two decided to finally talk to each other.

M: (curiously) I was going to ask you this when we were at the ice cream shop, but why did you get the plain vanilla this time?
D: Oh ummm *Delilah thinks* (confused) why did you get the plain chocolate?
M: I always get the chocolate. You always get the over the top ice cream which is weird.
D: (nervously) yeah…that’s right 17 you always get the plain stuff!
M: *sigh* you are one month older than me…
M: And acting weird like the 17 year old.
M: You are acting weird though Deli. What’s wrong?
M: SHHH Delilah come on man!
D: (quiets down) yeah you are Marc.
M: How so?
D: You have been acting odd all day 17.
M: Again how so? I feel like it has been a normal day for us.
D: Not so true! I can tell when you are a little different (smirks) I know you like a book.
M: SO do I! 18! I know you like a book too!
D: SO!
M: So I know you are acting weird at the end of this crazy day to mess with me as usual!
D: (blurts out) YOU THINK I’M THE CRAZY ONE FOR *Covers her mouth*
M: Crazy one for what?? D what were you about to say?

Delilah looks at Marcus, up and down and back to his face again…Marcus shrugs at this odd staring.
D: Come with me 17, we are going to go driving. We have to talk.
M: (gulp) (nervously) what do you mean talk?
D: I didn’t want to get too serious all of a sudden, but I feel like the time has come
M: The War of the Gods?
D: *sigh* there it is…the thing you do. Song references I don’t know about. I see why you and Geff are great friends. I won’t fall into what you are doing though silly. We need to talk. There is a tension in the air.
M: *sigh* I’m not the only one who can feel it in the air either Sam.
D: No Smith I do get it that reference. We have been avoiding this moment.
M: You are right. Let’s go 18.
D: Roger 17. Finish the ice cream first, when you shrugged a little bit hit your pants.
D: Fresh ice cream pants!

Marcus jumps up while Delilah laughs at him and hands him napkins. Delilah laughs all the way to the car while Marcus feels embarrassed that he just did that.

Narrator: The walk to the car felt like one of the longest walks ever. Both couldn’t really focus on each other. Delilah kept laughing, but underneath the laughter was a scared girl and underneath the embarrassment Marcus was a very nervous boy. The anxiety was high in the air as both entered the car and began to drive around. This drive was very quiet till Delilah pulled into an empty parking lot. This was the parking lot of an old supermarket to be renovated one day. This parking lot was one of those parking lots where kids learn the basics of driving, get high dates make out, couples fight, and where some people go to read. It was a quiet parking lot this Saturday night ideal for what was about to be discussed. It is 9:45PM.

We cut to Delilah and Marcus inside of the car. Delilah cuts the radio off. Both take deep breathes and in their minds they are telling themselves to focus.

D: We are here.
M: Why did you pick here?
D: It is a quiet place and we can both focus. (to herself) This is where we defeat the elephant.
M: (to himself) and this is where I die…sorry to do this to you heart. No turning back now. (to Delilah) you have a point.
D: I always have a point. See POINTS!
M: I don’t understand how someone like you gets that.
D: And that is supposed to mean something?
M: Well you are the popular lady! You know how in movies the popular girls barely know anything.
D: On the surface it looks like that, but in reality it is completely false. PLUS dum dum, @midnight is a show, anyone could get the POINTS reference.
M: Well 18 since you like to brag about you are older than me, I think you should go first.
D: Good point Marc, but I am going to use my superiority of a month’s time to make you go first. You look way more nervous than I am….I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. You didn’t hear that.
M: I knew it…plus damn you. Fine I’ll go first. *takes a deep breath and a pause*
D: *takes a deep breath* go on Marc. Say what you have to say.
M: Ok…you know the end of the school year is coming up right?
D: Of course.
M: Of course. That was a redundant thing to ask.
D: Very.
M: Listen Delilah, I want to get this off of my chest. I don’t know how to say it without being a nervous wreck, but if I don’t say it is going to eat me alive if I don’t say it. Delilah Ortega—
D: Will you marry me? (laughs)
M: That wasn’t it! Please let me finish Deli. Delilah Ortega I, Marcus Cohen, 17 years of age really like you…in a more than a friend kind of way. Before you say anything, Ever since the day we met in freshman year I really love our friendship that no one can really understand. Remember when you said “I’m the Queen Bitch hehe to your Moonage Daydream see I know the stardust known as David Bowie too!” to me? That moment has never left me. You get on my nerves and I get on your nerves I’m sure of it. I don’t want to lose that. I had to tell you how I felt before we went off to the next stage in our lives. I don’t want you to think that I have always wanted to be yours because you’re really popular and beautiful. I don’t want you to think I’m like these jerks who want you for your body and don’t even get the chance to know you. Truthfully, it was great to really get to know the real you and have a friend like you. I am thankful for meeting someone like you. As for my feelings, I think I realized these feelings when you continued to be there for me when I dated Clare just like I did for you with Collen. When we broke up, it really killed me on the inside because Clare at the time was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I only bring this up because I never thought I would like anyone again. I knew it would take time, but thanks to you being a great friend, sparked something more. I always saw you as an unattainable dream girl. I never really thought you would like me the way I like you…I thought you would think it was cute at most. Guys like me and Girls like you don’t normally hang out or even have a friendship like ours. Girls like you don’t like guys like me…you like the jock asses like Collen…what am I talking about? You like who and what you like. I had to stop myself because I was sounding like everyone else. I don’t know why I went on a tangent like that, but you know me. All I wanted to let you know is I really like you in that way Delilah.

Marcus looks up and Delilah is tearing up. She is speechless for a minute or so after hearing of all that. She wipes a couple of her tears away. She stares at Marcus…in which she slaps him across his face.

M: OUCH! What was that for? Did I say something wrong?
D: No reason…you made me cry which is why I slapped you.
D: Well maybe it is. 17…did you say I was an unattainable dream?
M: That’s how I thought about it when I talked it over with Geff and others. You are—
D: *Slaps Marcus harder this time* uh huh…
M: THE FLIPING FRACK D? That was much harder than the last time
D: Don’t you ever say that ever again…you hear me?
M: That was much harder than the last time?
D: *Play slaps Marcus* Not that stupid 17…the unattainable dream. Don’t ever say that again. You sounded really dumb saying that which insulted your intelligence and mines. I don’t think of myself as that.  I could never be like that towards anyone. Now give me a hug Marc.
M: I don’t know if I should because I don’t want to get slapped again.
D: It is my turn to speak now anyway and I can’t do it while looking at you. So give me a hug and don’t let go until I’m done talking. It is time to slay the elephant…and drop a bomb on you as well.
M: Alright… *Marcus Hugs Delilah*
D: Not like that. Hold me tighter than that like I’m going to disappear or be eaten by a dragon or like we won’t ever get the chance to speak to each other again.
M: *tightens the grip* this good?
D: Damn it 17! TOO MUCH PRESSURE! RELEASE! Only you can take a moment like this and somehow make it odd
M: *loosens a little and smiles* OK…your turn to slay your elephant Deli. Your turn to speak.
D: *Smiles* I’m glad you said all the things you said. I have got to tell you Marc that is one tough act to follow. I don’t know if I, the great Delilah Ortega, could follow that up Mr. Cohen. Let me tell you something though I think I can. Listen Marc…I asked you to hug me tight, so I could hear your heartbeat and I gotta tell you 17 your heartbeat is matching mine in the manic way it is beating. I’ll be honest I never thought I would be confessing to you what I am about to confess. I never saw this happening in a million years, but that’s how love works isn’t it?
M: Love?
D: Yes 17 love. Can I finish? (Marcus nods) You see…you really helped me see that my social status doesn’t mean much at the end of the day. From the day we met in freshman year, you were nothing, but a genuine person to me. Yeah your friends were weird, but aren’t we all weird in a way? At first I was caught up in the popular hype, but you were the person to ground me each time it got to my head.
M: except for Collen…
D: Let me finish! And yeah that was because well how can I put it. It just made sense on paper and I had to try at least. I truly did like him and I have you to thank for that because I remember a time Allison, Geff, Brad, Clare, you and I hung out and you said “You don’t date people for status, you date people because you really like them.” I had to learn him, but as I learned about him I didn’t like what I was seeing. The future was just bleak I tell you bleak!  Thankfully fate played out in a strange way where we were single at the same time. I honestly wanted to beat the crap out of Clare for doing that to you; You have Allison to thank for that not happening. To steal a page out of your confession, I realized my feelings for you during a conversation with Allison. I was describing the type of men I like and you fit the description, of course I then said something to throw off Allison, but I was talking about you. The end of the school year is indeed coming to a close. I could not let this elephant in the room mess up our friendship. I want to thank you for something…now you talk.
M: (shocked) Woah….Delilah…what do you want to thank me for.
D: I want to thank you… (Begins to tear up) for actually seeing the real me. For not looking at me because of my popularity or how beautiful I am. You SEE ME. I’m not transparent to you…you can see me crystal clear. I have tons and tons of people who just want to be my friend because of who I am or to be popular or to be in the position that you are in right now just to sleep with me. You don’t do any of that…I never once thought that you were someone who was not being genuine or using me. I had a hunch you always liked me, but I never thought about because of our friendship. I didn’t want to mess that up. Plus the impact of Clare took a toll on you. I always thought about that. I felt like that combination made you an unattainable dream. You would be the friend that got away and I never really got to love with all of my heart. I know that’s crazy right?  you….Saw….ME….. (tear hits his shirt) and I….Saw…You… For this I’m grateful for you. *sniffle* So Marcus Cohen…I, Delilah Ortega, wanted to let you know…that I….DELILAH THE SUPERIOR ORTEGA…..Love…You. Now…let go.

Marcus lets go of Delilah and he is visibly shaking by her comments. He is trying to hold back tears of joy. Delilah sees this and hugs Marcus again. Delilah is smiling through the tears.

M: Let me go please…
D: What?
M: I never thought this would happen….you thought I was…wow.
D: Dreams come true don’t they?
M: Yes they do
D: And they are attainable aren’t they?
M: Yes they are.

Marcus picks up Delilah’s chin and looks her in the eye. Delilah stares back smiling. Marcus goes in for the kiss, but Delilah stops him.

D: Wait…
M: What is it?
D: I want to confirm something. Are we now a “thing”?
M: We have always been a thing.
D: Yes. This is true. But are we officially together? Because if we are going to be there is one thing you are going to have to do before you kiss me.
M: (confused) what is that…It better not be a blood oath or something odd?
D: (laughs) who do you take me fore!?
M: A crazy person who uses silly wordplay like that hahahha.
D: Point taken. It was great wordplay with no clubs.
M: (laughs hard) what is the thing? I cannot deal.
D: You are going to think this is silly, but I always wanted to do this. Everyone else I dated always laughed at this. Give me your hand.

Delilah hold his hand up and extends his pinky. She locks her pinky in his.

M: A pinky promise? Why?
D: Because why not? Plus pinky promises are serious shit Marc.
M: You are correct about that Deli.
D: So…you gonna promise me something because I really want to kiss you now.
M: I promise to be there for you through the thick and thin. Through the fire and the flames. I promise to try my best to be someone you can rely on—someone to
D: This would be the time you go on a long speech…
M: Pinky promises are serious shit. Regular promise are made to be broken, but pinky promises are serious shit.
D: This is fact Marc. How about I speak for both of us.
M: Go ahead.
D: I promise that we will always be there for each other no matter what happens in life and hopefully if the fates allow be together for a good time and we will make each other better people…and all the stuff you were about to say babe.
M: Babe? Hmm I like the sound of that.
D: What can I say babe….pinky promises are serious shit.

They pinky promise and passionately kiss then look up at each other smiling.

D: you are a great kisser…I will look for more of those in the future.
M: Likewise baby.
D: Baby? I am no baby, but I’ll be your baby.
M: This is so cheesy and you know it.
D: I was trying to one up you in the cheese and I think I did. Oh crap it is 11:45 and I need to get home before my parents think something explicit. It is not like it matters, but you drained me.
M: Shoot! I have to get home too. You drained me.
D: Both of us are drained dear…we need rest. We are a thing now 17.
M: I know this 18…We are. Feels good.
D: My feels feel good.
M: Can we go home on March 18th and just drive around?
D: I like that idea…gimmie some love Marc-ky
M: Of course my DeliDel.

Marcus and Delilah kiss again as Delilah starts up the car.
D: I love you.
M: I love you too. Now onward 18! Onward!!!
D: I’ll let you get away with that this one time.
M: Also turn on the radio!
D: I was getting to that!

Delilah turns on the radio and David Bowie is playing.

D: How ironic…Bowie! Freaking Bowie!
M: I Know…it is like Bowie knew.
D: You thinking what I’m thinking?
M: Yeah!

Narrator: Marcus and Delilah ride off into the night lip syncing David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” to each other. Marcus pointed at Delilah when the lyric “she is a total wham bam” came up and she smiled of course. I thought that was nice to point out. I should let you know both of them made it to their respective homes around 12:30AM and 12: 45AM on March 18, 2018. Ever since then their lives have never been the same. They have always been together ever since having many more adventures along the way. Of course they have had ups and downs just like any couple, but they have been together for a long time. I heard they are going to be getting married soon…engagements happened y’all ENGAGEMENTS! She still teases him about being a month older than him to this day. Some things never change. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about their adventures and some other adventures regarding their best friends. A lot happened with them too…so many issues…so little time. The time has to be right for me to tell those. Timing is important. Till next time, don’t ever think a “dream” whether it may be a person or job or anything is unattainable. Who knows? The fates may feel the exact same way.


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