The Photo

Hey everyone! I wrote this story today. I don’t know why my imagination took me to this place, but here you go. It is one of my shorter stories out of the few I posted on here. I guess I wanted a story where the characters weren’t really set or the time or place. This is all up to the reader!  March’s story of the month! I call it The Photo. I hope you all enjoy!

The Photo

10 years ago, I took pictures with a friend in a photo booth. It was simpler times back then. We were teenagers and didn’t have much to worry about besides high school. Simpler times.  We made a pact that no matter what could happen in the future we would keep a copy of these pictures with us.
We had a strange bond.

I don’t know why we were friends, but looking back I know why. You and I were very different from each other. I was a type a while you were a type b. You were more confrontational than I was. I was passive and handled things silently while you were aggressive and loud about everything. We were opposites of each other, and that’s why we worked. We were strange friends who could always find a middle ground.
We were the type of friends who had trouble explaining to our other friends why we were friends. We were the type of friends who could have built an empire together. We were secretly each others heroes. We were each other’s unexplainables. We were close friends who thought each other was the weird one. Close friends… Deep down, we both wanted to be like each other even just for a moment. Opposites attract right? As weird as this sounds I thought we would never grow apart despite our differences. We conquered high school together, freshman, and sophomore year of college too.

Life had other plans for us.

You grew distant around junior year of college. We stopped hanging out, but kept in touch with social media and a text here and there.
I tried to be you once and I failed miserably. I remember seeing you around at a party and I decided I should let you know about yourself for not making me aware of your presence. I did something completely out of my character.
I confronted you. I decided that I should be aggressive, brash, loud for everyone to hear. You just looked at me and smirked. You knew it I couldn’t pull it off. So in response, you tried to be me. You failed too and this made it more hilarious. You did what I normally would do when anyone would come at me like you do. You dissolved the situation in a quiet tone, being overly agreeable whenever I said something that you shouldn’t agree with and shooting passive, yet clever digs at me.  After that exchange, we both looked at each other laughed about it saying “what are we doing?!” I wondered if both of us still had our photos from the photo booth so I asked and to my surprise my friend had their copies still. So did I.
The bond still existed even if we grew a bit distant. I know it was strangest way to break the tension back then, but hey that was us.
It was just like old times again. We hung out more after that. The strange friends conquering a night, shutting down the town, and taking back the night like we did in the past.

Till senior year came by.

We both stopped talking to each other completely. No social media, no phone, nothing. I don’t know what this bond was now. I kept my copy of the photos from the photo booth. Who knows what my friend may have done with theirs. My rationalization was we were focused on finishing up in college. It was crunch time so we had to finish on top. We would finish and reunite at the graduation I would hope. Did that happen? Nope. We had to at least speak at the graduation. Did that happen? Nope. Matter of fact we didn’t even see each other. We may of had differences, but you just don’t do that. “To hell with this bond” I said ” I don’t need any friends like this”.
You see when you spend that much time with someone and they just disappear with no intent to tell you why they are leaving, it hurts. Those people hold a special spot in your heart whether you like it or not. I looked at the pictures one last time and put them in a box on graduation night.

I never looked back at them until today.

It has been 10 years since I have seen or heard from my strange friend. I have been doing pretty well for myself. I have a wonderful family, beautiful companion, stellar kids, awesome friends and a great job. Life has been great and I can’t complain.

I turned on the news today and there was a confusing report about a crime that happened in my area.
The area I stay in is relatively quiet and secure so crime doesn’t happen a lot around here. Murder though? That was extreme.

What I heard from the reporter sickened me to my stomach
The police could not determine if this was a murder or a suicide. Apparently the victim was tortured to death or did this to themselves. When the person was found, The victim had the words S O R R Y carved into their forehead before and a photo left in their right hand
The press describe the photo as two friends in a photo booth eerily similar to the photograph I’m looking at now.



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