Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Review

HELLO EVERYONE! I am back with another anime review! This time I am taking on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun! Was it good? Did it suck? Did I laugh? Did I cry? Find out in this review if this show is worth your time!!!!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun
Also Known As
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun 3

Let’s say right now, reading this, you are sixteen years old. You are in High School and like someone…a lot. You remember that first time you liked someone to the point where you felt like you were going crazy? Everything they did was gold and they could do nothing wrong? Yeah… it is that first like. Let’s say you meet this person at the end of school and you confess your feelings to that person. You heart and mind are racing. This could go really bad or exactly like you thought it. This person hands you an autograph of his manga name.

You are now that person’s assistant.


This is exactly how it starts. This Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun. Premiering last year, this anime is a “romantic” comedy slash parody in some sorts. Nozaki-Kun really goes into the mind of a manga artist creating a monthly romance manga. Hence the title Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun. It is almost satire of the entire romantic comedy genre from beginning to end. Nozaki-Kun is definitely a show worth watching full of gut busting jokes. We need more shows like this.

Story: 7
Remember that whole spiel in the intro of this review? Here it is again except you aren’t 16 this time. YOU ARE YOU! Now listen! Chiyo Sakura is a 16 year old girl who confesses her love to Umetarou Nozaki, a popular manga artist no one knows about. She doesn’t really say I like you in the confession, instead she mistakenly says she is a big fan. Nozaki misunderstands this confession as a fan giving his mangas’ praise. He gives her an autograph. This leads to Chiyo using another poor choice of words (“I always want to be with you”) to express her feelings. Nozaki makes her his assistant by inviting her over to his house to work on some manga.

This is the main story pretty much. Girl loves boy, boy loves work, girl loves boy so much that she will do anything to learn more about him even being his assistant and both have hilarious friends/inspirations. That’s it. If you were looking for the boy to realize the girl loves him, someone new appears, the girl begins to like that person, the friends want one to go with the other, someone is jealous of one person liking the other, and the main character should show it back like any other show, you are mistaken. I was fooled for a bit expecting another confession somewhere in the show. I was expecting this show to be a typical rom com. I’m glad this show threw a couple curveballs.

Honestly, “Nozaki-Kun” does not have a long arc or multiple sub-arcs. It isn’t trying to be a comedy drama or an extreme parody. It isn’t like “Comic Party” or “Bakuman.” where an artist need to meet a deadline to get their manga out. “Nozaki-Kun” is a straight up comedy that wants you to laugh. Nothing more, nothing less.

Animation: 8.5
The animation was handled by Doga Kobo. They do very good work even though it seems like they are pretty new to the anime scene. This is the first show I’ve seen done by them and I am impressed. The style was very appropriate for the anime. I believe there were some nods to mangas stylistically. I probably didn’t catch those since I don’t read a lot of manga, but it was nice. The show flowed very well. Everything was drawn properly. I do recall a shot being reused for Nozaki’s tools, but that is a small detail. Overall I enjoyed what I looked at. Great job Doga Kobo!

Characters: 9.5
Before I talked about all these fantastic characters, I must let you know that they make the show. Without these ensemble of characters, this show would have fell flat on its face. Without them, the comedy would have fell flat. Without these characters, I don’t know what this show would be. There are seven main characters and each of them plays certain role in the show. I swear all this makes sense once you watch the show.

Umetarou Nozaki – This is our main protagonist of this show; his name is in the title so he’s is kind of a big deal. He was the captain of the middle school basketball team. He is also known in the manga world as Sakiko Yumeno, the creator of the monthly series called “Let’s Love~”. He is a genius to me. He is also oblivious sometimes. Who am I kidding? He is oblivious just about all the time. I think he knows Chiyo likes him, but who knows? He has no real experience with love like myself lol. Nozaki is like me when it comes down to creating things. He creates based off of experiences or inspiration of other people. The way he gets inspired is that of a sponge. A sponge of experiences. You have to see it to believe it. All of his research methods are for his story and everything and I mean everything relates to love. The most basic conversation could become a point for his story. Nozaki is a monotone, tall, lazy genius who has no idea people likes him or that’s just what he wants you to think. I definitely relate to him the most minus the tall part lol.

Chiyo Sakura – ADORABLE. Chiyo Sakura is ADORABLE. An adorable puppy lol. The way she expresses how much she likes Nozaki is adorable. I wish I could do that for someone I liked a lot. If you didn’t know by now, she is the female protagonist of the show. She is the one who unsuccessfully tried to confess to the oblivious dope Nozaki, but hey she got a sweet gig as the assistant. As the assistant she is awesome at doing beta for Nozaki’s manga. She is very small with two red ribbons in her hair. Her constantly trying and failing at getting Nozaki to understand her feelings is sad yet it is hilarious! I cackled at each failure because she just has this look on her face like “really? Did he not understand what I just said?” She sets herself up to fail, but it doesn’t matter when love is involved!

Mikoto “Mikorin” Mikoshiba – Mikorin looks like the general delinquent type/bad boy which means he’s a cool popular ish fellow with a lot talent. IN TYPICAL ANIME! He does have talent, but he is a shy boy with an ego problem. He has to be reaffirmed of his awesomeness to confirm that he has some use in this world. He has a ton of charm that he hates to use because he finds it too embarrassing. The stuff he says sounds like they come straight out of a manga or something. Eventually he will turn red right after saying one of those things lol. He draws all the accessories of Nozaki’s manga. In his words, He is an eternal love hunter. Yes you are…yes you are lol.

Yuzuki “Lorelei” Seo – One complete asshole. Seo is the queen of being a smartass. She is really oblivious to everyone’s feelings. She will make sarcastic, rude, very mean comments to anyone she runs by. I think in her off time she makes boarderline offensive comments too. You can say she speaks without thinking sometimes. She is always being chased by teachers for skipping class. She also is in the choir club. She has the nickname “Lorelei” because of her as my notes put it “badass singing” voice. She pops up every now and then, but when she is on the screen you will be laughing.

Hirotaka “Waka” Wakamatsu – Waka is the freshman. At first, I thought he was Nozaki’s sibling. I’m glad I was wrong. He shows up later in the series, but plays a role in getting mangas done. He plays basketball for his school. He is in charge of screentone for Nozaki’s manga or he just does it the best. He sleeps to the music of Lorelei and doesn’t know who it is. Seo likes him I think and he can’t stand her….what the hell am I doing…just watch the show. Waka is great! Senpai definitely notices you.

Masayuki Hori – Hori is the captain of the drama club. He used to act, but stopped because he was short or because he found a protégé? I don’t really know. He still can act he just chooses not to. I don’t get it. His demeanor made me think he wasn’t even a student. He is a junior, but you wouldn’t think that. You would think he is a teacher or something I swear. He is always chasing Kashima and making sure she comes to class. I think he likes Kashima or just wants to protect her. No idea. Hori is also in charge of making the backgrounds for Nozaki’s manga. They have a deal. Hori is great overall.

Yuu Kashima – Yuu Kashima is known as “The Prince of the School”. She is the Prince of the school. She is basically Tamaki Suou from Ouran Host Club. She basically all the girls of the school and can out charm any man on the show. She has a fan club it seems of all the girls in the school. I will say she is adorable. She looks like she comes straight ouf of one of Nozaki’s mangas. The male lead as a girl pretty much. Kashima gets in trouble because of charming all the girls. She misses classes and club activities resulting in Hori finding her. She looks up to Hori as well! I think she likes him too! She is also best friends with Mikorin. Kashima would wreck any male on any rom com. Kashima is Ms. Steal Your Girl.

Soundtrack: 8
The opening theme is pretty cool. I listened through about 7 episodes straight. It is by Masayoshi Oishi and it is called “Seems It Can’t Be Anyone Other Than You”. Thank you internet for that translation. The ending theme song was pretty nice too. It was performed by Ari Ozawa and it is called Uramote Fortune. It is a great song. I liked it and usually let it play out most of the time. It was great. The ambient soundtrack was cool too….I can’t really speak much about the entire soundtrack since I did not hear it. The songs I did hear was pretty good.

Additional Comments
Season 2??? Please do a season 2. I need more of this show to exist. Hell I’ll take an OVA, just give me something!!!

Review Conclusion
Overall, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is pretty damn hilarious. You will understand this once you watch it. This show is quite special and does the rom com genre correct. It felt great to watch a show that wasn’t exactly like a rom com. I feel like the characters carry the show. The story isn’t that important, but the scenarios and situations are. You could put any of these people in any scenario and they could make comedy gold out of it.  Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is highly recommended by me! If you want to laugh for 12 episodes, damn it go and watch this show! You will have a blast!!

Overall Rating: 8.25
Story: 7
Animation: 8.5
Character: 9.5
Soundtrack: 8

Till next time…



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