I Hope

All inspired by Chance The Rapper’s verse on Baby Blue by Action Bronson. Just a ill verse that inspired a poem from me. Check both of those guys out if you love hip-hop they are awesome. Now enjoy!

I Hope

I hope you sing the wrong lyrics to songs
I hope work days are always long
I hope you crack your phone
I hope you lose some faith
I hope your car charger breaks
I hope you reap your mistakes
I hope you gain about 500 pounds in the face
I hope your heart truly aches
I hope you fall down an elevator upwards
I hope you hit a parked car
Or get hit by one
I hope you gag and gargle on
Something on your tongue
You get it
I hope your friends turn out to be losers
I hope your favorite team loses
I hope your partner is a catfish
I hope it still leads to marriage
Where the sex is wack
Like really wack
Like 30 seconds matter of fact
I hope your tears don’t hurt
I hope you are eternally sad, confused and never can make things work
But really
I hope you do well in all your endeavors
I hope you can count on me whenever
I hope you understand
I hope you get the best out of life
Maker’s plan
I hope you’re happy
Genuinely without being aggy
I hope I can one day be happy that you’re happy
I hope love this wasn’t so complicated
I hope I can be complacent
I hope I can defeat all of my hatred
towards you, them and all the rest
I hope both of us achieve major success
I hope I can learn from all of this
I hope one day I can look back and smile
Shake my head at my reactions and being all wild
I hope I can find the balance between man and child
I hope my bitterness dies down
I hope I can keep some friends around
I hope I can break out that cage I heard about
I hope forgiveness will be a part of the plan somehow
I hope.



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