Hey all! May has just been an eventful month! I’ll fill you in later, but I have a very short story (I guess) for you! I wrote it like 2 hours ago and just finished it. I figured since it is the last day of the month and no story has arrived….I should share! June is going to be a fun month! New stuff is coming! Updates coming soon! Till then enjoy “YOU”!


You see people like you make the world such an awful place. Yet, you are can make the world such a wonderful place. You types are needed to bring balance to this world. You aren’t ideal, you aren’t the first choice or maybe you are all of those things. You perceive that you can catch the eyes of people who never thought someone like you could get someone like them to feel how they felt. You are an anomaly in their world and maybe this world. You are special, but you made them seem normal for a while. You brought them to their highest highs and their lowest of lows within your speech, gaze or decisions. You are aware all of those attributes mentioned hold heavy weights on your heart, mind and spirit. You notice that everything you do is difficult despite how easy you make it look. You see some of those people you touched in your time here really need and love you. They aren’t clingy, but they rely on you sometimes to assure them that “everything is fine”, “you are loved”, “you are special” and “it all gets better in time”. You told them that. You believed that. They sometimes were skeptical. You knew they would believe you in the end though. Despite that, you chose to take that little sense of normalcy away from them. You had to do what you had to do. You deserve freedom too right? You can’t save them all!? You are correct. Nonetheless, you reassured the notions they had all along in their minds. You made them feel damaged, broken, heartless, and bitter to the feeling of positivity again. You really did a number on them!

You know the saying though “if it is too good to be true…it is” they should have learned.

They should have looked for answers within themselves and fight all the negative thoughts away instead of relying on a sole person to do that for them. They should have been their own support system if they could. They should’ve love themselves as a child loves their imaginary friends. They should look at life through the lens of a child to be quite frank. Their experiences should all be looked at as new ones so they don’t compare those to the experience of you. They don’t know why they love the essence of themselves so much, but they do it because they can. They should think positive about you besides the fact of what you did to them. They should know the world is full of possibilities, people and presents that can be waiting at their door. They should know you didn’t mean any harm what so ever. You recognize that all this is easier said than done. They aren’t going to change in a day. They are going to feel as if revenge is the only answer or forgetting all this happened. They could accept the present, but it won’t feel right to them. They now notice that they shouldn’t have relied on you like a warm shoulder during a break up or a calming hug after a bad day. They notice this. Still, you cannot blame them for feeling the way they did because they held you in such a high regard. They don’t do that for anyone, but you were special. They held you as if you were their impregnable lifeboat to save them from the storm of misery that plagued their lives. Unfortunately, they didn’t think an unbeatable lifeboat could capsize sending them back into the waters.

You see every word written here is to remind you what you did to them. However, it is to remind them not to think it is ok that you suffer just as much as they suffered. You both are conscious enough to know that no one is to blame for something you had no control of in the first place.

You are both realize fairness is when everyone gets everything they need. The keyword is need not want. You both may not get what you want, but it is important that you both get what you need.

Maybe both parties can start by forgiving their “you” or “them”. You do have the choice. You also can “forget” everything too, but you won’t truly forget when someone has touched your life like that. You have the power to change how you feel about anything. You are much stronger than you think you are; you will not downplay the greatness of you because you can’t get over “them” or vice versa.

So I have one question for you.

Have you made a decision?



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