I’ve Got An Issue #1: Public Shaming & Aaliyah Hines

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

This is will be the new weekly (I promise it will be weekly) series on the blog. As for what it is, it is like a rant, tirade, diatribe, or read (Shout out to The Read) of what in the hell is on my mind or bothering me. Trust me the world is full of stuff that gets on my nerves, so I will have a ton of ammo. The views expressed on this blog is my views on whatever the topic is. Don’t get all in your feelings because my views don’t agree with yours. SMH THEY ARE MY VIEWS! Anyways, that’s basically it. I hope this blog can possible turn into a podcast one day…maybe it will one day. Now you are informed of what this is….the intro is over. Let’s get into The Issue for this week.

Public Shaming & Aaliyah Hines

So my issue this week is more of a two for one. Here we go.

The big question is  who is Aaliyah Hines? Is she a celebrity? Is she someone we should know? No. She is some lady who posted a video on Facebook humiliating her 12 year old step-son for smoking weed, coming in the house high and getting straight Fs in school. We are going to get to why I have an issue with her in a second. My initial response when I saw the video was “12 years old?! I was playing with my action figures and video games at 12! The F*** he smoking weed for?” My mind then shifted to her grammar “Wow her grammar is horrible (The description was some of the worst grammar…just Maker help her find an English book). Never trust a person with bad grammar”. Finally, I weighed in on the punishment at hand “The punishment was warranted because you shouldn’t be doing any of that at twelve years old, but did this have to be a video”? I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t done in private instead of making it public…and then it hit me: the trend now is to shame your kids publicly.

Issue: Public Shaming

Public Shaming is a new trend on the internet where “bad kids” are shamed by “good parents” through means of awful haircuts, destruction of personal items, exposing the kids who are lying on the internet, and overall embarrassment via tongue lashing from the parent and the comments on the video. Cool and funny trend for us right?

Please understand me when I say, there are consequences for bad actions. Yes children should stay children as a long as possible. They should be in no rush to grow up. On the flipside, their punishment should not be recorded for the whole world to see. This should all be private. We all have stories from our childhood where we messed up big time and our parents or guardians gave us “the whipping of a lifetime” or “put us through a wall” or gave us “a tongue lashing that was so harsh, it made us coward and cry”. We didn’t try our parents or guardians again unless we absolutely felt we had to. Do you know what our advantage is compared to the kids of this generation? Our advantage is the internet can’t and never will see it. They would have to take our word for these insane tales. Plus, we got our stuff back, kept our hair, and hopefully learned from our mistakes. We didn’t have to deal with all these unknown eyes looking at our fxck ups and punishment too.

To be very blunt, public shaming a child is a form of abuse. I personally think that you can mentally abuse your kid by publicly shaming them. Think about it. Think about how a child may feel if he or she hears you boasting to your friends or family about what bad thing they did. This may crush the child mentally and have long lasting effects throughout their adulthood like depression, poor self-esteem, and possibly suicide. If you didn’t think it, yeah public shaming could be lethal. I would like you to read this article by Jezebel where a 13 year old girl killed herself because of one of these videos


When I read that last night I felt awful because this could have been prevented. Whatever she did, it didn’t have to be recorded for all her friends to see. It is sad. It is one more reason public shaming a child needs to stop because it could lead to this if parents aren’t careful.

I am aware there are some extremes where a public shaming video of a child is absolutely needed. I can recall a video where a kid was claiming he was gang banging in the streets and his father shut that down. There was another where a mother made her 13 year old daughter come clean about her profile and age. She was talking to older men, taking provocative pictures, and lying about her age. If this video didn’t happen, her actions could have possibly gotten her raped or worse.

Listen, No one likes to be outted for humor or example. You wouldn’t like it if someone called you out for something you did or did not do. Kids don’t like that type of treatment either. Discipline should be private and stay private. Public shaming of a child should only be used if it is an extreme situation. Bad grades can be fixed. Does that mean you don’t get punished for those said bad grades? Hell no! You getting this punishment. The thing is the whole world doesn’t need to see you get your ass whupped, hair shaved, watch you break your PS4 or Xbox One or whatever your parents or guardians decide to make the child do. The parents should take action privately instead of making these videos for likes and petty comments which brings me back to Aaliyah Hines.

Issue: Miss Hines

Everything starts at home. You see her son was doing dirt, but maybe he did that for reason. Maybe he did that because his step-mother was doing dirt too. Aaliyah Hines aka Aaliyah Islam was arrested for prostitution along with 5 other ladies (http://m.morganhilltimes.com/news/gilroy/prostitutes-arrested-in-undercover-sting/article_fabb92df-59ea-5697-9905-4a001b1d304e.html?mode=jqm). Hines is also an escort in California with a website where you can get her services (NSFW http://pwdesigns.wix.com/sexyninaxxx#!bio/c66t).

Karma is a thing you know? Karma is a real thing and I believe it. The world now knows about this. How you going to humiliate your son for smoking weed when you out here in these streets and online selling ass? You are doing dirt as well! You aren’t any better than he is. So how can you be surprised he is doing dirt too? You out here breaking the law and not getting caught, so he thought he could get away with weed. You posted that video just to be a part of this public child shaming trend. You posted that video so the world would view you as a “good parent” handling business leaving so many likes and comments. Yet, you out here setting a bad an example as a parent. What you need to do is work on your grammar before you try to stunt on someone. No one should take you seriously if you can’t spell or use punctuation. Admit you messed up and stop selling yourself to these business men. What was the point of getting married if you are going to do that? Set a higher example (no pun intended) for your step-son. Kids are impressionable. You know that. So that’s probably why he did what you did, hide all the evidence of doing bad until caught. I’m not going to condemn you as a bad person because people can change, but you seriously need to reevaluate your own actions before judging your step-son’s actions. You were correct for punishing him, but wrong for letting the whole world know about it. I wish you the best in the future. Oh one more thing, your son owes you a haircut in private one day.

Karma is a reality.

I’m signing off till the next issue.

Come back next week!



13 thoughts on “I’ve Got An Issue #1: Public Shaming & Aaliyah Hines

  1. I think she good cuss some step parents don’t care they will watch the child just go to waste an not care cuss it aint there would’ve she never would have caught him he would’ve got worst its good she stopped it before it got to a point where he just flipped out so what if she got arrested for prostitution she was doing wat she had to do to make a livin for him an give him want he want an need wen he is doing good

    1. GRAMMAR. For one thing for sure GRAMMAR. Please fix that. I don’t think caught the point of the article. I am not saying her disciplining her step son was wrong, I am saying making it a public issue was wrong. Also SHE IS DOING DIRT JUST LIKE HER SON. IT STARTS AT HOME. READ THE ARTICLE. GRAMMAR. Have a good one.

  2. >If you didn’t think it, yeah public shaming could be lethal…
    Eh, I disagree with that. I think that example just highlights an extreme lack of personal fortitude of the girl. Sure, she had her hair cut and shown online, but that isnt even close to a legitimate reason to kill oneself, and the fact that she though it was is telling, at least to me.

    People have had far worse done to them in public as children and teens and never killed themselves. They learned to never fuck up like that again to make sure it doesnt happen again.

    1. True, however we don’t know her mental state prior to that or her relationship with anyone. I’m not going to blame her for killing her own self. There could have been many other unknown factors in that case the video simply didn’t help. I hear where you are coming from though. Thanks for reading Allen.

  3. Bad children are created by bad parents and guardians point, blank, period. If you don’t have any video’s of you doing homework with your child… don’t you dare post any video’s of yourself publicly “shaming” your child. It’s a form of abuse plain and simple.

  4. I understand giving him a punishment but publicly humiliating him, and uploading a video like that to the internet could seriously affect him in later years. Its too far, too extreme and I agree with ANON, its a form of abuse.

  5. The point is the step mom is wrong to try to be present when its obvious she’s absent. Is the husband her pimp? Or is he absent also? So sad!

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