I’ve Got An Issue #2: Unreasonable Pride

Hello everyone! Welcome! Last week was a success because of a couple of comments and plenty of views on the blog. I can’t thank yall enough for just coming to browse some of my other articles besides this new series. I appreciate it a ton! I would like to add that I wrote this in the middle of the night and didn’t proof any of it lol. Without any further ado, let’s talk about what I have an issue with this week.

See I’m Never Wrong Because Of the Way My Pride Is Set Up…

I’ve Got An Issue: Unreasonable Pride

Welcome to the trait called pride.

We all know people who just can’t admit that they are wrong. You can be completely logical and reasonable with the individual on why they are wrong, but they won’t see it that way. IT IS THEIR WAY OR GET THE FUDGE OUT. We all know someone who will not see the error in what they do, but will gladly point out what you did wrong. Also, they will also continue to do wrong. HEAVEN FORBID you tell them why they are wrong for doing something! You’ll  a funny look, a verbal assault, rumors spread about you or you’re a negative connotation because you disagree with me. In short form, they won’t like you. It is pointless.

The point is we all know someone like that in our lives.

IF you don’t know what this is, let me define it for you. “Why define something I can look up on the internet Matt”? I’m saving you a tab plus this word has multiple definitions. I can already see people misunderstanding what I meant because pride is used multiple ways. Nothing is wrong with having pride in what you do. For example, if you are an artist you take pride in your craft because you care about your work. That makes sense right? Even better example, taking pride in how you look because no one likes a sloppy dresser. The pride I’m typing about is this one:

“A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc”.

If you don’t know what those words means because you didn’t pay enough attention in English class, well look up the definitions you have all the answers after all. You’re welcome.

Meet the unreasonably pride nation. 

People like this think so highly of themselves, they cannot be wrong. After all, in their mind they are smarter than you, make better judgement than you, cook better than you, make better decisions than you, and have a better life than you. They couldn’t see it any other way even if they are 100% absolutely wrong about that. What’s worse is they aren’t any better than us. People like this can do some of the vilest things on the planet & be perfectly fine with it because in their mind it is right. “Why yes I run an underground cat fighting ring for money, but you should train your cat because I don’t like it and it has to go my way”. Hey they can ruin neighborhoods with a gang or drug selling squad or they can simply do very disgusting things, but have the nerve to tell you why your wrong and why they are right. After all, who are you to tell them they are wrong? “Hey sane person, you are delusional and you can’t reason with me!”

I just have one question for those of the unreasonable pride nation: What is wrong with being incorrect?

Is it that bad? Do you feel like the world is going to fall apart or you are going to be outed as a fraud because ol mighty you got a thing wrong? Is your mind going to do a data wipe if you are ever wrong about something? It is not like someone has a gun to your head saying “GET IT RIGHT OR DIE”! I think it is deeper than that. Could it be that people like this are so prideful because it is too embarrassing to learn from their own mistakes? It doesn’t make sense to listen to logic or reason because letting something escalate to an extreme or starting something unnecessary to just be right makes more sense to them. Is that it?

And I know I said one question for the pride nation, but it turned into so many…so many questions. Get off my case.

Listen, getting something wrong is a part of life that we all have to get used to it. So to all of you unreasonably prideful individuals, face it you will be wrong sometimes. Don’t be childish and plug your ears going “lalalalalala I’m right and you are wrong blah blah blah”. Grow up! You can’t ignore one side and look at your side in the scenario. Please understand that you have to look at both sides of a situation to truly grasp an opinion. You also admit when you are doing wrong too. The most important lesson to take away from all of this is to learn from it and grow as a person.

If you can’t do that, well….you’ll run into many roadblocks down the road. I’m sure of it, but hey what do I know…you know it all.

I’m signing off till next issue!

Until next week!



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