I’ve Got An Issue #4: Summer-Southern Heat

Hello world! Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.

Last week was very heavy stuff and this week could have been the same (if you have been paying attention to the news). It would have dealt with racists, the confederate flag, or how the victims of the Charleston shooting are barely being talked about while the shooter is getting a million expos. I did a mini rant on my Facebook page about the flag and racism. If you would like to see that leave a comment on this article.

Also, I could have  went off on my awful governor, Bobby Jindal, who is now attempting to run for president. It’s laughable  yet it’s terrifying. Why? Because people are stupid. However, I rather not waste my time and words speaking on a person a whole state and I can’t tolerate. Plus, it was going to be another expletive filled bomb at the audacity of him running. To sum him up in a simple sentence: he sucks.

Instead, I have a much more personal and pressing issue.


Here’s the answer: it’s summer summer summertime! Great song, terrible time for me lol. As a patron who grew up in the south, southern heat ain’t no joke! It is crippling. You can go out to the grocery store and come back like you have been in the Sahara desert. It’s rude! Sure the summer is a great time to be out of school, enjoy the beach, go swimming, hang out with buddies, etc. however the heat that comes along with it down here makes that seem like a joke.

Maybe the temperature is different around the world; it could be that cliché where perfect temperature and perfect wave awaits you. The sun is a lenient power in that world. Guess what though? This ain’t that and this isn’t what you want! The main thing I want to know before I leave the house during these times is this: Do you have A/C? And does it work?

I don’t know about you reader, but I prefer the winter over the summer. Sorry Howard Kremer (he’s the Summah King), I’m the overlord of Wintah. What’s not to love about it?! The weather is always chill in the south (no pun intended), team no sweaty, hoodie and heavy jackets, cocoa, the heat is welcomed, Christmas movies, and it is snuggle season! Furthermore, there are places where you can have snowball fights, snowboarding, and skiing. What’s not to love?!

In closing, Southern heat is unforgiving, rude, crushing, and a prick. I rather be cold Winter (or Wintah) overlord than a extremely hot miserable young man. This has got to go and soon the heat will. Wintah is coming. Wintah is life. Wintah is love. Have a Wintah! Our time is coming Wintah loves!

Howard Kremer I got love for you pal, but we are going to have a friendly war (in which you may win because fame and established Summah)!

Till next week, have a great one and be safe!

Oh one more thing, Today is a beautiful day! Smile!



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