I’ve Got An Issue #5: Marriage Equality & Obama Singing Amazing Grace


Let me first say, I don’t have an issue with the two things I mentioned. What I do have an Issue with is the reactions from the two things I mentioned. I’m going to share with you something I wrote on my facebook. I figured it was too good not to share it on here. so here is my views on that. Congratulations to the LGBT community finally getting equality! Congratulations Obama leading the congregation in Amazing Grace and ending his term on a big bang! Let’s get to my mini rant.

Are you seriously criticizing the President for singing a Hymm today? Do you hear yourself? People today are really bogus. A momentous thing happens for a community, the president sings amazing grace and people are pissed about it? Are you kidding me? I pray one day you understand what I’m saying. I’m only saying this to yall out of love, not out of hate. Y’all are pissing me off with all this madness. You are arguing about things that don’t even affect your life. COMMON SENSE WOULD TELL YOU THAT, BUT I FORGET THIS NATION DOESN’T LIKE COMMON SENSE AND LIKES ARGUMENTS INSTEAD. You are stupid…trust me I BELIEVE THAT. NONE OF THIS AFFECTS your money, livelihood, progress, etc. nothing it doesn’t affect you UNLESS you LET IT. Trust me, it does not affect in any negative fashion. I’m very happy about both of these momentous moments that happened today.

You that bothered that gay people can legally get married? Yet you can divorced, you can commit adultery while married, you miserable in something that is supposedly “sacred”. You have that right! And now you are mad because others have that right?! As a child of divorce, Marriage is not sacred if a person can get out of it with a couple of documents and that’s it. You won’t be convincing me otherwise. Till death do us part right? Nah sign these papers. We have broken many man laws and laws handed down from God himself and do you know who has to answer for that? The people who broke those laws. God is a forgiving God though right? He is a loving God right? You know what you should do instead of demonizing PEOPLE because you are a PERSON too, you should turn the other cheek, shut up and let the people you think are doing wrong answer to God. Let them answer because you don’t have anyone to answer for, but yourself. Shut up and stop spreading hate through religious liberty. You have the right to an opinion, but what I will not tolerate on this page is that. You should be happy your neighbor is being treated equally just like you. This is like men getting in a uproar when women finally get paid equally as them. I’m sure some of those men in that scenario are going to say something similar to “it is not right” and “these quotes from [religious text] says this”. I guarantee people would get mad because women getting paid equally is out of their comfort zone and they are letting it affect them to the point where it is your way or the highway.

You are bothered that the President sung Amazing Grace to a grieving city who had a tragedy brought upon them by a racist psychopath who knew what he was doing. You are mad at such a little thing like that? Let me repeat, YOU ARE MAD THE PRESIDENT SUNG AMAZING GRACE. YOU ARE STUPID! The sentence alone is baffling. The nation heals or is it just selfish?? Which is it? Do you have sympathy for Charleston or do you ignore it? Pick a side. You would rather the President go up there give some very bland and written speech for a fallen friend? Man please, that speech was beautiful. How dare you pick and prod at every little thing he does. You get mad that he said “Nigger” explaining racism on WTF, but all your little simple mind heard was the N-word. PISS OFF. YOU WEREN’T EVEN LISTENING. YOU are what I like to call a headline reader. You read headlines, but you don’t look for context. You let the media dictate what you should believe in instead of looking for answers yourself. You are pitiful. Now you get mad at this. When will it stop? Oh I know when he is out of office for you, but if Hilary wins the storm will continue. I guarantee if Trump, Jeb, or Jindal wins the people doing this now won’t have a word to say. I digress I don’t want to make this too politcal, but stop being a headline reader and actually pay attention. Look at the context of situations.

You know what you really need to understand though?
YOUR life will go on like everyone who inhabits this planet. You need to humble yourself and realize you aren’t that important and the damn world doesn’t revolve you. It doesn’t revolve around, your word, my word, anyones word. HUMBLE YOURSELF. Look at the bigger picture. STOP TRYING TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER IN YOUR LIFETIME UNDERSTAND. God is not a toy, God is not tool you can just throw a tag on when you disagree with something. God is an ALL LOVING GOD to EVERYONE. UNDERSTAND THAT. God is a positive light for EVERYONE and I will not let anyone turn that light into darkness because they saw something in the book. WE AREN’T THERE ANYMORE. LOOK AT SOCIETY THEN AND NOW. WE ARE GROWING AS A NATION. YOU WILL NOT TURN THIS LIGHT TO A NEGATIVE.

Be happy for your fellow neighbors. Be happy for the homecoming of the nine victims in South Charleston. Stop trying to fill the world with your hate speech, bigotry, racism, close-mindedness, and idiotic pandering to a political side. Stop it and LIVE YOUR LIFE. I would be much happier if you delete me because people like you stop progress. People like you are selfish. People like you aren’t forgiving. People like you don’t love thy neighbor. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PEOPLE LIKE YOU…MAKE THIS WORLD A HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE IN. I’m going to defend my point, and you are going to say yours. No one has to agree. You better show respect though. That’s what you will do. You not gonna be stupid on this page to prove some minuscule point. Love has no definition and the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS DO ON HIS LAST TERM. HUMBLE YOURSELF and live a little because life is too short to get caught up on who is right and who is wrong. Know thy self and know your history before you open your stupid mouth.


Have a blessed day.




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