I’ve Got An Issue #6: Lack Of Time

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue everyone!

This week is a heavy work week on my end so I’m rushing like a quarterback to get this one out. Nothing has really upset me or lit a fire this week; if something did it probably slipped my mind because I’m concerned about work. Essence Festival is in town so that’s 4 days of work non stop. I have a great topic to write about after speaking to a bunch of friends yesterday, but I’m going to save that one when I have the time to really write the way I want to. I also have an update for the blog as a whole. Till then, here is a very short one this week. Next week will be much better, I promise.

At work, I began to think about time and how much I’m scared of it. Chronomentrophobia look it up. Ok you didn’t do that? It is the fear of time and clocks. It is not clocks that necessarily scares me, as a matter of fact I love the song “Clocks” by Coldplay and that scene where Captain James Hook breaks all the clocks in Hook.  What I’m scared of is the lack of time to do everything in a day. Time is short, yet at the same time it can be very long. Time goes by when you are getting things done and having fun, but can move like molasses when you are bored or confined to solitude. A lack of time is frustrating…it makes you think quick and maybe react too fast to situations. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE ALL MY SMALL GOALS IN A 24 HOUR SPAN WITHOUT BEING EXTREMELY TIRED!

One day, You and I will have enough time to achieve everything we want to in our lifetimes. Till then all we can do is manage time and hope we book ourselves to win the match of the day. You want to be the Paul Heyman of managing time. Hehe a little wrestling mantra.

Just like this post, I’ll be able to finish it as long as I don’t run out of —-



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