I’ve Got An Issue #8: Cheerleader X OMI

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Did you click the link above? If you did not because you think it is a spam or some odd way I’m going to hack you, you are wrong. I would never hack you sweet thing. It’s all love my way, unless I mean you are into that hacking stuff :).  Rest assured the link is safe. This link is what I am declaring the song of summer. It is a very upbeat song about love and not wanting to cheat because this special person will never get cheated on because of their efforts of being amazing, awesome, beautiful, understanding, and overall being your number one fan in life that’s not your mom, dad or any sibling. This is OMI’s Cheerleader.

Why do I have an issue with one of the most infectious, happy, annoying songs of the summer with a great messages about relationships that I’ve never been in or have a cheerleader that would cheer the kid on at his worst and his best? Why do I have an issue with this cool remix of a song that’s been out for at least three years? Why you ask? I’ll tell you! I’m mad at myself for liking the song. I’m mad at myself for singing the chorus once a day. Most importantly, I’m mad because it is stuck in my head…and it is so much fun to dance to. I listen to just about everything, but this song makes me ill, sad, happy and dancey (Is that a word…I think not) at the same time. I’ve listened to it about five times today on my own accord not including the time it came on the radio where I cranked the volume and sung like a mad man.

OH I THINK THAT I FOUND MYSELF A…NO NO NO…NO NO NO! NO! I will not keep singing this awesome- no horrible song! Who am I kidding….I can’t even insult this song no matter what I say or what I do because when I’m alone and it comes on I’ll be dancing to it too. Oh 3005 please come and save me. The fact is I may love this song and that’s creeping me out a little bit lol. I particularly don’t like songs about love partly because of random attacks of heartache or small voices saying “you will never get this you will never get this” in that sing songy fashion kids do, but this one is darn near perfect. It is like the feeling of love put into a bottle and shipped off to shore in 2012 to only be found by some guy who dusted it off, remixed it and sent it to the world for us to enjoy. Sigh…I love it. Thanks Felix Jaehn.

I know this maybe crass, but I know in the future there will be a parody called “Asseater”. You know because eating the booty like groceries is a trend now. I’m sure someone is going to make this a reality. So many parodies of Cheerleader will be coming our way thanks to its reassurance in music. So many musicians singing through a styrofoam cup (don’t lie you know he sounds like he is singing through a styrofoam cup) or or chopping their vocals to match OMI’s odd delivery. It is going to be a fun time. I hope Weird Al gives Cheerleader the legendary touch so I can enjoy it even more lol. Also, my brother says OMI looks like Kel Mitchell and I guffawed. If you don’t know who Kel Mitchell is, well you probably didn’t grow up with Kenan and Kel or Good Burger. Ahhhhh Childhood.

On a final note, I DARE YOU to listen to this song and not feel anything. Hold on, that’s actually doable for some people because they don’t listen to popular music or music at all which seems impossible. Seriously why don’t you listen to music or like music…you scare me.  Let’s try this, I double dog dare you to listen to the song and not tap your feet or sing along when the hook comes in for the second time. I triple dog dare you to not play the song more than 3 times out of the day and feel like I feel. One good thing is I haven’t purchased the song via iTunes. I don’t think my fixation with this song would come to that point because I’ll want more besides Cheerleader, but I could be a sucker for a single this one time.

Before I sign off, Thank you to all the people who came through, visited the blog, and checked out some of my writings. It means the world to me. Thank you for being awesome!

Till next issue!




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