Keeping The Faith

Here is a poem free of structure. 

 Keeping The Faith

Keeping the faith is hard when you want change.
My patience is running thin I’m tired of no gains. It’s hard…to keep your head up
when faith is waning and everything seems subpar,
this world is draining and I’m ready to go to another one.

A world where common sense is common and wrong is met with Justice instead conspiracy theories and corroborations. You can go to the store, walk up the street without fear you’ll meet a 45 in your skull or chest because those who uphold the laws here actually do it and shoot when they absolutely have to. You are in no danger unless you make danger come to you.
In this world, love always shines everytime remember to smile.
You can be a human and live a human life.

However in this is world that is not the case.
My brain strains because awareness isn’t enough, talk is cheap, social media warriors run rampant in the street, dirt stays dirty, egos run high, and we always have to have someone claiming there right. They can’t put any of that aside and look at the bigger picture.
A quiet protest is riot in the eyes of these killers.
In the eyes of these killers, you put your hands up you gotta die. You get caught on camera doing one bad thing you gotta die, you fight for your right to live as a human being, die, you can’t breathe you die, you be a law abiding citizen die, wrong place wrong time die, black, die, white, die, trigger happy enforcers just ready to roll their die so you’ll be another statistic in their eyes.

Unjustice is the new Justice.

Unjustice is the new Justice.

All across the board there is a new case of unjustice  every week and I’m growing numb to it.

Just like Black is the new Black, watch someone appropriate that. That’s the least of our problems, why is White-washing of our culture more important than innocent people dying? Of course it is a problem, but those who appropriate always stay in silence. Their influence is grand, but they are too rich and privileged to ever see this problem. It is just a way to be stylish or hip! “Black lives matter? I ain’t touching that shit!” You know who they are.

After all of that People say to keep the faith, be optimistic and smile while it continues to scourge. Smile while everything is falling apart within. Smile when bad news is the only thing that’s reported because media arts needs you to be dishearten. Just grit those pretty teeth and smile right? Turn the other the cheek while they spit, slander, ridicule and troll the free one. Don’t take action even though actions speak louder than words right? Well I am taking an action. Keeping the faith. Whether you want your Maker or the world to do something about it ASAP, change will come even if the road ahead seems rocky. One day it’ll all make sense. Commonly, it is comforting to know that better days are coming and this storm too shall pass. I’ll try to be hopeful that wrongs will be righted and the world can unite yet this is no easy task.
Maker I’m just venting.
I’m tired of new scars,
I’ll pick my head up and keep my chin tough
because you know keeping the faith is hard.


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